What A Relief

THUMBS UP to South Dakota’s disaster request being officially approved by President Trump. That approval came late on Friday, June 7, and soothed whatever nerves may have been felt about whether the request might be granted. The decision has also unleashed a massive mobilization of federal, state and local officials seeking information on the flood damages and working to address the needs. The Press & Dakotan has received press releases daily as agencies work to inform the public about what’s going on. Keep reading, listening and watching for the latest updates of what figures to be an ongoing event.

Successful Mission

THUMBS UP to Yankton High School’s Science Olympiad “Mission Possible” team, which turned in a great showing at the National Science Olympiad. Sarah Stoddard and Erin Knight’s Rube-Goldberg-like device completed 14 actions requiring physical engineering, as well as electrical and chemical engineering. Experience from last year’s competition taught the pair that the simpler design is more likely to succeed, which it did, placing them seventh in the national competition earlier this month.

ACE Issues

THUMBS DOWN for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which can stunt brain development and even lead to serious health issues in victims as adults. Having trained a group of certified presenters, South Dakota is encouraging them to give presentations in our communities about coping with ACEs and the health consequences ACEs present in later life.

Helping Each Other

THUMBS UP to the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex and the South Dakota National Guard for teaming up again for a mutually beneficial project.. The 155th Vertical Engineer Company is currently in Yankton to do various infrastructure projects at the archery center. This work gives Guard soldiers training that would be hard to come by otherwise while building up items that the archery complex wouldn’t necessarily be able to erect on their own due to its non-profit status. This is the third time a National Guard unit has helped out at the archery center since it first came to fruition.

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