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All things considered, not much has changed for us at Pathways (aside from updated policies for increased safety measures).

If you recall in our March and April articles, I mentioned that we were expecting to see our clients taking longer to progress due to a lack of available jobs and the housing process taking longer than usual. We have been pleasantly surprised with case progression over the past two months. Clients are finding employment and moving into housing in roughly the same timeline as they were prior to COVID-19. As you will see below, our waiting list is actually lower now than it was two months ago. We will still continue to follow CDC recommendations for shelters for the near future.

On the topic of our waiting list, if you have been reading our articles and newsletters you may recall that we have been working on developing additional space for shelter beds. Our Board and Feasibility Study committee has decided to move forward with reconstructing our basement to add more beds. At this point, initial plans have been drawn, several bids were received and we are seeking funds to begin the project. I am happy to announce that we were awarded $96,524 (from ESG Cares Act) towards the basement renovations, which is about half of what we need for the project. We are actively seeking the remaining funds so we can begin construction as soon as possible.

With a $5,000 grant from First National Bank of Omaha late last year, we were able to perform some much-needed repairs in our rooms. While there is still work to do in many of the rooms, Room 12 is still under renovation and our primary focus at the moment. We would like to complete this as soon as possible. Due to COVID-19, we have had difficulty finding volunteers to perform this work for us. We are looking for assistance with some construction work (hanging, taping and mudding sheetrock, painting, and some light plumbing). If you have some downtime and are willing to assist, please reach out to me directly at or call 605-665-8994. As soon as this work is completed, it will provide space for another 2-4 people depending on the need.


April Statistics

• Emergency Shelter

Fifty-nine unduplicated people received shelter in April for a total of 1,020 shelter nights. The 59 people broke down to 10 individual men, 4 individual women and 13 families with 22 children. Currently in shelter: 32 people (7 individual men, 2 individual women and 6 families with 14 children).

Nineteen clients successfully completed our program and moved into stable housing. Six clients were removed due to rule violation. Twenty-eight clients carried over into May.

Our waiting list sits at 46 people: 6 individual women, 17 individual men and 9 families with 12 children.

• Homeless Prevention

Three households (2F, 1M, 2C) began HP enrollments in April. One household had received an eviction notice, while the other two were doubled up for economic reasons. HP services totaled $3,189. Four households were exited for program completion.

• Rapid Rehousing

Five households (4F, 3M, 8C) began RH enrollments in April. All households were Pathways emergency shelter clients upon entry. RH services totaled $4,235. Two households were exited for program completion.

• Security Deposit Assistance Program (SDAP)

Six households (5F, 3M, 8C) received SDAP services totaling $3,175. Two households were at risk of homelessness. Four households were literally homeless. All households entered housing with additional Emergency Solutions Grant support or into subsidized units.

• Success Story

I am sharing a recent client’s story that successfully moved into an apartment in April.

Mary (not her real name, for confidentiality) is a single mother with four children. She came to us from an unstable situation where she was concerned about her children’s safety. As any other single parents can relate to, it can be very stressful to single-handedly care for your children.

However, Mary was determined to establish her family with a fresh start. Not long after entering shelter, Mary found someone willing to provide daycare for her four children. One of her children was a teenager and able to assist with caring for her younger siblings, which greatly helped the situation. This allowed Mary to search for employment, which she quickly found at a local manufacturer working the second shift. Her children were able to complete their schoolwork remotely at their daycare in the afternoons and evenings, and Mary was able to focus on saving money and searching for apartments. With the help from Pathways Rapid Rehousing program and money Mary had saved from her paychecks, she was able to move her family into a residence where she knew they would be safe.

A month later, Mary and family continue to thrive.


Current Needs

While we are encouraging physical distancing, we do still have projects available for one person which will involve zero contact with anyone else. Projects include some basic construction, organizing donations and assistance with organizing our furniture storage. If you have an interest in helping, especially if you have some extra time, please reach out to Jesse at, or call 605-665-8994.

If you are interested in donating supplies, please find our updated list at

Pathways Shelter for the Homeless serves the immediate needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness within the Yankton area, while engaging partners in developing long-term solutions. The shelter was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a home.

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