In this great country “we the people” should demand the fence around the United States Capitol come down now! It is past due and an insult to the American people.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs to act on this NOW to avoid it becoming an embarrassment around the world. We are not a third world country that needs fences and a military presence around the “house of the people” NOT the politicians.

I see there is at least one Democrat brave enough to act on this. Back on Feb. 11, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Washington D.C. delegate, introduced a bill “No Fencing at the United States Capitol Complex Act.” Delegate Holmes Norton stated in her introduction of the bill that “permanent fencing would send an un-American message to the nation and the world, by transforming our democracy from one that is accessible and of the people to one that is exclusive and fearful of its own citizens.” Kudos to her for her bravery amidst the madness.

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes stated, “I haven’t seen any credible information whatsoever that we would need all the fencing and all the (National) Guardsmen that are still there. … They need to go home.”

Andy Briggs, Republican from Arizona, noted the hypocrisy of the many liberals willing to keep a permanent fence around the Capitol while demanding we tear down the fence between the U.S. and Mexico. “The same people who tell me that fences don’t work on the border want to have this fence and turn the Capitol into a military compound,” he said.

Even the Washington Post editorialized that a permanent fence around the Capitol would “deface” it.

The razor-wire fencing has become an eye sore when there is no longer a threat to our Capitol. Not only is the fence and continued military presence an insult to the American people, it’s affecting our reputation around the world. We are better than this.  

Many on the left are desperate to convince us that conservatives are the greatest threat in this country. Many would have us believe Antifa is not a problem when we know they took credit for and were responsible for burning cities, looting, rioting and terrorizing people in public settings, but we are told to they are just “peaceful protesters.”

With all that said, are we really supposed to believe that American conservatives are so dangerous we must keep the razor wire fencing and military personnel around the Capitol indefinitely? Is Pelosi so afraid the American people are coming for her with the intent to harm her and the “leaders” of this country? “We the people” — Left or Right — don’t really believe the people who stormed the Capitol are representative of the 70+ million people that voted Republican in the 2020 elections. Unfortunately, many on the Left in leadership roles would have us believe that.

Real courage is on display here with the introduction of this bill  Holmes Norton, who is herself a D.C. resident. Knowing she is willing to stand for what’s right should inspire other Democrats to do the same and show the same kind of courage. Her bill should be supported by Democrat and Republican alike and they as a group should come forward to co-sponsor the bill. It should be a bipartisan effort and should be introduced in the Senate.

Our “leaders” have an opportunity to do the right thing and, in a bipartisan way, move away from the hysteria and back towards sanity. They should lead as they were elected to do, not hide behind razor wire as if their lives are in constant peril. Will Pelosi refuse to bring the bill to the floor because of her stated fear or will she do the right thing and move the bill forward to a vote? What can we do to help with her decision to do the right thing?

We should all take the time to call, write or e-mail our House and Senate members right now and urge them to cosponsor this bill “No Fencing at the United States Capitol Complex Act.” We should also take the time to call and say “thank you” to Holmes Norton for her leadership and courage in this difficult time. The phone number for her main office in D.C. is 202-225-8050.

It appears as though our political aristocracy believes the U.S. Capitol belongs to them when in fact we know it belong to us, the American people. Let’s strongly encourage them to do the right thing and do it now.

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E pluribus

Yes Mr. Wood, that fence, which was erected to keep Trump's rabid election-deniers from storming the Capitol again, is truly “an insult to the American people.”

An even bigger insult is the lie that prompted Trump’s insurrection in the first place. The lie that the election was stolen. And this lie is the single reason underlying that insulting barrier. It’s a lie that continues. It’s a lie that imperils our Democracy itself.

And it’s a lie that you choose to ignore, as you make your righteous plea for us to forget that 70% to 80% of those in the Party of Trump STILL believe the election was stolen.

Could you please publish the obvious truth that the election was free and fair? Surely you must know that it is the anger born of this falsehood that keeps alive the threat of another American insurrection.

Do the right thing and do it now!


You write about bi-partisan effort but this piece reads pretty divisive. When I went to school for mass communications over 20 years ago, we were taught that journalists were supposed to be objective and unbiased, perhaps even registering as independent rather than identifying as Republican or Democrat. I know that’s pretty outdated and realize this piece is in the opinion section, but it seems a bit over the top and angry with its rhetoric. Really in poor taste with everything else that is going on lately. I don’t know when the fence should come down, but if I were a lawmaker in D.C. I wouldn’t feel very safe there yet after the trauma they experienced. There are still plenty of extremists who are angry about the election. I suspect you may be angry about it, too?

Jolly Roger

E pluribus, your hopeful naïveté is touching.

But you should understand a publisher like Mr. Wood - and in fact, the publisher of ANY newspaper - relies first and foremost on READERSHIP.

TRUTH is a distant second. Sadly, the truth of our presidential election may have to wait for History’s Telling.

In the meantime, the Press & Dakotan’s publisher can’t risk offending the loyal Trumpsters who will abandon the P&D if he states the obvious truth he so eloquently obfuscates.


Mr. Wood perpetrates the “Stop the Steal” propaganda by pretending it’s not an issue. We just need to move on as if nothing happened. I doubt Mr. Wood will heed E pluribus’ hopeful plea.

But on the other hand, the Trumpian election myth has set the GOP on a civil war against itself that will prove quite useful to those of us who’ve discovered that truth has a liberal bias in the Trump era.

I suspect in time Mr. Wood’s “head in the sand” posture will expose his posterior to some rather unpleasant kicking...

Old Hugh

What’s so hard about this, Mr. Publisher? Tell your people to Stand Down. NOT “Stand By” - Stand Down. This election was NOT stolen.

The lie that the election was rigged has been completely disproven by over 50 losing Trumpster lawsuits, the ruling of our Supreme Court and even the president's lawyer, Bill Barr before he resigned.

Grow a pair, big fella. I Triple Dog Dare you to admit the truth. It might even rescue your party from its Proud Boy and QAnon madness. Good luck.


Since you seem to lag a bit behind the curve, Mr. Publisher, I wonder if you see the next conflict you'll be navigating. Or ignoring.

Trump has declared our Senator his enemy. He’ll find someone to “primary” Mr. Thune. For that matter, Mr. Rounds isn’t out of the woods, either.

Whattya think, Gary? Where will you come down? Trump or South Dakota?

Think about it, good buddy...

Friedrich Farmer

Mr. Wood, you need to let Mr. Hertz speak for the Press & Dakotan. He always has his facts well marshaled.

You’re just out of your league here.





Mr. T

Well, YES, Mr. Wood. Yes. Most certainly.

That’s my answer to your question: “...are we really supposed to believe that American conservatives are so dangerous?”

The overwhelming majority of your party STILL believes the election was stolen. And their anger over that falsehood is the reason for their deadly and destructive attack on our Democracy.

A foolish ignorance of this fact would be very dangerous to the lives of our Legislators and the strength of our Democracy itself. You know the old saying, don’t you? Fool us once - shame on you. Fool us twice - same on us.

The fences must come down. But not until we know the extent of the threat we barely averted.


What’s the problem here?? Mr. Publisher is right - Conservatives aren’t to be feared.

Notice how quickly the Proud Boys, QANON and the OathKeepers left the Capitol once Mr. Wood’s Conservative ex-president told them to go home.

Sure, it was hours late, but there really weren’t that many killed, and what’s a little broken glass when Conservatives’s sacred principles hang in the balance?

Next time we’ll all be perfectly safe if we just vote the way Mr. Wood’s Conservatives want. Silly, little ol’ me. I should have known. 🤡

Thanks for emerging from your corner office at the Press & Dakotan to tell us the truth, Mr. Publisher. 🤥🤥🤥


What chance do you suppose there really is that the publisher of the Press & Dakotan would actually tell his readers that the election was free and fair and that Biden is our legitimate President?

Not very likely would be my guess. JollyR probably has it right. READERSHIP “trumps” TRUTH.


Thank you, Mr. Wood. Thank you for coming forward and showing us that the Press & Dakotan is on the right side of history. You’re like South Dakota’s “Q.”

Just wait until March 4th when President Trump will be returned to office, and all the liberal pedophiles will be jailed. Some will be executed. And you will be vindicated.

Hopefully some of those on this thread who have been mocking and laughing at you will join them.

Where we go one, we go all!


No, Friedrich. No. I must respectfully disagree. Seeing Mr. Wood come forward is very revealing.

And he’s not some outlier. He discounts the need for a fence, but according to an American Enterprise Institute survey, “56 percent of Republicans believe ‘the traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to USE FORCE to save it.’ ”

I guess these are the conservatives Mr. Wood says we have no cause to fear - at least if we’ll only vote the right way. This is no longer my grandfather's beloved Republic Party.

So now - for the first time - the man who drives the REALPOLITIK of the Press & Dakotan steps forward to make himself known.

It’s not a very impressive debut. But at least it’s a step closer to transparency…


I just noticed that the ONE Democrat Mr. Wood salutes is DC’s Ms. Holmes Norton who has no voting power.

When I’ve driven the streets of DC I notice the motto on their license plates is “Taxation Without Representation.”

This is because Mr. Wood’s Republicans continue to refuse statehood to the District of Columbia, yet we tax their citizens. Even as we deny them representation in our government.

Another triumph of Mr. Wood’s “conservatism.”

Mr. T

It was Ms. Holmes Norton’s DC Metropolitan Police who first arrived to reinforce the overmatched Capitol Police. This was hours before any Federal forces received orders to defend the Capitol.

And by all accounts - together with the Capitol Police - the DC Police reinforcements kept the insurrection from turning into the bloodbath the insurgents had planned. The Metropolitan Police knew what was likely to happen and they were prepared. Their intelligence seemed better than the Feds’

Perhaps Ms. Holmes Norton’s confidence that the fence can come down is that her DC Police force is under LOCAL control.

They didn’t have to standby while the Federal Government inexplicably watched the mayhem unfold.

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