One night too many years ago, I was at work in the office when the newsroom phone rang. I answered it, and a male caller asked to speak to one of my reporters for a story she was doing. The voice sounded distantly familiar, and as soon as I said the reporter had left for the evening, I suddenly realized who it was, which the caller then quietly confirmed.

“This is George McGovern …”

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Excellent article about an exceptional man, Mr. Hertz. Thank you for writing the tribute to him to mark what would have been his 100th birthday. It was my privilege to vote for him in the first Presidential election in which I was old enough to vote and I still have a George McGovern campaign button. My greatest sadness in '72 was that not even his home state could see him as the far superior candidate to Richard Nixon. I would like to believe he would have left a legacy of a kinder Democrat party . His loss and the beginning of our nation's division under Nixon and the next 2 presidents was the reason I m an Independent and have remained so for the last 5 decades. McGovern was a real loss for America. Thank you again for your article. (PS): I share your doubts that he would have been able to survive the divisiveness, partisanship, misinformation, social media, most of the news media being commentary and opinion rather than fact, and what polarized and hateful sheep the voters have become.


Hi, again, Kate. Remember you told told us you understand that “SD plans to add the rape and incest clause to our abortion law.”

Keep us women of child bearing age up to date on that progress will you?🥱

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