October arrives this week, which is just one of many reminders that the influenza season also looms, and it’s time to get a flu shot to bolster your defense for this coming winter.

It’s an annual ritual for many people, especially in South Dakota, which often clocks in with one of the better immunization rates in the country.

One is tempted to wonder, however, if there may be concerns about a lag in flu vaccinations this fall, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That alludes to what was clearly one of the pluses of the pandemic last winter.

When COVID-19 became a threat in early 2020, we were all drilled in what we need to do to protect ourselves: maintain social distancing, wash your hands and wear a mask. Many of us, especially those who are the most vulnerable, followed at least some of these rules to varying degrees.

As it turned out, those COVID defensive measures were also ideal weapons when influenza season arrived. There was less exposure, which held down cases dramatically. And it also didn’t leave much room for influenza viruses to mutate into other variants that weren’t covered as well by the vaccine.

According to a story in last week’s Press & Dakotan, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the rate of U.S. positive influenza cases in respiratory tests specimens was just 0.2% last season, compared to an average of 26-30% the previous three seasons. The CDC also reported there were just 20,000 lab-confirmed cases of influenza last season, far below the average of about 200,000 cases. There was also one pediatric flu death reported in the country last year, compared to the annual range of 37-199 fatalities.

Thus, some people may not see the influenza threat in pressing terms this time around.

But the menace remains as real as ever, and a flu vaccine remains a smart way to go.

For one thing, we’re seeing less masking and social distancing these days — blame that on COVID fatigue and/or the sense of security that came with COVID vaccinations — which means the defenses that served us well last winter may not be as reliable this time.

Also, some doctors have expressed concern that the lack of exposure to influenza a year ago may make us more susceptible to the flu bug when it makes its inevitable return.

“Even in years when you don’t catch the flu, you are still often exposed to it,” stated Dr. Eili Klein, an associate professor of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, on the Everyday Health website. “That exposure helps your immune system make antibodies that ‘remember’ the virus and how to attack it.”

This could be particularly true of kids. “Many of our children under the age of 2 have never been exposed to the flu because they’ve stayed home throughout the pandemic,” said Dr. Ali Mokdad of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. “Now they’re going back to daycare, and they will likely be exposed.”

Indeed, respiratory illnesses such the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) — a wintertime concern common in children but which can also severely impact infants and older adults — have been surging in recent months.

“We’re seeing very atypical patterns of disease that we’ve never seen before,” Dr. Zain Chagla, an infectious disease physician with Canada’s McMaster University, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “We’ve now completely altered the seasonality of these and have reintroduced them back in the population.”

The lack of activity during the last flu season also makes it hard to predict what the coming season may hold. However, researchers have been following influenza outbreaks in the Southern Hemisphere and say they believe they have a vaccine that should provide adequate protection.

That’s why the flu vaccine is still an important weapon to safeguard your health. One shouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security because of last year’s inactivity. Being prepared remains our best defense.


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The question we all want to know the answer to is, how many flu deaths were attributed (falsely) to covid?

Tin Foil Fred

Will Ivermectin cure the flu too, Abe?


Very likely, yes.

Oh, and the truth is coming to the surface: most deaths are from those who were vaxxed, the vaxxed are shedding to cause unvaxxed to get covid, hospitals are not flooded with dying patients, etc.

When the pendulum swings this time, your lies and hypocrisy will be fully exposed.

Tin Foil Fred

Abe, Can you PLEASE provide all the unbelieving sheep with documentation for this?

So many people seem to trust the fake info from the CDC and the hospitals that it’s the unvaccinated folks who are filling up our hospital beds.


"As predicted by so many, esp. Dr. Delores Cahill...this poor youngster suffered from sepsis and multi-system organ failure. Dr. Cahill said if folks had autopsies done, it would be evident the deaths were caused by the jab. This is being demonstrated by the findings of autopsies by Dr. Ryan Cole and others around the world."

Re: death of a teen who took the jab so she could participate in travelling soccer games





Dermopathologist Definition:

Dermatopathology is a joint sub-specialty of dermatology and pathology or surgical pathology that focuses on the study of cutaneous diseases at a microscopic and molecular level. It also encompasses analyses of the potential causes of skin diseases at a basic level.



C'mon man, I'm awaiting your replies!


It is usually futile to try to facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.


In response to your request for sources:


I'm almost certain you will refute it as bogus conspiracies despite it being a professional forum where only healthcare pros are allowed to post. I hope you will indulge me.

Jolly Roger

I like Abe’s new format. Instead of deluging us with the opinions of quack doctors and flakey conspiracy websites, he just states his lies unadorned.

This saves us the trouble of debunking his “documentation.”

I truly thank you, Abe!


78% fully vaxxed

17% partially vaxxed

5% unvaxxed

Confirmed by health officials. Stop insisting on the lies that kill your fellow citizens.

Grateful Dead

More disinformation courtesy of Anti-vax Abe.

Actually, as of now 65% of Americans have one shot, and 56% of the population have been fully vaccinated.

In South Dakota it’s 51% with one shot, and 58% have been fully vaccinated.

Not enough for herd immunity.

The pandemic lives on. Thanks to Abe and his ilk.


It is my pleasure to serve you now and when your vaxxed remains need to be hauled off to the ovens.


Most are being hypnotized by pure

suggestion. “There is a deadly virus on the loose and you must take a life saving vaccine to protect yourself from it? When did we become a society so scared of being “sick”? I still can’t believe how many willingly lined up, no questions at all, for this jab. Shocking to say the least.

There has never been proof of the transmissibility of any viruses that have been tested from pure cultures, not cultures with added poisons, toxins, other foreign material to make it look like it’s a new “deadly” virus. We are 100% being dangerously bamboozled.

Dr. Sterling Williams


Oh, sister. :( I immediately started to cry reading your comment. Look, you must now put all of your effort into healing. Repeat after me: My mind is sharp, my body is healthy, and my Spirit is at ease. You say that over and over and over again so you manifest that reality, while you put healthy, nutritiously dense food into your body to combat the effects from the vaccine. No more meds. No more vaccines. Your body is speaking to you and now you must always honor your instincts and intuition when it comes to any decision you are making---that is where Truth resides. Always ask yourself when faced with a choice: What would someone who loves themselves do? It takes loads of courage to go against what everyone else is doing----it gets easier and easier when you practice being brave and saying "NO!"

From same blog site (medscape) by Dr Sterling Williams

so in his MEDICAL professional opinion, the person she just take a deep breath and "manifest" themselves into better health......umm OK[scared]

Gimmy A. Breake

Doing the research is so time-consuming.

So Abe has begun to start just presuming

that whatever he thinks must certainly be true,

and leave all the research to me and to you.


Somehow, some day, you might uncover the truth. Spoon feeding it to you cretins has not proven successful, so... theres that.


Does this mean you’re “leaving” us again, Abe? 🤞😁


Minneapolis-St Paul RN confirms all metro area ICU beds are at 30%, only vaxxed people coming in with the rona, and they are seeing many vaxxed patients with serious side effects, including death.

Fact check me, dweebs.


Site your sources


I consider it a lifesaving hobby. Knowing truth from your BS is rewarding in the most convivial way.

Gimmy A. Breake

Like Abe, Voice and Larry, Dad believed lies.

We did love him dearly. But he sure wasn’t wise.

After careful analysis he arrived at the fact

that the earth was not round, but perfectly flat.

“Do the ‘RESEARCH‼️’ ” he’d scream. “You’re AFRAID of what’s true‼️”

So glad we had better things we could do.


Denmark🇩🇰: Removed all restrictions. No covid passport. No masks. No QR codes

Norway🇳🇴: Removed all restrictions. No covid passport. No masks. No QR codes

Sweden🇸🇪: Removed practically all restrictions. No covid passport. No masks. No QR codes

Scandinavia is back to normal!


yeah No S**t cause they GOT VACCINATED

The country’s leaders have pointed to its high vaccination rates — among the best in the world, with nearly 75 percent of residents fully immunized — as evidence that the step is justified, though they have not claimed herd immunity has been reached. Denmark also has one of Europe’s lowest levels of newly reported infections.


Gee whizz! All of a sudden, the whole of Scandinavia is back to normal. Now if we could just convince these stupid sheeple in America to stop watching MSM and think for themselves... just this once.




"Attorney" Thomas renz

he passed the bar exam in November 2019 on his fifth try.

He has NO litigation experience


Whoa! Dont look now, but CNN just stabbed you vaxxers in the back (no pun intended).

It's cool to see such a slimy propagandist news site actually report news for a change.


More facts.



HAHAHAH a "testimonies site"

just read one:

Mix one heaped teaspoon of iodine salt in a mug of warm or cold clean water, cup a hand and pour some of the solution in, then sniff or snort that mugful up into your nose, spitting out everything which comes down into your mouth, by so doing, you flush out your nasal cavity, where Coronavirus lives.

If you get a burning sensation (which lasts for 2-3 minutes) then you have a Coronavirus infection.

Gimmy A. Breake

I rattled Abe‘s cage. It’s another of his nights

curating his collection of pseudoscience websites.

Whether for pleasure or profit or fortune and fame

Once more what he serves us is pathetically lame.

While all around him the death toll steadily grows.

The harm that he’s causing is more than he knows.


Abe, I Googled your man Thomas Renz, and learned he is an inexperienced lawyer who just got his law license a couple of years back after failing the bar exam four times. The fifth try was the charm.

There’s a lot of Interesting information out there about Mr. Renz, but the short take is he’s making a good reputation for himself among you anti-VAX conspiracy theorists who are sending him a lot of money to file a blizzard of anti-VAX lawsuits.

This is the kind of thing I usually find when I track down your “information.”

When you see all the unvaccinated people dying every day don’t you have any second thoughts about what you are doing?


No, not at all. It is the mainstream diatribe that has it all wrong. You should all learn to search for the facts and ignore MSM as they ARE the problem. As for Tom Renz, well... he might just get his big break, huh?


And please, try to use other sources than compromised google. They certainly dont want you to uncover any truth.


So , Abe, who are all these people clogging our hospitals?


Abe I use google to find YOUR websites. Why aren’t they blocking them?

And what search engine do you use?


Abe you hold yourself out as an able internet researcher, but isn’t Google a search engine and not a “source”?

I can always find your conspiracy website “sources” using Google.

You’re seeming more and more unhinged from reality as this pandemic progresses.


I highly encourage all of you, pro vaxx or anti vaxx alike, to read Jacques Attali's A Brief History of the Future (2006). It should put to rest any whisper of conspiracy theory and empower people to make better choices as we go forward.

I personally enjoy reading it in the original French writ, but it is conveniently transcribed into English for you.

Bon jour, numbskulls!


Bon Jour, numskulls (?????????????)

Bon Jour means "Hello" .....I think you meant Good-Bye which is Au revoir

So much for your "original french writ"

Also the correct spelling for your name calling at the end there is "NUMSKULLS" since you clearly mean it in a plural capacity


Good day to be exact



Thank you I SPEAK french.

Good Day is bonne journée

Hello is Bonjour

Good Bye is Au revoir

Si vous allez corriger une personne sur une langue étrangère, assurez-vous que l'autre personne n'est pas ignorante comme vous.


This just in:

Countries in Central and South America, Africa and Europe are producing results from their use of Ivermectin, one of the most widely used and safest drugs worldwide. In most case studies, the inexpensive medicine has proven 100% effective as a prophylaxis and treatment for covid19. The numbers dont lie. Too bad for those who already took the experimental poison dart. You could have saved yourselves a lot of health problems. At least we are thinking the herd and getting rid of sheeple who follow illegal mandates.

E pluribus

This numbskull finally understands your paranoid, dystopian world view, Abe. I’ve been puzzled about this for quite some time.

But your man, Jacques Attali's “A Brief History of the Future” explains it all.

Monsieur Jacques predicts the fall of the US Empire to take place around 2035.

Oh, and thanks for writing your comments in English, Abe. Like most of us South Dakota rubes, my French is a bit rusty.

Gimmy A. Breake

Monsieur Abe’s sensitivities are offended.

His belief in falsehoods has not been suspended.

Deaths by thousands of the hapless UNVaccinated.

He still spreads lies he’s always advocated.


How ironic that Abe. who’s calling us “sheeple,” 🐑 🐑 🐑 advocates animal dewormer as a Covid cure. 🐴 🐄 🐷

Gimmy A. Breake

The death - as we know it - of the US of A

is expected by Abe to come any day.

Dark forces surround us. We’ll have to hunker

down in some old dark survival bunker.

Abe warned us with words he’s often spoken.

Cancel your subscription to the Press & Dakotan.


I'm going on an extended vacation without internet access. When I return I'll be excited to find out if any of you charlatan gaslighters have an apology waiting for...

Nope, not me, but those who have died simply because your hatred of all things Trump kept you from encouraging the use of "dewormer", as you sneakily write. Peru, Guatemala, South Africa and others have proven with certainty, vivid can be completely wiped out with ivermectin.

Chew on that while I'm gone.

Mr. T

Peru has the highest Covid death rate as a proportion of population in the world, according to the latest data. Guatemala isn’t doing so well either.

Why isn’t Ivermectin working its wonders for them?

Is this another “just you wait”?

Gimmy A. Breake

Voice and Larry fear more Abe goodbyes.

Will he leave them again if we laugh at his lies?

Sure, he often threatens to leave us alone,

but don’t cry, guys. Please. “Hold the phone.“

I wish he would go. But he never will.

He’s always here - loud and shrill.

He’s not leaving you, boys - dry weeping eyes.

He always returns with more of his lies.


“Monsieur Abe” sure does sound a lot like a fellow named Stu Cvrk who writes for RED STATE and EPOCH TIMES and who recently moved to Springfield to build himself a house near the river.

I wonder if Stu will be taking a vacation at the same time as Abe?

Au revoir, Abe/Stu 👋

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