One of the reasons the U.S. has been the world’s superpower since World War II is the size, strength and advanced capabilities of our military. Since 1776, U.S. citizen soldiers have gone in harm’s way to protect America from enemies, foreign and domestic. Young men and women from all walks of life have historically joined our armed forces out of a sense of duty, honor, responsibility and love of country. That’s all changing — but not for the better.

The number of young men and women qualified for military service is rapidly declining due to factors like obesity, drug use and criminal records. Too many young people in the enlistment pool are not fit to serve. Still worse, those qualified to serve are increasingly unwilling to do so.

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You’re living in the past, guys.

No longer does the modern American military need to put thousands and thousands of boots on the ground in futile nation building. We tried that in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember?

No longer is the USA the world's unappreciated (and feckless) “policemen of the world.”

Now we arm and train folks who are already a nation and willing to fight for their freedom. Like Ukraine. (And maybe Taiwan?)

Or we use our intelligence services and fewer, but highly specialized opps like we used to take out Osama.

Or we use our intelligence services and our hi-tech weapons like we used to take al-Qaida leader, Ayman al-Zawahri.

Welcome to the 21st Century, fellas‼️‼️

(I can’t wait until you old fogy pundits are replaced by younger folks who understand the world we live in.)

Mr. T

American soldiers have been required to get vaccinations ever since Gen. Washington ordered the mass inoculation of his soldiers against smallpox, which was ravaging our troops.

Likely there were soldiers who were disciplined or discharged for “failing to take a vaccination they didn’t want.”

Explaining that one

I wish the P&D would quit posting opinion pieces from this former illegal arms dealer, now demented old man ranting from some type of institution. If there is a decrease in people signing up for military, it might have something to do with the lies that were told to get us involved in Vietnam that cost us the lives of over 50,000 troops, and the lies that were told to get us involved in Afghanistan which cost us the lives of over 5000 troops and people like Oliver North who got out of being accountable on a technicality for his part in the Iran-Contra scandal. Maybe today’s young people are tired of the lies that are peddled and too smart to believe them. It is people like you that have put a stain on the military, not public schools, Biden’s policies or any of the other crazy reasons you site.



You’ve left out our war of choice in Iraq where we went in because the politicians lied to us saying they had nuclear weapons.

And Iran is so happy we did.

We took out their chief rival, Saddam Hussein and now Iran is dominant in that part of the world.


The situation that the US is in now started out in the 1930 when the progressive part was searching for a reason why they couldn't win elections and what they could do about it. After extensive discussion it was determined that to make progress they the progressive party would have to get hold of the minds of the children. They then had their party members start training to be teachers. By the 1060s they had made great strides. They had about 9% of high school graduates. since then about 40% or better of the high school profess to be progressives. The percentage of college students are even higher. We can see the progress that have made since then if we watch what is going on in just or public education system.

Unless more conservative voters don't vote for the conservative candidates this nation will become a has been. But I don't think that is the idea that God had in mind for the US. It has been the US that has lead the world to be a more democrat society. If we fail the world will resort to the easiest path to go down which is a path that the people don't have to think only depend upon the government to do their thinking. That is not what God had in mind either. So the future of the earth falls on conservatives to make right decisions which I cannot say that they have so far.


🔺“The situation that the US is in now started out in the 1930 when the progressive part was searching for a reason why they couldn't win elections and what they could do about it.”🔺

I wish I knew what you're talking about, Curly4. Do you have any names or organizations to identify the subjects of your observations?

Better yet would be some links that could fill in the details of these ruminations.

Jolly Roger

Yes. I would love to know where Curly4 got those highschool percentages.


Curly4, since this is your first post on this forum you should know that SoDakD and Jolly Roger suffer fools gladly.

And they make great sport of it.

Larry Skow

Forgotten reason why--is that we have aborted generations since 1973. Take last 30 years--which would be group that would be in now and the 18 year olds would be coming up--they were aborted. Now funny part is. Take his bad accident in California where crazy lady ran red lite killed 6 people. News reported pregnant lady and UNBORN BABY was killed. Why use that term now when they don't stand outside of abortion clinic and report on those unborn killed? People our current birth rate in USA is below the sustainable birth rate to keep going. All part of depopulation theory the Elites have. Now they after the farmers to eliminate them as well. JUST AS RUSSIA DID when communist took over. Food/Energy are used to control populations. Recent example here in USA? Look what they did to native Americans. Disarmed and starved them.

Mr. T

🔺“People, our current birth rate in USA is below the sustainable birth rate to keep going”🔺

You’re right Larry. We need more workers. And we need to think historically instead of hysterically.

Throughout our history our economy has grown faster than our population. That’s why we’re known as a country of immigrants.

Until we craft rational immigration policy (as I’ve explained before in this forum) we’ll not have the labor we need.

And the discussion of immigration “policy” will continue to be reduced to a battle in the culture wars.

A battle we’re all losing.

Jon Wick

Welcome to the board Curly4. Glad to see a new face.

The progressive era actually started in the 1890’s and a key belief was that the power of the federal government should be used to transform society. The move on education also began with John Dewey in the late 1890’s. "Education is the process of living and is not meant to be the preparation of future living", (Dewey, 1897), For Dewey, education is "the process of coming to share in the social consciousness," and the "only sure" method of ensuring social progress and reform (Dewey, 1897). Like any good socialist, John Dewey saw the purpose of education not as a way to transmit knowledge, nor as the realization or development of one’s individual skills and abilities, but merely as a tool to socialize society.

Progressive education is a response to traditional methods of teaching. It is defined as an educational movement which gives more value to experience than formal learning (CRT). It replaces what little remains of traditional education in the public school system with post-modern nonsense that will severely harm an already ailing education system.

The Left has always placed great importance on using the schools to attain its ends. Socialist governments always take control of education away from Churches as part of the broader socialist movement, progressive education “reformers” see education as a foundation to build a socialist society, making it more egalitarian, atheistic, and centrally controlled.

Curly4, I am also curious about your statistics however, I lived in the education world for a decade and can attest to what you described as generally accurate.

Finally, don’t worry about Clown or Jolly, there is very little individual or collective intellectual horsepower with these two.

Mr. T

Yes, Curly4, like Mr. Wick “I am also curious about your statistics…”

The Progressive movement of yesteryear is quite different from today's “progressives” in many respects. And as you may know the old progressive party was never able to rise to significant power in our two party system.

And today’s “progressives” don’t even have a party. Doubtful they’ll ever will. Third parties have a pretty bleak history, don’t they?

But for now we have two parties accusing each other of trying to indoctrinate our students and prevent them from learning our “true” history.

The strife is making young teachers leave our state in droves.

I notice your confidence in telling us what God has planned.

I’ll not assume to know which side he’s on

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