One year after the Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington, we now see a clear, partisan divergence in the perception of this reality — and, in the process, perhaps a clearer view of what this is all about.

When protesters, who were demanding that the Electoral College results of the 2020 presidential election be rejected in favor of then-President Donald Trump, violently invaded the U.S. Capitol a year ago, they committed the most serious domestic attack on this union since the Civil War. People were killed; many others were injured. Offices were ransacked. Property was damaged. Fear ran through the halls of this seat of our government. And a stunned disbelief spread across this nation and beyond.

Hours later, democracy prevailed as Congress resolutely reconvened to finish its task of certifying Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election. Nevertheless, 147 GOP congressmen and senators opposed certification based on groundless claims of election fraud that, to this day, remain unproven.

In the immediate wake of Jan. 6, 2021 (1/6), condemnations came from both sides of the political aisle of what had happened. The words seemed to reaffirm the higher calling of the republic.

But one year later, the tone has sadly diverged. While Democrats have certainly hammered on the 1/6 incident for dramatic political effect, Republicans have generally turned to ignoring it completely or feverishly downplaying it, saying it’s time to move on from an incident for which there are still too few answers. During a service held last Thursday in the U.S. House to remember the insurrection and the victims, Rep. Liz Cheney and her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, were the only Republicans to show up. All others stayed away, thus cementing their stand of trying to dismiss 1/6 for whatever reasons. Dismissing all this as partisan political theater, which was a big reason behind the GOP boycott (for lack of a better word) last week, does not lessen the seriousness of 1/6 or the threat that remains to our democracy.

In that respect, the actions of most Republican lawmakers since then have been alarming. After 1/6, rumors were actively disseminated that, for instance, antifa was covertly responsible for the aggression or that Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi was suspiciously slow in calling for assistance to defend the capitol. But these same lawmakers voted against a congressional investigation into the incident and have criticized the select committee, which was appointed instead to investigate the matter, as partisan. Even last week’s event was dismissed as such. Meanwhile, most of them have continued to either promote or not disavow the election fraud claims that have been debunked repeatedly. In general, they have acted as if they were complicit, perhaps unwittingly, with whatever happened a year ago — that the truth is too uncomfortable to seek, to acknowledge or to even know. This may be an incorrect conclusion, but appearances suggest otherwise.

The 1/6 incident shook the foundation of American democracy at home, and it has stirred worry among our allies abroad.

Indeed, we should all be worried, not only by what we saw a year ago but also by what we’ve seen since. More than mere political calculus is at stake.

Our democracy is not perpetual or divinely guaranteed. It can be torn down in the same way that it was conceived and defended — by our own design, and by our own action or inaction. It can be lost just as it was won. The fact that 1/6 did not unify us but, instead, seems to have further divided us may be a discouraging testament to that.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, we must stand together, or we will fall apart. Right now, the current trend is not promising.


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What? The most serious attack domestic attack on this union since the Civil War, really? The new rallying cry for the democrats. What about Pearl Harbor, what about 9/11, this is an absolute insane comment. Zero credibility in this opinion piece when things like this are said. What about Nancy Pelosi restricting access to documents being requested by the republicans, what is she hiding? What about Nancy Pelosi kicking all republicans off of the Jan. 6th committee, again, what is she trying to hide? Two reasons the democrats keep talking about this is one, the are scared of Donald Trump and fear he might run again, and two, the great leadership in Washington D.C. have done nothing, absolutely nothing good for this country since taking over, and they have nothing, absolutely nothing to talk about except this. Joe Biden ran his election campaign on being the great uniter, he was going to bring this country together, he and the other democrats do nothing but divide this nation and they continue to claim they want unity, no they don't, democrats want disarray, they want turmoil, that way they can come to you and say, and Kamala has said it more than once, "we are here, we are going help you", because democrats believe Americans can't do anything without their help. Democrats divide and claim to come swooping in to "help". It's not working democrats, Biden's and Harris's poll numbers are tanking and the American's are tired of your "help". Jan. 6th is all you have, I would love to see opinion pieces on how awful the economy is, how awful the southern border crisis is, how awful the supply chain problem is, how awful Covid is after promising to "stop it in it's track's", how awful our foreign policies are, what about the democrats controlling the media and censoring anyone that doesn't agree with their narratives, let's talk about that democrats, but you won't, because they are all huge failures orchestrated by your democratic leaders.


Take a deep breath, Voice, and reach for your dictionary.

The word “domestic“ means “not foreign or international.“

Why is it such a struggle for you to even get through your first sentence without spreading misinformation?



Imagine for a moment that filling our TV screens on that shameful day were the angry black faces of violent African Americans instead of those enraged white Trump supporters who assaulted our democracy.

Does anyone believe they’d be getting off with slaps on their wrists while those who planned and organized the insurrection are still free and unaccountable one year later?

Can you see Republicans blocking an investigation and urging us to “move on”?

I can’t. It doesn’t take much imagination to envision a very different response.

Earlier on these pages Mr. Hertz wrote that “The core idea [of CRT] is that race is a social construct, and that racism is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal systems and policies.”

January 6th is the clearest proof of this American reality most white Americans righteously deny.


Point is still the same, democrats have made this their rallying cry and no one cares except them because it is all they have. Any answers about Nancy Pelosi and why she won't release any documents or why she kicked the republicans off of her committee? Any answers at all? Nope, just a rallying cry for a few thousand democrats bound and determined to keep this out in front of the failed Covid policies, skyrocketing inflation, failed foreign policies, southern border crisis, etc. etc. etc. you know the tune, you just don't like others knowing it, so it's all Jan. 6th, Jan. 6th, Trump, Trump, Trump.

Yankton resident

Voiceforfew: Slow down, take a deep breath, read the editorial again, then read a history on the Civil War.

We all agree with you on WW II and 911. We also agree with you about insurrectionists from other countries being held accountable had they perpetuated the insurrection, but that is not how it happened. Had it happened that way I am certain this nation of ours would have unified and sought immediate justice from the perpetrators.

Mr. Hertz is quite correct in referencing the Civil War in his comments. That Civil War nearly destroyed this great nation from within, by it's own people and citizens. Fortunately after that war, that insurrection, that act of selfishness, or whatever you want to call it, we were able to put our nation back together again by unifying as one democratic nation for all.

Unfortunately after the 1/6 attack those individuals who participated, and condoned such actions, because of our democracy, are refusing to unify and rebuild a stronger more lasting democracy. What they want is "their way or no way", which is by no definition a democratic republic.

So Voice if you fail to participate in unification in a meaningful way then it is simple to see that you are part of the problem, and you don't want it corrected. One must be able to communicate reasonably, one must be able to negotiate

intellectually, and one must be able to compromise with sincerity if unity is to prevail. Voice, since you, and a few others, are unable to understand the frame work of unity you will never see it in your life, the 99% who do understand it, and are optimistic, will salvage our form of government, despite your efforts to destroy it.


Yankton resident, the fact of the matter is, the democratic party has taken Jan 6th and made it your rallying cry, your party leaders keep calling it the darkest day for democracy in this nation since the civil war, and that is not true, but your party keeps making that statement over and over, it is entirely a scare tactic and a distraction to attempt to keep your administrations failures on the back burner, and I keep saying it, no one but a select few really care about Jan. 6th, it is not what people in this country are talking about or concerned about, only a few liberals and your media outlets. I love how democrats talk about unity when they are in charge, except the unity you want can only be had if you get what you want, there is no compromise, and the democrats have become upset that republicans are fighting back against your version of unity. With how the democrats have divided this nation into two categories with no grey area allowed, that if you identify as a republican you are automatically a racists, a murderer, a destroyer of democracy, women hating, immigrant hating or whatever label you all give republicans, but if you identify as a democrat you are nothing but a saint and can do no wrong and everyone else is wrong and the worst people to ever inhabit this planet, that is the message your party and your media have driven hard on for the last year especially, and longer. Republicans are done compromising to all of you, we are fighting back and people are joining us, the poll numbers are already showing it that people are tired of your constant doom and gloom messaging and your hate filled talk. We are done, there should not be any more compromise from the republican party, we need to drive our own narrative, our own ideas of what made and makes this country great and get back to those days, because your way of doing it is not working. You want unity, fine, come join our side and believe in our ideals, and if you don't, as far as I am concerned, there can be no unity between democrats and republicans, and your party has made sure of that.


And yet even more evidence no one cares. Viewership at CNN is down nearly 90%, yes 90% from it's highs a year ago, young people viewership dropped from 624,000 to 73,000 daily, again, people are tired of the hate filled lies that spew from this network. MSNBC viewership is down 67% and is trending lower all the time. Listen to me when I tell you, no one cares about Jan. 6th, everyone is tired of listening to all these 'angry' people telling them what to do and how to do it and how bad America is. And you can't bring up Fox now either, Fox News Channel is the number 1 basic cable channel in America, not only news channel, but basic cable channel all together, beats them all. Good luck getting your message out to the few thousand people still watching, we are moving on in the right direction, hate and lies aren't working for you, your leaders and the liberal media is already starting to shift if you haven't noticed, more are talking about the actual facts of Covid and not just running around making things up, it's too late, you have already been caught, thank God.


My, my, Voice. “My way or the highway.”

I almost envy the certainty of your life inside the right wing information bubble.


Well SoDakD, that is how the democrats have run their party for decades, it's high time the republicans do now as well, and you are not going to like the results, your controls are already starting to loosen, wait until after the November elections, you are really going to see some things change, I know you hate people having freedom and being able to make their own choices, but it will all be good for you democrats, you will fight it but you will lose. Only thing the democrats can do is change the rules and make mandates to get their way, you have gotten good at, but that means you have zero political power at all, all you can do is force things onto people, and this after having control of congress and the white house, what's it going to be like when you don't have control of congress anymore, things are starting to look up for America. I am guessing you are one of the few thousand people still getting all their information from CNN or MSNBC, I know I enjoy watching it for the entertainment like everyone else does now, quite a clown show.


More division, not unity from the party claiming they want to unite: "Increased Parental Engagement In Educational Issues Is Unwelcome", this from the Biden administration and the NSBA, telling parents you can't be involved in your childs education, the government knows what is best, right democrats? And now he is creating a domestic terrorist committee on top of this, and he is now pushing to prioritize race and ethnicity for COVID treatments, more and more division from the party of unity. And through all the COVID fiasco he has been running, people are loosing their jobs because they won't bow down, he has closed schools, businesses, everything and anything, all through mandates. The democrats are not trying to unite, they are dividing, and they sit on their thrones and say, we just want unity, just do what you say. Democrats are the party of division, of turmoil, of lost freedoms, not unity.


And did you watch Biden's speech yesterday about the voting law he wants passed? How can anyone from the democratic party honestly believe you are the party of unity after that? It was nothing but divisive, nothing more than trying to scare people into believing it is the end of democracy if the democrats don't maintain control and pass this voting law, your party has said those exact words. Even Al Sharpton tried to walk away from what Biden was saying, and Stacey Abrams, whom is favor of the law, her schedule didn't 'allow' her to be there to support her president, wonder how that can happen, seems odd. It was a speech full of division, of race baiting and hate, Biden has lost his mind, he has lost control, he called Kamala "the president" again, what is going on anymore, there is something seriously wrong with this man.


The party that holds the White House generally loses in the midterms, Voice. Just as Obama’s Democrats did before he beat Republicans in his second presidential run. So it’s quite likely to happen again.

But here’s a little wrinkle in your confident prognostications:

Fox News was waaay ahead in the ratings before both of Obama’s Presidential wins as well as Biden’s recent win.

So maybe cable news ratings are not such a reliable lending indicator as you’d like to imagine.

Especially since so many folks - particularly younger Americans - prefer getting their information online.

You may want to consider this just in case your confident gloating comes back to bite you in the posterior after the next presidential election.

You may be setting yourself up for some painful ridicule.

In the meantime, my crystal ball is still in the shop for repairs, so I’ll avoid making predictions that may embarrass me later…


Actually, Voice, I’ve neglected to congratulate you on the progress you’ve made in the course of your postings.

You once pushed your mistaken opinion that “nobody cares” about the Jan. 6th Investigation.

But in your postings on this current exchange you’ve finally admitted that the investigations matter to Democrats (“nobody cares except them”).

According to Gallup, more Americans identify as Democrats than Republicans by the greatest margin in a decade. An average of 49% of adults age 18 and older identify as Democrats or Democrat leaning.

In comparison, 40% of adults identify as Republican or Republican-leaning. This 9 percent difference is the Democrats' largest advantage since the fourth quarter of 2012, according to Gallop.

So, hurray for you, Voice. Clearly 40% of adults is not “nobody.” You finally acknowledged that “nobody cares” about the Jan. 6th Investigation is flat out wrong.

It takes real character to admit that something you’ve been declaring repeatedly is actually not based in fact.

I confess I didn’t think you were capable of it.



Just like you and your Trump obsession I guess, huh SoDakD? Except I am right and you are wrong, keep up your spinning, it is what your party does best. Look at this, polls finds Jan. 6 "attack" doesn't even crack the top ten in what American's are concerned about. Inflation at 7%, highest in 40 years, democrats make excuse after excuse. Biden administration labels parents as domestic terrorists. Joe Biden's approval drops to 33%. Jen Psaki calls criticism of Biden's divisive speech on Tuesday hilarious. Democrats to use nuclear option to get their way to remove the filibuster, yet 4 years ago Chuck Schumer made an impassioned speech on the house floor how doing that would destroy democracy as we know it, which is is Chuck? Democrats, like SoDakD, already making excuses why they are going to lose in November, good you recognize it, too bad you still don't get that American's don't want your hate filled speeches, your lies, your controls, your higher inflation, your higher taxes, your spending bills, your spoiled, rich leaders caring about no one but themselves and their friends, they don't want to live in a soon to be 3rd world country if we continue down this path. These are the truths, you can't spin it SoDakD, your party is failing on everything they do, everything. Nothing good has happened in this country since they took control, and now the only way they see winning, is to change the voting laws to make sure non-citizens can vote. They are going to lie and cheat to try and win, they are going to let people that have no rights to vote, non-citizens, and let them vote, Chuck Schumer has said as much, it is all you have left. November is coming, your reign of hate and anger is coming to an end.


Well, Voice, I’ve never said the insurrection is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Anyone who follows electoral politics knows that quality of life issues always come first.

But by your own angry admission it’s certainly not true that “nobody cares.“ So we can lay that little piece of misinformation to rest, can’t we?

And if History is a reliable indication, you’re likely right that come November the House will flip, and the Senate may as well.

And the result will be more gridlock in a standoff between the Executive branch and the Legislative branches of government.

UNLESS the Republicans get rid of the filibuster as they did to allow them to pack the Supreme Court.

Won’t that be an interesting Irony?

Though my crystal ball is still in the shop, I'll venture to predict you’ll find a way to happily accommodate yourself to this if it comes to pass. Won’t you, Voice?


Thank God their are more republicans on the supreme court than democrats, they would have voted to rip up and burn the constitution by now, just look at the comments from Sotomayor, she said 100,000 children were in the hospital in serious condition, even your own CDC said that number was way overly exaggerated. So here is a democratic judge appointed by Obama using misinformation to drive the lies about Covid, if she is doing this on Covid what else is she lying about? Democrats from the top down cannot be trusted, they will lie about anything to get their way, even supreme court judges. And now another democrat said she is not going to support the change to the senate rules, she see's it as a catastrophic move and will not vote for it, might have found one more democrat that thinks the constitution is still valid, there are not many, but once in a while one comes out. Yep, 4 years ago Schumer claimed the filibuster was absolutely necessary to keep, and now it is not, isn't that interesting SoDakD, your party flip flops on so many rules so often, even Chuck can't keep it straight which ones should be used.


And now your do nothing president that has zero respect worldwide is sitting back and is going to let Russia start war in Europe. Just like in America, no one in the world listens to him, respects him or his staff, and once again has proven that the people he has put in charge of these very critical areas of his cabinet, are not qualified to be there. But now his blunders are going to start a war in Europe, wonder who is going to get blamed for this, I am assuming Trump will, your go to for anything bad happening even after a year of being out of office, better start thinking how you are going to defend him on this, let me help you, Trump, Trump, Trump, Covid, Covid, Covid, not my fault, not my fault, not my fault.


Before I forget, Voice, there’s one fact I can give that might explain why the insurrection is important to me, even if it matters little to you.

Some 40% of Republicans believe that “violence may be needed to save our way of life” (as they see it).

It’s clear that support for the insurrectionists is widespread among today's strange version of “conservatism.”

This threat is well documented. So if there are no consequences for attempting to prevent a peaceful transfer of power after a free and fair election, it is likely to happen again.

The next time may be more successful.


And more great info from your great leader, when will it stop: "President Joe Biden addressed the nation Thursday morning, calling for Americans to “work together” to manage the latest surge of COVID-19 cases just 48 hours after he stood on a Georgia rally stage and compared half the country to traitors and segregationists." More evidence of dividing a county and blaming his lack of getting this virus under control, as promised, on others "misinformation". Again, zero responsibility from this administration, zero.


I know I’m “piling on” with these sequential posts, Voice, but if anyone would forgive me it should be you.

Google “Sen. Rounds pushes GOP to get ‘louder’ on false Trump claims.”

Turns out it’s not just Democrats who care about the insurrection.

I guess we both were wrong. I feel closer to you already.

Do you know the words to Kumbaya?


Keep making jokes SoDakD, your election grabbing, America killing, filibuster stopping bill, is dead thank God. Biden keeps dividing this country, more race baiting speeches, half the country labeled domestic terrorists by the president (boy that sure is leadership), crime waves sweeping America, poll numbers for the president just about as bad as they are for Kamala (and that's pretty bad), a president lying, again, about being arrested during the civil rights movement, when he lied the first time about it he recanted that and said he wasn't arrested, wasn't even there, yet told the same lie yesterday. I am sure you don't care, but on AgDay this morning they stated that it will cost farmers at least $200 an acre more than last year to grow a crop, how many of our local farmers are going to go out of business because this buffoon could care less about anyone in this country, he only cares about his social agenda, yep, you heard it right, $200 an acre more when many are not making much already, if anything. What are we going to do when inflation hits 10% or higher, that is where we are headed, guess you better pass more spending bills, because that always works. Wait, let's talk Jan. 6th some more, that's a distraction, what about how republicans are ripping this country apart and the democrats are only trying to unite, wait, that's just another democratic distraction and lie. Still waiting for you to give me that list of all the positive things this president has done this whole year in office now, I can't imagine you are having trouble finding something, maybe do like Kamala said about the free Covid tests, just Google it to find it, and they aren't even available yet, wow, another great answer from one of America's greatest leaders. I'll stand by and wait for the list SoDakD.


Peering through the fog of your long list of grievances, Voice, the two most important and immediate things I see are 1)- the threat to our democracy exposed by what we’re learning about the “Big Lie” plus the insurrection it inspired and 2)- the pandemic which still rages unchecked.

Senator Rounds seems to be on my side about the “Big Lie” at the heart of the insurrection. Is Senator Rounds part of the “Deep State,” Voice?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. John Thune immediately backed Senator Rounds. So are they part of the “Deep State” too, Voice?

Anyway, Voice, I certainly CAN think of something positive this administration has done.

And that’s making the vaccine available to anyone who wants it.

And ironically it’s one of the things Trump is telling us.

We have a vaccine that can protect us as we live among our anti-vaxxer fellow citizens who won’t do their part to contain this virus and are dying in great numbers to prove themselves wrong.

Have you noticed that even ex-president Trump acknowledges this and urges you to get vaccinated?

Yay, Trump and Senator Rounds!!!

See, Voice, I can even appreciate Republicans!

“Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya…”

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