The ugly insurrection that occurred on Jan. 6 in Washington — inside the hallowed halls of Congress itself — is not going away.

It cannot be spun and distorted into a useless fog of conflicting allegations.

It must not be used as a bludgeoning political tool, but it also must not be dismissed for political convenience.

It cannot be shuttled off the page under the guise that there’s nothing more to see here.  

It must not be forgotten.

On Jan. 6, there was a violent attempt to effectively overturn the results of a presidential election. In a very real sense, it was an attack on America itself.

And that’s why it cannot be dismissed, even as some Senate Republicans now threaten to filibuster a proposed bipartisan commission to investigate what happened on that day. (The commission proposal passed the House with more than 30 GOP votes supporting it, including South Dakota Rep. Dusty Johnson.)

This effort at investigation will either ferret out the truth about an incident that we still know little about, or it will collapse and, if left unchecked, the events of Jan. 6 will be viewed as a template or dress rehearsal for future aspirants.

We can live with the former; we must not live with the latter.

Some congressional Republicans have worked to cast this investigation as a partisan sham. (Why they feel the need to do this poses an interesting question in itself.) On the surface, why Congress wouldn’t want to look into this is unfathomable. True, there are other investigations going on, but they reportedly will only make recommendations about what to do next time. America needs to know what happened THIS time, to perhaps avoid or diffuse a next time.

Jan. 6 was something extraordinary and frightening, contrary to the observations of Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Georgia), who had the temerity recently to declare, “If you didn’t know the footage was from January 6, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.”      

Unfortunately, South Dakota Sen. John Thune’s stated view doesn’t look much better. Last week, he said the quiet part out loud when he told CNN: “I want our midterm (election) message to be on the kinds of things that the American people are dealing with … not re-litigating the 2020 elections. A lot of our members … want to be moving forward and not looking backward. Anything that gets us rehashing the 2020 elections, I think, is a day lost on being able to draw a contrast between us and the Democrats’ very radical left-wing agenda.” These words cast Jan. 6 as little more than a political distraction that must not be “re-litigated,” thus sidestepping the fact that it was a frontal assault on our governing process. Or at least that seems to be the senator’s agenda.

At this point, we need neither political vindictiveness nor defensive political hysterics.

Instead, Americans need the facts.

The thing is, we’ll likely get them, one way or another. If Senate Republicans successfully thwart the formation of a bipartisan congressional committee, inquiries could still be initiated through select committees or even with special prosecutors. Thus, those fighting against an investigation now are painting themselves into a dreadful corner that history may view quite dimly.

Jan. 6 simply isn’t going away. It is not about looking backwards, for that dark day will resonate in the American soul for a long time to come. This nation was dragged to a dark place we have rarely thought possible — a place of chaos, instability and weakness. Our democracy was attacked, and that assault must not be waved away as past tense.


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One might think Republicans know they have something to hide.

At the very least they care more about pleasing their Mar-A-Lago Master than preserving our Democracy

E pluribus

Trumpsters think this is a “Witch Hunt.”

But there’s another way to look at the Trump era. And this - I suspect - will comport more closely with future historians' take on what actually happened. CONSIDER:

A mob boss with absolutely no experience or qualifications for President ran for the highest office in the land to “improve his brand.” To everyone’s surprise - including his own - he won.

He then set about taking every advantage he could of this marvelous and unexpected opportunity. Until his luck ran out. And he lost the protection of his presidential powers in his next election.

And then the slow-turning wheels of American Justice steadily closed in on him.


Thank you Kelly. Very well written. Our senior SD Senator needs to start looking at reality instead of planning on being re-elected next year.


You are wrong to place the blame on the vast majority of us who were there, assembled peacefully, praying, singing and most importantly, standing up for the integrity of our election process. I have friends and family who work in various positions in DC at the federal level, and they will tell you the same thing: leftist radicals sabotaged our event. Of course, there were some who took the bait and followed them, but I'd venture to claim that 99% of the good patriots who chose to defend our right to a fair election had nothing to do with the violence. And they certainly weren't paid by CNN or NBC to get video footage of a young woman being murdered. Check your facts and quit allowing yourselves to continually get duped by the mainstream media.


Welcome to the Press & Dakotan feed, Abe. Glad to see you’ve created an account to join in the discussion. I’d be interested in where you get your information.

And if it’s true that on January 6th “the vast majority… there, assembled peacefully.” Why won’t the Party of Trump allow it to be examined in a 9/11 type commission?

Of course the problem ISN’T with people who demonstrated peaceably. Mr. Hertz and the rest of us are concerned with those folks who broke into the Capitol to hang Mike Pence and any other enemies they could find. All to stop the certification of the presidential election.

It was the first time in our Nation’s history that we failed to accomplish a peaceful transfer of power.

The FBI and the Department of Justice say that Antifa and Black Lives Matter folks had little to do with those insurrectionists who definitely were not “assembled peacefully. “

At least 500 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection. So far - they tell us - none of them are connected to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

But if it’s really true - as you and your friends say - that “leftist radicals sabotaged our event” why won’t you Trumpsters allow a commission to investigate it?

Do you really believe the election was stolen? Because it’s this lie that motivated the violence. And as the FBI is telling us, as the lie continues, violence will always be a threat.

I’ll be quite interested in what your response might be.


E Pluribus is hounding me to reply. It would be courteous of me to do so and soon. I've been extremely busy and find precious little time for even a nap. Not even joking. Please allow me to catch up and thank you for your questions.

By the way, E Plurb's avatar is a fitting tribute to Christian Pride Month; the rainbow is the sign of God's promise, following Noah's flood, to never destroy the Earth with water again. There are a lot of saints in the Castro District, from what I've seen.

I'll be back soon.


The Biden DOJ refuses to disclose the CCTV video of the event because it refutes the narrative. The facial recognition software is very exact and it would expose Antifa and BLM acting in coordination with Capitol Police. This is info obtained through the person who is primarily responsible for 90% of all security systems in the District. That person is my relative.

Please remember that John Sullivan, a known BLM agitator, took a photog into the Capitol and was present for Ashli Babbit's murder. He was paid $35k from both CNN and NBC to get the story. He has since been found guilty. Since we are asking serious questions, I have one for you: why will the Capitol Police not divulge the identity of her (Ashli's) shooter? There's evidence that he is/was aligned with DC BLM. Get it yet?

Yes, I do believe the election was stolen. You may recall how upsetting it was for Dems to learn how Dominion machines were manipulated during their primary. It was all over your favorite propaganda sources. Or did you conveniently disregard that fact, you know, because "Orange Man Bad"?

We all deserve transparency and integrity in our democratic processes. If you believe the 2020 election was fair then I guess you'll need to think twice before I call you a half wit.


As for the guy dragging a makeshift gallows that could not support the weight of a kitten, it's supposed to be funny. You know, like holding the decapitated head of POTUS for a photo op, or describing your dreams of blowing up the White House, or making a music video about shooting POTUS. You know... funny like that!

Jolly Roger

Welcome, Abe. There’s always room on this feed for another adorably naïve Trumpster.

So your impassioned plea is, “Check your facts and quit allowing yourselves to continually get duped by the mainstream media.”

Yet you ignore the unanimous judgments of our courts, the findings of our intelligence and law enforcement communities and instead get your “facts” from Fox News, Newsmax, OAN and other members of the Trump propaganda network.

They continue to push the Big Lie that the election was stolen and suckers like you believe it.

Looking forward to your next post, Schnucki!


You have to marvel at Trumpsters like Abe.

They drill down on the bogus claim that the violent January 6 insurrection was the work of Antifa and BLM, but their leaders know the truth.

That’s why they’re blocking an investigating commission. They need to keep fooling chumps like Abe.

Yet, to be fair, “honest Abe“ himself is probably not really a liar.

He’s just too clueless to see the obvious truth.


Aaaaw, you are the only one who failed to extend a warm welcome. I'm hurt.

Hey look, I dont need to defend the truth. The truth always stands on it's own.

Have a great time at the ball, folks!

E pluribus

That really wasn’t much of a response to OffTheFence, Abe.

Can’t you do better than this? What is the evidence for a stolen election?

Yes, your ex-President still says the election was stolen, and half of all Trump-supporters still believe this lie. But there is zero evidence to back it up.

You may remember that Trump fired his top election security official, Christopher Krebs, whom Trump had previously selected to be director of our Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Krebs was canned after he and a coalition of federal and state officials concluded there was no evidence that votes were compromised or altered in the Nov. 3 election.

They determined the vote was “the most secure in American history.”

Claims of fraudulent election practices have been thoroughly disproven by over 60 unsuccessful Trumpian lawsuits, the Supreme Court and even the president's own lawyer, Bill Barr before he resigned.

Many of the judges who refused to look at these frivolous, no-evidence claims were appointed by Trump himself. (Not to mention that the Supreme Court itself has three Trumpsters on the bench.)

Trump continues to claim the election was stolen. But he and you have no evidence except that so many of you still believe it was fraud.

But simply saying it doesn’t make it so.





Your opinion is inconsequential and hollow.



All you liberals can now read the report that confirms what we Patriots have been saying all along.

Do you ever tire from losing?

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