The enrollment for the Yankton School District saw an increase from last year, which is the eighth consecutive year in a row for student enrollment growth. Overall enrollment increases came from our elementary schools and high school with stable numbers at middle school.


COVID-19 numbers in the Yankton School District saw increases a couple of weeks ago and then a gradual drop in the past week. We are not seeing any spread at school. Rather, the cases have initiated outside of school particularly within family units.

Due to the masking requirement at school the Yankton School District has not had to quarantine students due to any close contacts at school. Thus, students are able to remain in school rather than being quarantined, which is one of our top priorities. Students have also been able to continue in their school activities and not quarantined.


Thank you to the parents who have called into their respective schools to report COVID-19 cases and have followed the Department of Health’s (DOH) requirement for Isolation of a positive case and quarantine requirements for family members who were considered close contacts by the South Dakota DOH. These continued measures by our parents have continued to prevent spread at our schools.

Below is the link that community members are welcome to check, as I update the data at the end of each week. Information will be provided regarding active positive student/staff COVID-19 cases for which we are aware of at the present time in the Yankton School District:


Flu season is approaching. The best way to protect yourself and others is to get the flu vaccine. Getting the flu vaccine is more important than ever in 2021-22 to protect yourself and the people around you from the flu. This will also help reduce the strain on the healthcare system responding to COVID-19.


The first quarter of the 2021-22 school year ends on Thursday, Oct. 21. There will be no school on Oct. 22 due to a Staff In-service.


Yankton School District Board meetings are held on the second Monday of the month beginning at 5 p.m. Due to COVID-19 and the need for additional social distancing the meetings will continue to be held at the Yankton High School Theater.

School board meetings are being live-streamed, as well as being recorded and re-aired on public access channels on our local cable television. The meetings are also archived on the YSD Website http://ysd.k12ksdkus/. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Henry Ford stated, “Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is a process. Working together is a success.”


Dr. Wayne Kindle is superintendent of the Yankton School District.

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What happened to the argument that children are most likely NOT going to get covid and have the highest survival rate (99+%)?


It would be a real shame if everyone knew what fraudster Fauci and the NIH had to say about Chloroquine's effectiveness against SARS Coronavirus back in 2005. But still, people will research more about buying a used car than what they accept into their bodies. I just dont get it.

Jolly Roger

Abe, it’s so much easier to read your Covid misinformation now that more and more Americans are ignoring you anti-vaxxers and getting vaccinated. And consequently, the number of Covid cases are going down.

I know your response. “Just you wait - you’ll be sorry!”



Would you please explain to us, why people are only dying in hospitals (from covid)? We haven't seen any reports of homeless people dropping dead like they showed in Wuhan. We've not heard of anyone dying at home from covid...??? It's weird how there's a set of protocols that seem to be killing people when inexpensive drugs have proven to be 100% effective.

Dont you agree? Or do you need to push death and sorrow upon the masses by your errant comments? I think the Biden bunch and their moronic followers hate themselves to the extent that they project their hatred onto the rest of us.

I told you so.


According to their own data, the big three jabbers show that a person is 4,520% more likely to die from their "vaccines" or have lifelong medical problems. Look it up. You'll need to do some simple math using their "relative risk" numbers from clinical trials, but that's not too hard for most of us.

Jolly Roger

Abe, we frequently see videos of anti-vaxxers on their deathbeds expressing regret at not getting vaccinated and pleading with their family and friends to get their shots.

True, this is anecdotal and not scientific evidence, but if your dire warnings had any validity one would think we’d see one or two similar videos of dying VACCINATED individuals warning against taking the shot.

Again, your likely response is, “Just you wait - you’ll be sorry!”


Good news, Abe!

As of this week, federal data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that 78% of the adult population in the United States have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Most Americans aren’t listening to you anti-vaxxers

No doubt, your response will be, “Just you wait - they’ll be sorry!”

As Covid cases slooowly inch downward, this offers hope to the rest of us that we’re seriously confronting this Pandemic.


If you were seriously confronting it, you'd know that natural immunity is a sure way to inch it downwards. Those who took the chemical cocktails have not defeated covid by any stretch of your imagination and actually perpetuated this mess by causing the variants. That's a fact you cannot refute.


It's a sad state for our world when seemingly conscious beings actually buy into the lying media and Fauci's ilk.


Do none of you recall how corrupt the various entities that control us can be? What about Bayer giving AIDS to children across Europe in the 80's? What about Fauci killing Africans with Remdisivir? It blows my mind to continually read your pathetic obsessions with the deceivers who truly want to exterminate us. It's like the blind leading the naked. You are all such mindless fools on your way to the grave, which we, the brave will most likely dig. Too bad you cannot see reality.


So, Abe, why is the Covid rate going down as more and more Americans ignore anti-vaxxers’ warnings and get vaccinated?

Really, the only rational response in the face of these numbers is, “Just you wait - they’ll be sorry!”

Is that it? - The terrible effects of vaccination come on slowly?


Not sure where you get your news, but I can tell its polluted with libtard propaganda. Why are so many people saying no to mandates and preserving their health through natural immunity? Therein lies your truthful answer.


And for those who choose to get jabbed, well... all I can suppose is that they forego research, informed consent and common sense. When the feds push an expirimental medicine that is not approved by the FDA, has proven to be deadly beyond all previous vaccine trials, and all for a false alarm (99%+ survival rate), it should cause someone to maybe look into it before offering their bare arm.

It will continue to demonstrate its ineffectiveness and cause more variants due to it not being any kind of vaccine. It will continue to cause heart problems in young people, other serious reactions in almost all who took it. There's plenty of research out there that proves it as unsafe. Unfortunately, those whom you gather your info from stifle the dissenting voices, many of whom will admit they are advocates for safe vaccines. It is you and your vaxxed friends who are harming the pure bloods, but not for long.


OK, Abe. Thanks. That wasn’t so hard was it?

The answer to my question WAS simply a variation of “Just you wait - they’ll be sorry!”

You now write “but not for long.”

So how long is “not for long,” Abe?

When I was on my highschool debate team, “Just you wait - you’ll see I'm right” wouldn’t have rated anything more than snickers and eye rolls from the judges.


So, that is all you take issue with? You sucked at debate, too. Avoiding the pressing matters is your smoke and mirrors.


There’s no “pressing matter” more important than observing the actual numbers, Abe.

And for now they show that unvaccinated people are overwhelmingly the ones succumbing to this pandemic.

So as you peddle your misinformed warnings, I’ll just get my booster, take you at your word and “just wait.”

So how long is “not for long,” Abe?

Be sure to let me know when the numbers swing and prove you right.


Hot off the Press! It is starting to come apart.

"World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization former Vice President Professor Christian Perronne yesterday said that all vaccinated people must quarantine over the winter months or risk serious illness.

Perronne specializes in tropical pathologies and emerging infectious diseases. He was Chairman of the Specialized Committee on Communicable Diseases of the High Council of Public Health.

Confirming the rapidly deteriorating situation in Israel and the UK, the infectious disease expert stated: “Vaccinated people should be put in quarantine, and should be isolated from the society.”

He went on to say: “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others. It’s proven in Israel now – I’m in contact with many physicians in Israel – they’re having big problems, severe cases in the hospitals are among vaccinated people, and in UK also, you have the larger vaccination program and also there are problems.”

The current working group on the COVID-19 pandemic in France was reported to be “utterly panicked” on receipt of the news, fearing pandemonium if it follows the guidance of the experts.

Israeli doctor Kobi Haviv told Channel 13 News: “95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people account for 85-90% of hospitalizations. We are opening more and more COVID branches.

The effectiveness of vaccines is declining or disappearing.”

NB “ Any booster Jab will make this 10 X worse !!

Please share to as many people as possible.

I’m sure this won’t get on mainstream media but we have to somehow get this info out... the Vs don’t work, therefore V passports are obsolete.

Grateful Dead

Bad news, Big Fella. More and more folks are ignoring you anti-vaxxers and getting the shot.

No wonder your misinformation campaign is sounding more and more desperate.


Emergency rooms and hospitals in Australia, Sweden, and the US are reporting thousands of seriously ill patients with blood clots and respiratory issues than before the pandemic, but many don’t have Covid. I guess we will soon find out if it was worth it. I know that I'll be fine.

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