As superintendent, I would be happy to visit with you personally or speak to your group/organization. I am also willing to host your group at our Administration Building or one of our school buildings. I would also come to your facility or meeting place.

I have had the opportunity to speak and visit with many groups throughout our community and have hosted groups at our Administration Building. Please feel free to contact me at 665-3998 to arrange a time to visit. I can also be contacted using my email at

Let’s make it a great year for our students!

Henry Ford stated, “Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is a process. Working together is a success.”


Crane-Youngworth Update

Our goal and first priority is to have our opening home game on Sept. 8 at home. The second option would be to have our first home game at home, even if it requires we rope off certain areas not deemed ready for use. Our final option would be to relocate and play our first home game at a different location.

We will keep all of you informed as we get closer to game day on Sept. 8. We want to thank you for your patience and understanding regardless of which option is needed.

There are several improvements being made at Crane-Youngworth Field. Areas included in the project are the bleachers & grandstand, press box, concessions and restrooms, ticket booths and the site itself.

The concrete grandstand was removed and is being replaced with a steel and aluminum grandstand on the north side of the field. The two elevated bleachers that flanked the former concrete grandstand will be the front seating of the new grandstand. A new elevated bleacher is in the east end zone for our high school students and YHS band. The visitor’s bleacher is on the south side of the field.

A new, single-story press box will line the back of the new grandstand. This will be home for the scoreboard and display operators, the game’s announcer, four radio station and media booths, both team’s coach’s boxes and the game recorders. We will live-stream the game, too!

One of the most appreciated improvements to the site will be the concessions and restroom facilities. We have an updated and modern concession area with great game day food! There is a large concrete plaza area in front of the concessions window where you can enjoy your treats and the company of your family, friends and other fans. On either side of the concessions area are the new restrooms with 20 fixtures — each — for the ladies and men. With the new building, we will not have concessions or restrooms available in the fieldhouse.

Finally, as you enter the updated facility, you will be greeted by the new ticket booths located on the north and south entrances. The north booth will also be home for the booster club with their fan appreciation items. All paths inside the stadium complex are concreted along with much needed fencing for security and safety reasons.


YSD Buildings/Grounds Report

• Yankton High School/SAC

All the basketball structures in both gyms were inspected in May by Combined Building Specialties (Sioux Falls). Several winch cables and two winch motors/gears were replaced as preventive maintenance. Maintenance installed a new steam kettle in the kitchen. The roof was replaced over the industrial arts wing by McCoy Construction. The areas included in the replacement are the woods shop, automotive shop, metals classroom, art classrooms, band and vocal rooms and the boiler room roofs. Welfl Construction will be installing an inner office door into the assistant principal’s office. Maintenance installed new water fountains with bottle-fill stations in the classroom sections of the building. All of the student locker combination locks were replaced. Additional casework was installed in the vocal room by Custom Woodworks. Asphalt repairs were done at the site.

• Yankton Middle School

The basketball structures were inspected prior to floor refinishing with a few cables replaced proactively. Carpet was replaced in the girl’s PE coach’s office, the band & vocal areas, the guidance areas, the lecture hall and the library by Mozak’s Floors & More. A boiler was replaced by Johnson Controls. The front sidewalk by the flagpole was replaced by Dave Stevens Concrete. In August/September, the maintenance crew will begin reseeding the proposed JV soccer field on the southeast field area. Tri-State Turf & Irrigation will install irrigation to the field at the same time. A fence will be installed around the area. Asphalt repairs were done.

• Beadle Elementary School

The front sidewalks have been replaced by Dave Stevens Concrete. Maintenance is installing a replacement water fountain in the fourth grade wing. A tree in front of the building was removed due to stress cracking. Hartington Tree will plant a new tree this fall.

• Lincoln Elementary School

Miller Painting has painted the entire building.

• Stewart Elementary School

Carpet in the kindergarten room was replaced by Mozak’s. Asphalt repairs were made by Topkote.

• Webster Elementary School

Carpeting was replaced in rooms 3, 4, 6, 8 and 13, and in the principal and secretary offices. Vinyl tile was added to rooms 2 and 3 for preschool expansion and to the nurse’s office. Mozak’s Floors & More was the installing contractor. Fejfar Plumbing installed a sink in room 2 for the preschool classroom. A leaking water main was replaced by Feimer Construction.

• Yankton School District Administration Building

The admin building was painted over Easter break by Miller Painting to allow more working time this summer at Lincoln. The board room audio/visual equipment was replaced by AVI.

• Yankton School District Career Manufacturing Technical Education Academy

We have the fiber optic cable installed to the TEC building by SDN. Warren and crew installed the switch and servers for the phone and security systems. Kaiser Heating & Cooling is installing a dedicated cooling unit for the new servers. Dirt work has started on the new building for the student-built house and the concrete foundation has been poured.


YSD Technology Summer Report

The IT staff and summer help preformed a number of tasks at each of the school district’s buildings over the summer. These tasks include but not limited to cleaning, testing and updating existing desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, projectors and Smart Boards. We cable managed several rooms to help with ease of use for staff and students. We also reimaged Chromebooks, iPads and laptops in preparation for the 2017-18 school year. Printer replacement throughout the district is also taking place.

We removed several hardware tech items and prepared them for recycling. There have been several upgrades to software; PowerSchool and Smart Notebook being the most notable. Switching infrastructure has had its IOS and Firmware upgraded. Wireless infrastructure has been remapped to allow for a more effective coverage with less bandwidth usage.

• Yankton High School

IT Staff installed and set up 39 additional Chromebooks, 17 laptops, 30 desktops and several projectors for the high school. YHS theater’s projector has been replaced and the booth cleaned up.

• Yankton School District Career Manufacturing Technical Education Academy

IT Staff installed a new HP Switch that is connected to YSD’s WAN link. We have also installed several wireless access points with cable pulls. There has been a new rack installed to support the switching technology and any future hardware such as Security and Servers. The existing rack/switch room was cleaned up and reorganized.

• Yankton Middle School

IT Staff installed and set up 90 additional Chromebooks and several projectors for YMS. We installed new wireless controllers to assist with all the access points that have been installed.

• Beadle Elementary School

IT Staff installed and set up 30 additional Chromebooks, 30 desktops, 30 iPads and several projectors for Beadle.

• Lincoln Elementary School

IT Staff installed and set up 30 additional Chromebooks, and several projectors for Lincoln.

• Stewart Elementary School

IT Staff installed and set up 30 additional Chromebooks and several projectors for Stewart.

• Webster Elementary School

IT Staff installed and set up 30 additional Chromebooks, 6 iPads and several projectors for Webster.

• Yankton School District Administration Building

IT Staff assisted with the board room install of the new AVI system. We worked on and finished up the install for the new bus attendance and routing system.

• Yankton School District

IT Staff installed and brought Citrix up to the current version. We also installed and replaced several virtual servers(VMs), server blades and installed Server 2012 and 2016. We installed and brought the district wide wireless controllers up to date to better serve YSD’s wireless infrastructure. We completed a district wide technology inventory. We set up and installed new security software from Trend Micro and set up and rolled over several student and staff databases in preparation for the 2017-2018 school year. Clean up of several systems such as Active Directory, Google, PowerSchool, Busing and Mosaic was done by deleting staff/students that have left and adding new staff/students.


Stay Connected  

In order to improve communication, the Yankton School District implemented a computer messaging system called Blackboard Connect 5. This service allows the school district to reach thousands of people within minutes with a personalized voice message, email and/or text message.

Anyone in the Yankton community — alumni, friends and community members — can stay connected. Just be sure we have your contact information in our system. You can subscribe at or call the Superintendent’s Office at 665-3998.

Dr. Wayne Kindle is superintendent of the Yankton School District.

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