Until the end of the Civil War, Democrats were the party of racial human bondage. When slavery and “involuntary servitude” were outlawed by the 13th Amendment on Dec. 6, 1865, Democrats simply switched gears and began a new kind of racial human bondage by denying Black Americans the right to vote. This prompted ratification on Feb. 3, 1870, of the 15th Amendment, making it unlawful to deny any citizen the right to vote based on “race, color or previous condition of servitude.”

Once again, the Democrats pivoted to find new ways of keeping Black Americans in their place with abominable Jim Crow laws. These measures permitted states to impose a poll tax on voters in federal elections — and in many cases required segregated public schools, restroom facilities, water fountains and entrances to businesses, and allowed “separate but equal” access to everything from housing and banking to restaurant seating, entertainment venues, movie theaters, public transportation and even sporting events.

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Dear Leader

This could all be stopped by simply taking the children away from their parents like I did, and getting the Mexicans to keep their promise and pay for my 2000 mile long Big Beautiful wall.

And be sure to buy Oliver’s book. Now that he’s sworn off selling arms to the Iranians, he needs the money.

Besides, the Press & Dakotan publisher gets his cut of every purchase.


It is true that historically the old Democratic Party was the party of AfroAmerican suppression - first championing Slavery and then, after losing the Civil War, enacting Jim Crow laws to disenfranchise Black US citizens.

This all changed when Nixon adopted the Republican “Southern Strategy” after LBJ signed the Civil Rights laws that drove segregationists out of the Democratic Party and into the Republican Party.

To see the results of this historic shift all one has to do is observe how the Republican Party of today - the Party of “The Great Emancipator,” Abraham Lincoln, is now mostly white folks.

And it’s no coincidence that the insurrectionists of January 6th were almost all angry white people.


Ah, but all one has to do is look at polling numbers from when after Joe Biden and the democrats took control of this country some 18 months ago, Hispanic voters and black voters are all turning away from the democratic party in bigger numbers with each and every poll. Why is that? It's because all the "help" these democrats have been giving minorities in our country for decades that hasn't done one thing to improve their situations, not one thing, and they are all starting catch on to this. Just look at democratically run cities and states, they are cesspools for crime, they all have major problems and things only get worse for them, and their elected leaders don't care, if they did, they would fix it. Election after election democrats promise more and more for minorities, and they keep getting less and less, and now since so many minorities are lower income, and Biden and the democrats record high inflation and prices and crime, etc. are taking a huge toll on them, all these people are starting to see the light, they are starting to see that the democratic party has done nothing but strung them along for all these decades, and they, like so many others, are tired of it. When democrats focus on nothing but one single day in January, when they spend all their time trying to ruin a man that isn't even president any more, and spend no time on anything else except finding excuses for all that is wrong in this country, people start seeing what is going on, and that is why Hispanics and blacks alike are turning against the democratic party. So keep it up democrats, keep driving those people to the republican side, keep your focus on Jan. 6th, your doing a heck of a good job at it and I thank you for it.


It really would be great if the Republican Party looked more like America. I sincerely wish you luck in this regard.

But for right now- with Hispanics favoring Democrats by 2 to 1 - there will be a fair amount of catch-up to do.

And I’m not sure the midterm voting in the midst of inflation will change party appreciation that much.

Please let us know when the republican party is not mostly white people.

It will be a cause for celebration!


It amuses me, Voice, to see you posting and reposting this favorite FoxNews canard. The one about Democrats making African-Americans dependent.

But have you heard!? South Dakota is one of those welfare states that gets more in Federal dollars than it pays in Federal taxes.

And who do you suppose all of those lucky South Dakota farmers are obligated to after receiving their yearly Agricultural welfare checks?

Or unlike those lazy, Black freeloaders is there really no dependency when middle class white folks get THEIR welfare checks from the government?

“If you don’t need the 💵💰 there’s no dependency.” Is that the Republican mantra?


They ain't gonna get anny help from Republicans. President Johnson, Democrat, pushed through the Civil Rights Act....that has freed blacks to pursue other endeavors than domestic help. Today's Republicans HATE IT!!!


And look what your number 3 in charge, Pelosi did during the swearing in ceremony for the first Mexican born woman to enter Congress, she elbows the Congresswoman's little daughter out of the way of being close to her. Nancy, it's all about the children, Pelosi, how can that be, the person you just elbowed away from you, it's a girl and it's a minority, and you can't stand having her next you? It can't be that her words mean nothing, like we all know they do, just look at her actions, and this is your number 3 in charge. The party of unity, the party of love, and this is how you show respect for something monumental, something to never have happened before, no I get it, it's not the the never before happened record number of illegal immigrants coming across the border or the never before happened record number of crimes across this country. You people are such hypocrites, and you wonder why your polling numbers are in the tank.


Once again, Voice, you pivot to dubious Fox news anecdotes and ignore the larger questions…


As opposed to your reposting of liberal mouthpieces like the failing MSNBC and CNN? As soon as they crack TV ratings that beat Leave It To Beaver reruns and Mama's Family reruns, you let me know, because it's just you and few other thousand still getting your information from them SoDakD, at least for now anyways. Well go right ahead and take away the farmers assistance SoDakD, with Biden creating food shortages already for our country I am sure you would love to see bigger food shortages that would create, it would mean more people would be dependent on you (looks a lot like socialism, doesn't it), but at least you have your organic farmers, they will feed you with their 10 bushel per acre corn, won't they? And you are so right, if you don't need the money, there's no dependency, so why do democrats continue to force minorities in this country to be dependent on them? What joy does that bring to you and your party knowing you are intentionally holding these people back? You have done it years, every election you bring it up how the democratic party is going to help the poor, help the minorities, you brag about the checks you send out to these people, your president weirdly whispers it into the microphone when he is preaching to all of us how good we have it because of the checks he has sent us. Democrats want people dependent on them, it's in your blood as a democrat, you think those that are dependent on you will vote for you, and it has gotten those people no where. Your great leader always pats himself on the back for being in Washington D.C. for 40 plus years, and how much better off are these groups of people now than they were 40 years ago, in the last 18 months they are far worse off, just like the rest of us. Your welfare checks, your tax payer vote buying covid checks, have done nothing but just that, bought you votes, and that's all you care, nothing more, it buys you votes, and that's all you want it to do, so long as you keep the people's dependency on you, then you are happy.


Following your paradigm, Voice, you should be in good shape.

So many, many more white folks - rich and poor - are on the dole that the GOP constituency is well locked in

Larry Skow

Of course look who is in disagreement with article. Good ole Grand Poo-Pah his self---leader of the secret club house--keeper of the flame of Hate---Mr. SoDakD his self


"White folks", Christians, Trumpsters, the root of all blame for the democratic party, just look at what any democrat says about any issue in this country, first thing is, "it's such and such's fault". Oh, and Russia, Putin, oil companies, trucking companies, parents, capitalists, small business owners, people that don't want to be forced into getting an unproven "vaccine", mothers that want baby formula for their babies, pro-lifers, the constitution, laws, freedom of speech, children that just want to be children, free thinkers, people with their own opinions, minorities that are republicans, women that are republicans, law enforcement. I tried catching just some, but the list is so long I am sure I missed about 30 or 40 of them, and each day democrats find even more people to blame, so it just goes on and on and on.

Red Cloud

How amusing to watch white folks competing over who’s LESS to blame for the nation's inconvenient history of conquest and slavery.

And SURPRISE ‼️, the essential part of this discussion is how to protect the tender sensibilities of little white boys and girls who might feel bad about their forebears’ crimes against humanity.

That’s why folks like Mr. Wick grow apoplectic over the phantom threat of Critical Race Theory.

Recently the conservative snowflakes on a Texas education board considered a proposal to call slavery ‘involuntary relocation.’

What a wonderful phrase! Even holocaust deniers would find ‘Involuntary Relocation’ useful.

And it’s certainly a model for South Dakota’s educators as they struggle to explain to their children what happened here in South Dakota.

Larry Skow

Red Cloud--I agree with most of what you say and your opinion is respected. But the sad fact remains the native Americans for most part have also been their own worst enemy in doing more damage to their selves. Not really taken advantage of solving issues much like many of the Black culture as well. Two very good examples of how welfare/socialism holds one back. In both these cases majority of white people alive to day never had decedents involved with destruction of Native American's or Slavery. In fact, Native American's have history of Slavery. To all Blacks wanting reparations--Why are you not after Kamala Harris and her family for reparations? Known Slave Traders there in that family blood. Actually Native Americans/Blacks should go after the Royal Family of England--they started all this. USA was not a country when destruction of tribes started--Royal Family brought first slaves here.

Red Cloud

How can we be a “worse enemy” than the genocidal conquerors who destroyed our villages, killed our buffalo and took our land?

And then broke every treaty they found inconvenient.

You’re posturing with make-believe empathy while you’re blaming the victims.

To me it’s just one more example of the clueless, entitled attitude of you illegal immigrants, Mr. Skow.

Please spare me your condescending “respect” for my opinion.


Oh Larry, what a stereotype you are when you tell us that a “majority of white people alive today never had decedents involved with the destruction of Native Americans…

My forebears didn’t kill anybody either, but they sure took advantage of cheap Indian land under the Homestead Act of 1862.

And every white immigrant afterwards has benefited from this.

Ignore it, explain it or boldly justify it as you will, but in South Dakota it can truly be said that “property is theft.”

Larry Skow

SoDakD: Then since you admit your ancestors took advantage of the Native Americans--then you should pay for reparations. You are wrong on the rest of your blurp. Just drop your check off at Pine Ridge.


Larry, I’ve said nothing about reparations, but since you seem to support them, then by your reasoning anyone who lives on South Dakota real estate should pay up. Even you who claim to have lived in Yankton.

Maybe you might figure your share of reparations based on the percentage of time you spent in South Dakota.

(Of course, you folks in Colorado will have your own reparations to figure.)


SoDakD, maybe I am wrong about this, but I assume you live in South Dakota, how many times have you gone to the great Indian territories of our state and handed out money to the Indians for taking advantage of them? I assume you give them most if not all your money, surely a large percentage if not all, it's only fair? If not, what percentage do you find "fair"? What percentage of my money do you want to give them? If I make $30,000 a year, is 10% fair? If I make $300,000 a year, is 10% fair? Who decides how much of my money goes to them? You? Do I need to give another 10% to the African-American's? Do I need to give another 10% to the Hispanics because we took Texas from them? What about Hawaiian's, should they get another 10% because we took over Hawaii? And don't forget the native Alaskans, they should get their cut as well. Oh, and I am sure there are some Canadian Indian tribes that want some too? I will go out and get a second job so I can make more money so they can get more of my money that I am working hard for, is that ok with you? What about my mom, she is retired on a fixed income, should she still have to give up 50 or 60% of her income to all these people? You let me know when you start paying out of your pocket to all these groups that you want reparation's for, then we will all know you are serious about it. As usual, more jibber jabber talk from democrats to make it sound like they actually "care" for people, all the while keeping them down and under the government's roles. Yet another way for democrats to use taxpayers money to buy votes for their side, that's all this is.


This is another strawman argument you're having with yourself, Voice.

I’ve never advocated reparations, so all your polemics are with some caricature you’ve created that’s easier to argue with than I am.

My overriding point is that we shouldn’t whitewash our history so the little white boys and girls of snowflake conservatives don't have to acknowledge the crimes against humanity which made America possible.

And - if truth be accepted - such crimes are always at the foundation of ALL nations.

Recent DNA technology tells us that no one - not the Germans, not the Italians, not the Russians, NO ONE is on land originally occupied by their forebears. NO ONE.

But in America we don’t need DNA tracking to prove this. Instead, it’s all part of recent, written history.

It’s not that Americans are any more perverse than all humans since the beginning of time. It’s just that it’s uncomfortable for folks like you to accept this.

This doesn’t mean you have to “Hate America.” You just need to grow up and accept reality.


Ah yes, SoDakD, speaking of whitewashing, you would rather our school children be taught CRT and be told they are racists because of their skin color and that they have white privilege, that's a much better approach I guess. And you would rather all these children learn they are racists as soon as possible so that they can learn to hate people that are different then themselves, right? Democrats love teaching about hate and discontent, just look at how our society has changed in the last 18 months. And then you can spend the next half of the children's school day teaching them how to avoid telling their parents about them all wanting to be transgender and where they can get drugs and have surgeries to help them change, but you have put some time in their schedules to tell them how to avoid the laws about abortions and how to avoid telling their parents they are pregnant. But you also need to squeeze in some time to make sure you are teaching them how awful America is and that the republican appointed justices in the supreme court are all racists and bigots and that the supreme court should be abolished. But you also need to have time to teach them that the constitution is outdated and not absolute and should be tossed away like the piece of trash that it is and that none of it applies to today's America. And you also have to have time to teach them that their parents can't be trusted and they need to put all their trust in the teachers and the government as they know what's best for all of them, not their own parents. Wow, that makes for a pretty full day for these youngsters, wonder when they get a chance to learn reading, writing and arithmetic? I guess that is all secondary to the grooming that the democrats are pushing onto our kids.


Once again, Voice, you marshal your strawmen and triumphantly knock them over.

But I have no idea who or what you’re arguing against. But it’s not me.

All I’m saying is you don’t have to “Hate America” to accept its reality. This can encompass BOTH an understanding of our history AND an appreciation of the promise of what America can be.

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