With recent attacks on what President Trump has or has not done, maybe it is time to look what at Joe Biden would do if he is elected.

Despite being a Catholic he has already stated his opposition to a Catholic on the Supreme Court — Amy Coney Barrett. And he continues to proclaim that he supports abortion on demand right up to the moment of birth. How can you claim a faith and then reject one of the tenets of that faith?

He supports a nationalization of health care in this country through Medicare for all. This is nothing less than national health care insurance and in the end national health care control. Will we still see costs go down, be able to select our own doctor and health care plan, all promised under Obamacare, but never realized.

He also supports restricting your gun rights as his running mate has been one of the most outspoken critics of gun rights and advocate of gun restrictions. They are ready to deny individuals the right to defend themselves while at the same time standing idly by as riots continue nightly in many of our major cities.

This election certainly is crucial and if you support the things outlined above you should support Joe Biden. If not, you should support President Trump.

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If this was posted on Facebook or Twitter, it would be removed or tagged as false. I think she forgot to mention the child sex trafficking.


Since Facebook has now made it clear that anything that supports the President or does NOT support the Biden/Harris ticket will be taken down, you are correct on that part Ogaelic. Twitter had a hard time figuring out if they should even take down "wishes for the President to die" , wondering if it was too offensive or not. So, the the removal portion of your response is correct. But, the rest of the letter is documented on film. Go to CSpan and look up the speeches by Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and you will find that everything listed above is on videos of live recorded full speeches. It may take you awhile as they don't edit out anything to make it fit any agenda but you seem to have plenty of time. Check your facts.. Not on Snopes if you want the WHOLE story. Their stock answer now is partially True or Partially False with no reasons given.

Yankton resident

Interesting that Mr. Myers letter did not appear in the October 6 edition of the P&D. It would have obviously had to be received prior to that date to printed today. Of course I realize that it is not what one knows that counts at the P&D, it is all about who you are. Once again the P&D proves that there is no objectivity to their journalism, only subjective reporting to support the perceived movers and shakers that the paper chooses to support. No real journalism, just favors for the fat cats.


Oh, please.

Can you Trump trolls 🧙‍♂️ 🧙‍♂️ tell us about the love your man has for the 217,000 Americans who’ve died because of his incompetence?

Have you noticed South Dakota leads the Nation in the Coronavirus per capita body count? The rest of the Nation watches in disbelief and pities our stubborn stupidity.

And tell us about the love your man has for all the ordinary people struggling with his collapsed economy closing in on everyone but his rich donors.

But this is all Hillary Clinton‘s fault. Right? Or is it Obama? Hunter Biden? Antifa?

Lincoln was right - you CAN fool some of the people all of the time. 🙈🙉🙊 I just never imagined how many of you gullible rubes are out there

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