While preparing for the annual rollout of Yankton’s Citizen of the Year project, some math popped out.

This will be the 50th year that the award has been presented.

And that really is something to think about. It says a lot about the people who have been nominated and have been chosen for this award.

The very first honoree was legendary Yankton College track coach Carl Youngworth in 1970. He was one of Yankton’s stellar citizens, a man who coached world-class talent at YC and was revered by many (his name lives on, of course, as part of Crane-Youngworth Field), and he was also a pillar of this community. According to the stories we’ve heard about the birth of the Citizen of the Year Award, he was the obvious inaugural choice and perfectly fit the model of exemplary citizenship that was being sought.

But in a way, Youngworth was also atypical of what many Citizen of the Year honorees have subsequently been. Most of them haven’t been headline names, and certainly few of them have had their names placed about athletic stadiums (although 1982 selection Laddie Cimpl does).

However, each honoree (whether it’s been a single person or a couple) has represented the best of what Yankton is: involved, caring, committed and passionate about the welfare of this town and its people.

And putting a small spotlight on those aspects, those things we all strive to achieve, is really the spirit behind the Citizen of the Year award.

Once again, we are asking for your nominations for this award. Please look for the ballots that will be published in the Press & Dakotan and send them to us, or go online to submit a nomination. You can also email them to us at news@yankton.net. The submission deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 29.



Past Winners

1970 — Carl Youngworth

1971 — Joe Vinatieri

1972 — Jeff Scott

1973 — Freeman Otto

1974 — George Bauer

1975 — Harold Levinger

1976 — C.B. McVay

1977 — Chan Gurney

1978 — Dorothy Jencks

1979 — Lucy and J. Laiten Weed

1980 — Irene Scott

1981 — Sister Jerome Schmitt

1982 — Laddie Cimpl

1983 — T.H. Sattler

1984 — Elizabeth Rempp

1985 — Mary Alice Halverson

1986 — Don Dendinger

1987 — Bessi Burgi

1988 — Don Peterson

1989 — Frank Yaggie

1990 — Willis Stanage

1991 — Wynn Speece

1992 — Don Bierle

1993 — Hod Nielsen

1994 — Millie Wootton

1995 — Tom Merrill

1996 — Ted Blakey

1997 — Bob Karolevitz

1998 — Gladys Woolm

1999 — Dr. Ken Halverson

2000 — Sister Jacquelyn Ernster

2001 — Don and Dores Allan

2002 — Beulah Larson

2003 — Ken Jones

2004 — Arletta Tisher

2005 — Larry and Kathy Hintgen

2006 — Don and Peg Schiedel

2007 — Jim Black

2008 — Pauline Rhoades

2009 — Jack and Margaret Lyons

2010 — Myrtle Andersen

2011 — Thomas and Jo Stanage

2012 — Brooks and Vi Ranney

2013 — Don and Pam Kettering

2014 — Ben Hanten

2015 — Joan Neubauer

2016 — Larry and Diane Ness

2017 — Mike and Gerrie Healy

2018 — Ron and Jan Bertsch

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