THUMBS UP to everyone who made Yankton’s 2019 Riverboat Days a success. The crowds were large throughout the weekend — Friday night may have been the busiest we’ve ever seen — and there was plenty to see, do, listen to and experience. Riverboat Days is one of the premier late-summer events in the region, and it showed spectacularly last weekend. It’s a great showcase for Yankton and a great time for all. Again, thanks to the board of directors and all else who make this amazing festival happen each August.

What A Ride

THUMBS UP to the Yankton Police Department (YPD) for its social media outreach, which was on full display during Riverboat Days last weekend. The YPD was giving real-time posts on their weekend duties on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and the results were enlightening and (often) entertaining. YPD officials said other communities are doing this, and we can attest to its popularity. (For many Twitter users, the Vermillion Police Department’s “live ride-alongs” during the University of South Dakota’s Dakota Days homecoming weekend is a can’t-miss highlight of the year.) Congratulations and thanks to the YPD for this little service, and please keep it going.

Great Run

THUMBS UP to the inaugural Kipp Kinsley Memorial 5K run/walk/ride tonight (Friday) starting at the lodge along Lewis and Clark Lake and “Yankton’s Best Tri” triathlon set for Saturday at Lake Yankton. Kinsley, a Yankton native, had achieved professional triathlete status. He won the 2018 Yankton triathlon before passing away the next day because of an undetected heart condition. This year’s triathlon includes a tribute reference to him. While his death remains tragic, his family has started the BeKipp Foundation. The project honors his memory and includes education on arrhythmia that claims the lives of a number of young athletes.

Green Things

THUMBS DOWN to the Greenland issue, which really should have been little more than a sidebar curiosity but has now turned into something more diplomatically frustrating. This all started a little more than a week ago when it was reported that President Donald Trump had talked occasionally about buying that large northern island, which is a semi-autonomous territory of Denmark. It was treated mostly as a throwaway tidbit by most people. However, when the Danish prime minister dismissed the idea as “absurd,” Trump became offended and cancelled an upcoming trip to Denmark because of it. Trump isn’t the first president to eyeball Greenland — Harry Truman secretly tried to acquire the island under the guise of Cold War security in the 1940s, but was discreetly rebuffed. But this has turned into a completely pointless diplomatic headache.   

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