America’s presidential election is over. Officially. Finally.

In truth, it’s really been over for several weeks. The declaration four days after Election Day first suggested it, and the various state recounts and audits, as well as the dozens of lawsuits rejected by various courts, across the country confirmed it. On Monday, the Electoral College put it to a close.

Joe Biden will be our next president.

It’s time for all Americans to come to terms with that.

It’s time to recognize that President Donald Trump’s campaign centered on continually charging voter fraud, made while providing no solid evidence in court to back its claims up, is potentially inflicting immense harm on our democracy.

It may also be time to question the priorities of those who want to continue waging this election fight to the bitter end — and beyond.

Trump himself has tossed around “voter fraud” accusations since 2016, when he won the presidency through the Electoral College even though Hillary Clinton collected more votes. Trump claimed voter fraud to rationalize that shortcoming, even though a subsequent investigation authorized by his own White House found nothing to the charge.  

This year, when the COVID-19 pandemic set in and it became clear that a record number of votes would be cast early — a trend which generally favors Democrats — the “voter fraud” talk was resurrected and amplified. The charges began circulating last summer, even before votes were cast, because Trump and his allies knew what was coming in November.

The unsubstantiated charges of voter fraud and cries to “stop the steal” not only gnaw at the integrity of this election but also denigrate the thousands of election officials and workers — from all political backgrounds and parties — dedicated to ensuring that this election, held in the middle of a pandemic, ran as smoothly and fairly as possible. By all assessments — from people in both parties, and from foreign observers — that’s exactly what happened, and those workers should be commended.

Nevertheless, we’ve been subjected since Election Day to dubious fraud claims and conspiracies. They’ve fueled dozens of court filings that, in some cases, were so poorly written that they wouldn’t have passed muster in a first-year law class. It seemed more like legalistic spit-balling to see what might possibly stick, rather than address a grievous breakdown in the voting process.  

The lawsuit filed by the Texas attorney general last week against four battleground states was a desperate “Hail Mary” effort that had no plausible grounds and virtually no chance of success. And yet, 17 Republican attorneys general across the U.S. — including the South Dakota and Nebraska AGs — dutifully backed the lawsuit, as did 126 Republican congressmen. It was an act not to protect democracy but to contort it, compromise it, scuttle it. The U.S. Supreme Court rightfully dismissed this effort out of hand. The AGs and lawmakers who backed it (which did NOT include South Dakota Rep. Dusty Johnson, by the way) have some explaining to do as to why they apparently placed their party allegiance over the constitutional framework that governs our country.

However, these efforts have been successful at one thing: they have created even more angry wedges into our already-polarized nation. These are gaping wounds that will not heal easily.

But that is the next test that our democracy faces.

For this moment, the will of the people has been upheld in court after court, from the Supreme Court down to the state levels, and now by the Electoral College. That’s the end of it. Any efforts that follow are bent on compromising an American election, not protecting the essential process that this nation was built upon so long ago.  


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E pluribus

The Founders knew some day an unprincipled con man might usurp our Presidency, and they crafted our Constitution to protect us.

Yet as I rejoice to see Trump evicted from the White House, I am strangely grateful to him for his two undoubted achievements:

1)- He tested our Democratic Experiment and revealed its weaknesses, while at the same time

2)- He proved the strength of our Union that has resolutely foiled his selfish ambitions.

Now the level judgement of History awaits him as the rest of us strive for “a more perfect union.”

The American Dream still endures.

Earth Man

Thank you kmh and E pluribus for your spot-on remarks!


Don't forget that Governor Noem also joined a lawsuit concerning "ballot harvesting" and voter fraud.


I’ll remember, YanktonCitizen2.

Like her hero, Kristi makes us fend for ourselves in a pandemic she denies. But she takes time to help Trump undermine our democracy.

She wants to advance her national political career, but she’s lashing herself to the mast of Trump’s sinking ship. Let’s see how that works for her.

I sure won’t forget if she has to lower herself and come back to South Dakota to run again for Governor.


Makes me want to re-consider my 2018 governors election vote. Not that it would have changed the election, but I might feel better now.


I hope many remember. I didn't vote for her in the first place.


It’s NOT over. The Deep State has penetrated our whole political system! Even the entire RINO Republican Party! I’ll never vote for a RINO again. Our entire judicial system is corrupt! Fifty times they ruled against him! Trump appointed three justices to the Supreme Court and they turned their backs on him in his time of need!! How sad it’s come to this, but a national emergency is upon us and only martial law will put things right. And it’s NOT just me saying this! A courageous state senator in North Carolina is calling for the President to invoke the Insurrection Act!!

Make America Great Again!!


[rolleyes] Denying the truth doesn't change the facts.


The problem with "facts" is the interpretation of them. The same "fact" is viewed differently by different people. And not everyone gives the same weight to the same "fact". What is very important to you, may be of less importance to me, and it goes both ways.

wakeupmaggie - like your name. I can still sing most of the song too.

GiftoftheMAGA - I cannot even comment on what you just said. Its so far out that I wouldn't know what to say.


You may not know what to say, MyThoughts, but sadly, Mr. “Gift” is NOT “so far out” at all.

Over half of Republicans think the election that put their man out of office was rigged.

In MAGAland South Dakota most of our family, friends and neighbors believe whatever Trump says is true. GiftofTheMaga is actually the majority view.

Unfortunately, you and I are the ones who are “far out.”

It’s painful, but true.


MyThoughts, what I’m saying is exactly the advice our Great President is getting in the Oval Office from those sorely maligned patriots, General Flynn and Sidney Powell.

Many millions of loyal Trump supporters want our President to take the reins of power.

Mine is not a minority position in South Dakota. Look around you - your neighbors voted overwhelmingly to give Him four more years. And the RINOS are trying to take it away!

Make America Great Again!!

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