Amid the unfolding drama regarding the FBI search of the Mar-A-Lago estate of former President Donald Trump, what’s needed now is also the one thing there’s too little of in this age of instant communication, hyperactive social media and 24-hour cable news ranting: patience.

The search — or raid, as some have characterized it — occurred early last week as part of an investigation, based on tips, that there was classified material at Trump’s Florida home. On Aug. 5, a Florida magistrate judge approved an application for a search warrant by the FBI. Because it was part of an ongoing inquiry, neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice (DOJ) would initially comment on the matter.

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Dear Leader

Wait❗️ All that stuff was protected by attorney-client privilege‼️ (Besides the election was STOLEN‼️)

And if it’s not protect by attorney-client privilege then the evidence was ‘planted’ by the FBI‼️ (Besides the election was STOLEN‼️)

Wait❗️I forgot. I simply waved my Magic Declassification Wand and declassified all those documents when I took them from the Oval Office each night to study them for hours in my private quarters.

See the magic wand in my left hand declassifying the nuclear secrets in my right hand❗️ (Besides the election was STOLEN‼️)


Please Republicans. Elect this man for another term. I already have copies of everything I need. I won’t take any more. I promise.🤞

(I can’t believe he kept the originals‼️⁉️⁉️)

До свидания, лохи! 👋

Larry Skow

We likely witnessing a 2/3 tier selective justice system. Plus, election fixing like never been done before in USA. Say 3rd world--that what we are becoming.

Dear Leader

Thank you, Larry. The election was stolen‼️

It was the Dominion Computers. Or the Italian laser beams. Or the Tooth Fairy. Or Hugo Chavez. (Though when he’s sober, Rudy says it was the Easter Bunny.)

Anyway, I WAS ROBBED‼️

Thank you for your support, Mr. Skow and don’t forget to send me a generous contribution to help me fight the Deep State‼️


Much the same political theatre that will start in the comments here. South Dakota Republicans are still backing this criminal. So sad really how uneducated our state is.


Where was the letter like this when the democrats and your radicals threatened to kill Supreme Court Justices? Where was the letter when your leader Chuck Schumer named off the Supreme Court Justices names on the steps of the Supreme Court, quote - “I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions,” - where was the outrage from the democrats, nowhere to be found, silence. And when Sen. Kamala Harris solicited funds to bail out the rioters who destroyed Minneapolis during 2020’s “Summer of Rage.” Rep. Maxine Waters called on Democrats to seek out Republicans in public places and “create a crowd” and “push back” on them to let them know “they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” And when Sen. Cory Booker told his supporters at one gathering in D.C. to “Please don’t just come here today and then go home. Go to the Hill today. Get up and, please, get up in the face of some congresspeople.”

You are all such hypocrites, anytime anyone shows support for Trump, anytime anyone shows support for a conservative or fights for conservative values, you tell people to rise up, to destroy cities, to riot, to take over city blocks, to shut down streets, to shut down businesses, to threaten, to attack. But the second anyone from the right says one thing about rising up, oh, this can't happen, how dare they, how awful, these are radicals, these people must be stopped. It's absolutely ridiculous, but it's so predictable as well, this is what your party has become. If you don't like someone, you attack them for 6 years, you create lies about him, you spend months and millions of dollars of tax payers money to produce TV shows about him all the while inflation rages around our country, and when you come up with nothing, when you try to impeach him twice and fail, you wait 20 months after he is out of office and suddenly find that he has "documents" he can't have. Everyone sees your game, that is why your party has no credibility, that is why your congress has a 18% approval rating, that is why your president has a 35% approval rating, you are hypocrites, you lie to us, you take our money, you put mandates on us, you shut down businesses, you create supply chain issues, you create baby formula shortages, you expose us all to more crime, more division, more hate, you label us all, you tell us there are nine genders and not two, you groom our children in schools, you ruin our education system, on and on and on, and you think people aren't seeing any of this, you think we are all so dumb no one sees what is going on. And then you wonder why people are acting like they are acting. They are tired of all of this, they are fed up with being treated like this. You have made Trump a living martyr, people rallied behind before and now they are rallying behind him even more now, and you have your president, your FBI, your DOJ, our democrats in congress to blame for it, no one else (even though your game is to blame everyone for all the things wrong with this country). People are fed up, and this is the new America so you better get used to it, and you can look at the democratic leaders of this country as to why it is all happening, and no one else, this is the America that the democrats have created, a country in chaos, a country divided, and the sad thing is, this is what you wanted all along, and now you have it.


Voice for all (which you are not), it is not about democrats or republicans. It’s about right and wrong. Who gets by with taking classified documents without consequences? For the first time in my 68 years, I believe there is a threat to our democracy. I blame 90% of it on the constant lies Tr*** spread and continues to spread. He is no victim, he deserves more consequences than he will ever receive.


Voice, I know you find your spin very convincing. No doubt there.

So, again, with the supreme confidence you’re expressing here, do you dare predict that the American voters will find your take on reality so convincing that both the Senate and the House will fall to the Republicans in the midterms?

Seems that must be the logical conclusion from you righteous certainty.

Remember that the peril Trump and his alleged co-conspirators seem to be in can work both for and against him.

And we’re only a little way into the third quarter of this contest.


And you can sure tell an election is coming, just look at the backtracking from the democrats - San Francisco defunded the police before reversing course the next year amid calls for 'accountability'. What they said was this, "We will redirect $120 million from law enforcement to support these priorities over the next two years," Breed said in her announcement on July 31, 2020. "Let me repeat that. This is $120 million." - Don't get me wrong, the whole defund the police movement is still going strong in the democratic party, they just don't like talking about it. Oh, and now, magically, three months before an election, covid doesn't seem to be a big deal to the democrats (did the science change again to their side I wonder, it seems to do that a lot), easing restrictions (how nice of them to give us our freedoms back) "vaccine" mandates are being eased (how can that be, don't they know big pharmaceutical companies aren't rich enough yet). Backtracking, speaking out of both sides of their mouths, more lies to cover up the lies they have been telling us for 20 months, increased attacks on Trump (because they are so afraid of being exposed that even 6 years later of constant attacks they have nothing on him, and still don't, even the power of the whole U.S. government on his back won't bring him down, just ask Liz Cheney who is begging for democrats to switch party and vote for her, another tactic used by the democrats). Of course the constant blame game that we are all so used to by now, of course the constant denial that we are in a recession and even having the nerve to say inflation is at 0% and expecting people to believe them. Expect ramped up attacks on Trump, expect more self back patting on all these increased tax and spending bills the democrats are passing (because you people don't know any better, higher taxes and more spending is good for you according to the democrats), expect more talk of how good we have it under their policies, expect more talk of republicans wanting your grandma to die or that we will be cutting your social security or we are attacking women because we argue against killing babies. The lies and hate is ramping up on their side, you can see and hear it already, an election is coming and the democrats are starting to worry, so look out folks, hope you aren't on their list of who to attack, it's a long one so you probably can't be too sure anymore.


Voice, I don't think we’ve seen you this frantic in a while.

You sound like you need to convince yourself.

So, again, with the supreme confidence you’re expressing (faking?), why aren’t you predicting that the American voters will find your take on reality so convincing that both the Senate and the House will fall to the Republicans in the midterms?

Could it be that you see reality closing in on the Trump era?


Yep, frantic SoDakD, because with each passing day you democrats drive this country further and further into the ground and you want it to get to a point where there is no return so everyone has to rely on the government for everything, also called socialism, it's what you want, it's what your party wants, so yep, those that don't want this are frantic, because if we aren't you get your way. You are just mad that people aren't rolling over and taking it like you democrats do, you hate that people love this country, you hate that people love freedom, you hate that people can think on their own and have their own opinions. And is the Trump era really ending SoDakD? Seems to me you have been saying that now for six years, haven't you? All the investigations, all the lies, all the attacks, trying to impeach him, and what's happened? Your party has waisted millions and millions of dollars of tax payers money, our country keeps going backwards because your party does nothing but focus on him, more and more people support him them more you attack him, you keep him on the front page of the news and put out in front of all the world yet another "investigation" into Trump by the democrats that will fail just like all the previous, what, ten or twelve investigations. You let Hillary break more laws than anyone else yet nothing happens to her, you let Hunter Biden break laws, embarrass his family and our country, and get rich from special deals he and his daddy keep working yet nothing happens to him. Have you talked to Liz Cheney today? Have you talked to the other 3 republicans that lost in their primary that voted to impeach Trump, have you talked to the other 4 that for some reason just decided not to run? Of the 10 that voted to impeach, 8 are gone, so is the Trump era really over SoDakD, or is it stronger now than ever before? And like I have said before, it's not Trump the man, it's what Trump represents, the love of America, of freedom, of the constitution. The fight to keep our country strong and independent, to keep peoples freedoms, the fight against a tyrannical government under democrat control, stopping democrats that day after day do nothing but work at destroying our country and the citizens in it. That's your problem, if Trump doesn't run for president, there are still millions of us that believe in what he believes in and you can't get rid of us all. Maybe you better focus on Ron Desantis next, or any other prominent republican that believes in what republicans believe in, I am just hoping your great and strong leader Joe Biden is still around when the next election gets here, should be an easy win for us republicans just like this coming November, Or maybe you want Kamala to run, she seems to be doing a great job of................well, maybe you can tell me what she has been doing?


So much of the same “ol’ same ol’,” Voice. But try to calm down a bit and think…

I know you find your spin very convincing. No doubt. But what about the rest of America?

So, again, with the confidence you’re expressing here, do you dare predict that the American voters will find your take on reality so convincing that both the Senate and the House will fall to the Republicans in the midterms?

Seems that must be the logical conclusion from your righteous certainty.

But remember that the peril Trump and his alleged co-conspirators are in can work both FOR and AGAINST him.

And we’re only a little way into the third quarter of this contest.

And frankly I’d love to see him be the candidate in 2024.

Larry Skow

I wouldn't get to excited about this "raid' and recovery of material. However it is concerning the DOJ gas crossed into this territory the way they have. exact same political persecution of political competitors is done in third world countries. Of course Biden's good buddy Mr. Putin may be advising Biden and clan. Now democrats are infamous for saying "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW". But lets look at recent examples of such things DOJ/FBI has looked away. Joe Biden himself has avoided paying hundreds of thousand of dollars in taxes. 2.Hunter Biden and his shenanigans. Plus as felon(drug use) purchased firearm. Thus lied on federal form. 3 Hillary Clinton and staff mishandled highly classified information. 4. Every one involved with BENGHAZI--Clinton/Rice. covering up murder of USA citizens--had direct hand in doing deed. 5. Illegal Border Crossers. 6. SuMMER OF RAGE RIOTERS that destroyed federal property and shot people. 7. How about the October 20121 climate rioters that stormed DEPPARTMENT OF INTERIOR and fought with police? 8. Janes's Revenge after attacking 44 pregnancy centers,churchs,pro life organizations don't they have rights? 9. Every one who threatened SCOTUS over Dobbs ruling. That was serious. 10. How about all the insider trading by PELOSI family? Chaney herself likely guilty as well of same--her wealth grew 600% plus WHILE SHE SITTING IN CONGRESS! 600%!! mighty good ROI!! 11 DOJ/FBI has Epstein's client list--why no investigation there--sure Bill Clinton is listed as well as ex democrat governor. This list of democrats looking the other way is long. FYI folks--this paper discrepancy/items removed from White House has happened with every president we have ever had. It is nothing new. Two good examples--Hillary Clinton stole $192,000 of White House permanent white house items. Evan Michelle Obama omitted taking "memento's" when they left. Where the cry over that theft? Now DOJ/FBI has egg on face over passports. This "raid" does cross into political manipulation of election. Ya all gotta remember Trump can still run even if he is indicted and convicted--the man can still run for President wearing a prison jump suit. Think about that--he still can run.


“Biden's good buddy, Mr. Putin”⁉️

Are you out of your mind‼️

After your man Trump, I thought I’d tamed the Americans. And you were just a bunch of p*ussies to be grabbed.

That !#%*$@# united NATO against me‼️ And their money and weapons and their sanctions are bleeding me dry‼️ And now the Ukrainians are bombing me in Crimea‼️

ты не очень полезный идиот

Gimmy A. Breake

Down is up in the fourth dimension.

Mr. Scow just wants attention.

Larry Skow

Yep Biden/Putin are good buddies. They so close ole Putz Putin is on top.




Ты действительно идиот!


The key to understanding Larry is that he assiduously follows the preferred Trumpster play book, which is to sacrifice truth and commonsense in the all-important goal of “owning the libs.”

If WWII were raging instead of the Ukrainian War, he’d tell us that FDR and Hitler were “best buds.”

E pluribus

Tucked away among Voice’s many words above is his declaration that “this coming November… should be an easy win for us republicans.”


But Trumpsters are mostly talking to each other. And, admittedly to good purpose. There are a lot of them, and if they can keep together they can win elections.

But for the rest of us….

The question always arises, “Why would we take seriously anything that believers in ”THE BIG” tell us?

And this is the single, most essential issue uniting their party.

Trump’s blessing has propelled many of these folks through the primaries and into the general election where they’ll have to defend this indefensible item of faith.

Believing (or SAYING they believe) the BIG LIE was their mandatory requirement to win their endorsement from the leader of the GOP. That was their “deal with the devil.”

And it may work for them. At least in the House.

There they have the tailwind of the historical “mid term bounce” AND - not incidentally - the advantage of years of gerrymandering which allows a minority of voters to elect a majority of office holders.

BUT gerrymandering doesn’t work for statewide elections for governors and senators.

Here is where the “BIG LIE” candidates face a bit more of a headwind. Especially some of those really weak and wacky candidates Trump has dragged over the finish line in Republican primaries.

Who knows what the future holds, but I notice that despite the usual “mid term bounce” Mitch McConnell is already lowering expectations of Republicans taking over the senate.

I confess I’m puzzled why he’s done this. (This is one time I’d be interested in Voice’s take on things.)

For some time McConnell has worried that “subpar” candidates could help Democrats.

The only wild guess I can come up with (and it is a wild one), is that Mitch sees such a surprising defeat looming that he wants to spread the alarm.

Or at least get ahead of the curve and start shifting the blame to those “subpar” candidates.

Who knows? But it’s fascinating.

Larry Skow

Well SoDakD: Irony in your statement about FDR/Hitler does have some true facts. Hitler/Mussolini were at one time looked upon very favorably by Britian/Some leaders in USA. FDR was early admirer of Hitler and his methods. Lot of high-ranking leaders of Britian were included. As was Mr. Kennedy. How about Bush's grandfather? Known N@zi collaborator. But of course you must know that. After all socialism is socialism no matter where it located. Now then I am not a Trumpster. But I will give the man his due in areas. And I will call out election manipulation or political persecution wherever it is. Or could this raid be somehow have threads to trumps lawsuit against Hillary and other high ranking members of democrat party. Trying to find what he may have on the crooked bunch of democrats? Trump did threaten to start turning loose Russiagate paperwork. Steele Dossier was proven to be a corrupt democrat plan to manipulate the 2016 election to Hillary's benefit. People our elections haven't been secure for many elections. We not talking cheating here--let's talk election security. Secure the elections one will start to gain people's trust back. When congressmen/women own stock or shares in companies providing the machines and software--that is just not kosher and should not be allowed. Don't forget computers are HACKED all the time. Daily occurrences. That machine tied to internet is capable of being hacked/manipulated. Iowa's democrat caucus had election night issues. SAME PROGRAM! I hear see more democrats screaming about the election fraud the GOP--just seems its democrats that keep throwing that in GOP face as a taunt. Kind of odd.

Larry Skow

SoDakD: I know you are big Ukraine fan. You refuse to admit Biden could of prevented the mess you democrat warmongers so dearly love. But only thing happening over there is more life's lost daily/Mo money to defense contractors/Buildings turned to rubble. This has turned to stale mate and will continue to stall out. Winter is coming/Russia keeps selling its oil regardless of sanctions. O yea we got a winner here folks.


Ok, Larry. Here’s your chance to explain just how “Biden could of prevented the mess.”

Have at it….


Come on, Dude.

You tell me that I “…refuse to admit Biden could of prevented the mess.”

Please do me a favor and enlighten me. What am I refusing to admit?

If this is just another of your attempts to “own a lib,” then please entertain me with whatever the next silliness is that pops into your mind.


Voice, talk to us. What’s happening? You’ve gone silent.

Clearly you were thinking Republicans would march triumphantly to an easy win this November.

But it’s not just Mitch McConnel who’s warning Republicans that Democrats may do well in the midterms.

It's now Tucker Carlson who’s sounding the alarm‼️ 🚨 🚨 🚨

Tucker told his loyal Trumpster audience last night that:

“…all the indications we have right now suggest that despite Joe Biden's well-earned unpopularity, the Democratic Party still, again, as of tonight, has a strong chance of holding Congress in November.”

Seems like this merits more than one of your confident predictions of midterm victory coupled with another list of your favorite grievances, don’t you think?


I’m not sure what’s happening, but I’m celebrating the revival of hope by sending $50 to Val Demings in Florida on the chance she might replace “Little Marco” in the Senate.

And I’ll be looking for other Senate races where a few bucks might make a difference.

Especially now that the Republicans are cancelling their ad buys and their financial backing of numbers of their Trump-picked loser candidates.

In the meantime I would encourage all Trumpsters to definitely keep sending money to Trump to pay his second-rate lawyers.

He’ll need it, and it’s better than seeing these folks actually supporting Republican candidates.

Old Hugh

I know I’d face some hard choices if the Herschel Walker/Raphael Warnock debate was on at the same time as the Super Bowl…

Larry Skow

Just curious. If one is working person. Why would one be a Democrat? I know I know. There is that nasty word WORKING.


Come on, Dude. Don’t change the subject.

You tell me that I “…refuse to admit Biden could of prevented the mess.”

Please do me a favor and enlighten me. What am I refusing to admit?

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