Every Republican who’s ever denied or tried to minimize the hideously destructive reality of the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, should be required to sit and listen to the testimony of Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards.

And if it takes strapping them into a chair and propping open their eyelids “A Clockwork Orange” style, then so be it.

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Larry Skow

Better planning ahead of KNOWN trouble spot would of prevented all of this. But democrats and our leaders can't organize a 1 car parade with out a fight.

Explaining that one

Larry never let facts get in the way of your arguments. The issue is not as much about planning as it is about an insane mob whipped up with hatred by a president who wants to be king. Now all of his subjects are testifying against him. No loyalty among criminals.




Yes, Larry, the Capitol was woefully undefended. That’s obvious.

But the role of the president and his supporters who allegedly organized this insurrection is the paramount piece remaining to be understood.

How fortunate we are that the case is now being examined by the January 6 committee primarily (and almost exclusively) using the testimony of those Republicans who had a front row seat as all of this transpired.

Larry Skow

Let's not do the job half way. Why were not the voting machines forensically examined. Look at Arizona/Wisconsin/Michigan/Georgia/Pennsylvania all had voting irregularities. It is know a post office trailer loaded with Ballots vanished--Where is it at--maybe sitting next to Hunter Biden's laptop? Let's see Nancy Pelosi's texts/emails on days leading up to this troubled moment. Only dangerous weapons present was in hands of police officers. One shot--one beat to death with club by police. This is circus and farce in that not all is examined. It not even legal as that committee isn't fallowing their own protocol in selection of members. Lets examine the violance that Maxine Waters/squad promote. Why it is known Omar done ballot harvesting. Instead we get 1/2 a job done---and just drags on and on and on. Why? Because democrats are quaking in their Fruit of Looms panties as Trump may run again. Lets examine if Pelosi was DRUNK the night of state of Union address and made a fool of her self. Lets examine if Feinstein is mentally fit to hold office(well known she isn't) Joe is one step behind her into Alzheimer's. Yes lets clear all the air. it is all connected. But really folks this isn't first contested election in US history. This could of been defused. But that would of taken a person with real Cojone's to step up to the plate. Yes lets get to bottom of all of it. Longer this goes on uncleared the more divided we become--we are on the track to disaster. Hyper inflation is coming. Warning signs are there. Russia has backed it's currency with gold. Iran's currency is backed with gold. USA currency is backed by Joe Biden's dirty skivvies. We are in for a ride folks.



Larry, the January 6th’s Commission's Congressional Record will be where History’s judgement begins.

So perhaps instead of whining that the Dems won’t play fair, you Trumpsters might embrace the opportunity you’ll have if/when you take back the House in November.

This will be your big chance to initiate your own commission to build a counter-narrative in the Congressional Record for posterity.

There’s still Hunter's laptop to investigate. Could the Bidens’ graft equal that of the Trump family and friends? friends. (High bar, though.)

And of course there’s Tucker’s revelation that January 6th’s “Patriot Purge” was an FBI “false flag” operation to ensnare Patriotic Republicans. And then there’s the documentary “2000 Mules.”

This is just the beginning. Republicans can play hours of Tucker telling us this violent insurrection was no biggy and “forgettably minor.” After all, didn’t the Republican National Committee call it “legitimate political discourse”?

(Of course, if Republicans run out of ideas, there’s always the possibility of an eighth Benghazi investigation.)

Anyway, somehow I doubt Republicans will be any more successful find anything significant than dear old Mr. Durham. That poor gentleman labored for three years to prove a conspiracy between Democrats and the FBI to frame Trump on his connection to the Russian and came up empty-handed.

All he eventually turned up was the allegation that somebody lied. And then he even failed to make that case. It's like he took years to investigate a homicide and then failed to make a jaywalking violation stick.

But with another few years… what might Durham find⁉️ Maybe he can break the Benghazi record - who knows?

As for me, your old pal, I’m looking forward as much as you are to seeing all these Trumpster Bugaboos thoroughly examined.

If for no other reason than we’ll need a few laughs if the Repubs get back on their blazing saddles.

And future historians may appreciate a little comic relief as well.


(Another of Larry’s posts that are just too bizarre to fact-check)

But, Larry, you and Voice need to up your game.

Almost 60% of America believes Trump should be criminally charged for his role in Jan. 6 riot.

And their report isn’t even concluded.


Then every democrat should be forced to sit down and listen to the heart wrenching stories of the 19 police officers that died during the BLM and democratic supporters riots of just a few years ago. 19 police officers died during those riots, but not a single democrat gives a hoot about them because per the democrats, those people had the "right" to riot and destroy. Every democrat should also be forced to sit down and listen to the hundreds of business owners that had their businesses destroyed by the BLM and democratic rioters during that same time, but again, the democrats blow that off as nothing. It is remarkable how your selective memory works, you forget about the 19 officers that died then and all the businesses and peoples lives that were destroyed, but you focus on this one day, this small group of people. When democrats begin to realize that no one cares about Jan 6th, then maybe you will start to realize the things that really matter to American's, until then, enjoy wasting your time and our tax money on something no one cares about. And remember, Donald Trump is no longer president, why do the democrats continue to focus 95% of their energy on him, what are you so scared of?


Voice, even if your assertions were indisputable, you’re comparing apples to oranges. 🍎 ≠ 🍊

And “… no one cares about Jan 6th”?

Voice! Please get a grip, buddy.

The insurrection affects the future of our Democracy, and 6 in 10 Americans say Trump should be charged for the Jan. 6 riot.

So how can it be you’re still telling us that “… no one cares about Jan 6th”?

And among the majority of Americans who DO care about Jan 6th, are the parade of honorable REPUBLICANS who are testifying (as we speak) against Trump and his co-conspirators and his failed coup.

You’re losing touch with reality Big Fella. Check out something beside the FoxNew silence on the Commission’s proceedings.

Can you finally lay to rest that threadbare refrain, “… no one cares about Jan 6th”?


Voice, Abe has his risibly ridiculous refrain to support his Covid misinformation: “Just you wait.”

Thus he buys himself a reprieve from looking exceedingly foolish until some future date.

Now you’ve bested him with your, “… no one cares about Jan 6th.”

Except this makes you look exceedingly foolish in real time.

Larry Skow

Let's fix the Vote issues that lead up to the anger/folks speaking out. Let's arrest Zuckerburg and others for voter influence etc. let's shut down the black money--on both sides of the fence. The law's are there--enforce them. But nooooo the DOJ is off to Ukraine to look into war crimes. While harassment of Judges takes place in USA. Off doing NATO's job.


Golly. I didn’t realize there were already laws on the books outlawing “voter influence.“

Do we have enough room in our jails for all the politicians and media outlets who violate this law every hour of every day?

Larry, couldn’t this even apply to you? (I think I’d miss the comic relief you provide us.)

Larry Skow

A new study released last week does lay the Blame on drunk Speaker of house. A nancy Pelosi was such speaker of the house at the time. Hind sites like no roit gear/helmets/untrained capitol police forces. In adequate radio so all couldn't be on same channel to communicate. Not having National guard on alert--they were very near by. In short the ball was dropped(surprise-surprise) on very well known day of potential trouble. I suppose attitude in general was. Ah Heck it only tax payer funds and we need some excitement in Dull DC


🤭🙄“STUDY” 🤣

Larry Skow

Also old Clown buddy. It was beyond voter influence. Your dear Minnesota Democrat Omar was caught Ballot Harvesting Her people were caught red handed. But like a good faithful Democrat you point the finger else where and say WHO ME? But I thought you would be plenty busy these days driving your Clown Car around the state all plastered up soliciting votes for your SoDak Democrat party Governor candidate. With party budget you would have enough funds for 30-40 bumper stickers to put your clown car. But with Biden's inflation hitting gas prices and all--maybe only budget for 2 stickers.


Really, Larry, “Minnesota Democrat Omar was caught Ballot Harvesting.” 🤭

I assume you’re referring to the 2020 Project Veritas “sting” that was debunked long ago. Or do you have new proof you’d like to share?🙄

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