Hello, Yankton County,

I would like to introduce our newest county employee, Mr. Gary Vetter. Gary was hired into the position of Development Services Director on Oct. 21, which oversees the zoning, drainage and floodplain duties in Yankton County. He has truly “hit the ground running” and has done an amazing job of bringing his experience to the zoning office.

Mr. Vetter is coming to us from Brown County and the Aberdeen area, where he served over 12 years. He worked in the Brown County Zoning and Planning Office, as well as the county commission assistant. Additionally, Gary served 19 years with the City of Scottsdale, Arizona, where he worked in Development Services and Geographic Information System (GIS). He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in South Dakota county government and is an invaluable asset to the citizens of Yankton County.

Some of his top priorities are to continue updating the zoning ordinance and ensuring compliance with enforcement actions. Long-term goals involve moving forward with streamlining zoning processes to make them more responsive to customer needs, and more user-friendly. There will also be an implementation of the new Beacon/Schneider online zoning and permitting software.

When asked, Mr. Vetter said what he likes most about working in zoning is the opportunity to work with so many great people. “It is always a pleasure to work with citizens from the community and all over the state,” he said.

When I asked him, “What is the hardest part of working with zoning?” he said: “Everyone has an opinion on zoning and enforcement, but the job of the administrator is to interpret the ordinance (neutrally) to the best of their ability and recommend changes that seem to cause continual concerns.”

Mr. Vetter has won several awards for his zoning work, but his most memorable experience was being awarded the Outstanding County Service Award for Brown County Planning and Zoning for his efforts in 2010.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Mr. Gary Vetter to Yankton County.

Dan Klimisch is chairman of the Yankton County Commission

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Three previous zoning office employees were fired for their refusal to follow unlawful orders. Small wonder then why Mr Vetter's employment is under a creepily long one-year "probationary period". Anyone want to take odds that his is fired for no reason? (or some cute little reason?)


I believe there is ample evidence from videos - that insubordination was one of the reasons. Another may have been - the manipulation of zoning ordinances to benefit a few. Furthermore, IDK many businesses or government entities that do not have a probationary period given in their hiring process. Your statement is completely skewed to confuse and spread miss-information - which you seem good at.

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