For some people, it probably wasn’t earthshaking news — and if all goes as hoped, that will be the point.

Monday, a NASA probe crashed into a small asteroid, but the impact was intentional.  And in a few weeks, we will know if it made an impact of a far more important nature.

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Hooray for us. Seriously.

But if we don’t take at least as seriously the way human civilization is destroying our planet ( and faster than the most pessimistic scientists predicted), we’ll be gone before we ever have a need for this planet-saving technology.

It's an unconscious hypocrisy that looks ahead to a thousand year danger from among the stars while ignoring the immediate threat here at home.

It’s a parlor trick in a house afire.

I like the way Gimme A. Breake on this forum put it:

“The seas will rise; the forests burn.

The creeks will flood; the rivers churn.

But a million hypocrisies cannot erase

The threat that stares us all in the face.”

At the present, our concern for the planet is rapidly outpaced by the effects of global warming.

And half our society believes it’s all “Fake News.”

God bless you, NASA. I hope we’ll be around long enough to appreciate what you’ve started.


Sheesh Truth, lighten up, you and your party have for over 50 years been threatening all of us with this doom and gloom about New York and California being flooded by rising seas, haven't seen that happen yet, have you? Maybe next year? I think you must be the kind of person that when it is sunny out you complain that it is too sunny and it's Trump's fault for making it too sunny and it would have to be Noem's fault in there somewhere too. Now go get in your electric car that is made up of plastics that come from petroleum and made from batteries that are mined in miles deep open pit mines in third world countries and take a drive, don't go too far because you don't want to run out of electricity now do you. Maybe head to Florida, maybe you can go down there and tell those millions of people that someday when they all have electric cars and are all trying to flee from a hurricane good luck charging that car when the power is out for two weeks or hope they don't run out of electricity stuck on an interstate for 2 days with no way to charge their car. Your comment is ridiculous just like your efforts to destroy the world's economies with all this stupid talk of getting rid of fossil fuels.

Old Hugh

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“There is a strong scientific consensus that the Earth is warming and that this warming is mainly caused by human activities.

This consensus is supported by various studies of scientists' opinions and by position statements of scientific organizations, many of which explicitly agree with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) synthesis reports.

Nearly all actively publishing climate scientists say humans are causing climate change.

Surveys of the scientific literature are another way to measure scientific consensus. A 2019 review of scientific papers found the consensus on the cause of climate change to be at 100%, and a 2021 study concluded that over 99% of scientific papers agree on the human cause of climate change.

The small percentage of papers that disagreed with the consensus either cannot be replicated or contain errors.”

Larry Skow

Good news will be the farce worked. Bad news will be the helicopter crash yesterday at Yankton S. Dakota bounced the earth into collision course. What a waste of $400 million. Just like the additional $12 billion to Ukraine and the $500 million to Ukraine "police force"! We fund their police force while defunding the police in USA! Good Job Congress. Just like driving EV's around which have bigger carbon footprint the ICE vehicles. When you fools like Truth Fairy wise up? But as Joe Biden told Floridians--Get your Covid Booster it will protect you in Hurricane. Then the wise democrat witch from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar said. If you don't want global warming vote Democrat. Any one feel the chill in the air? Or smell of BS wafting in the air?

Old Hugh

What a timely topic.


🔲How climate change is helping storms like Hurricane Ian intensify more rapidly🔲

“As Hurricane Ian roared towards Florida, it experienced a phenomenon known as rapid intensification — getting very strong, very fast. Scientists say the process of hurricanes rapidly intensifying is becoming more frequent, and is connected to the impact of human-caused climate change.

Early Tuesday morning Hurricane Ian intensified into a major Category 3 storm, packing sustained winds of around 125 mph, before hitting western Cuba. The hurricane continued to strengthening as it passed over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the way to Florida's west coast, reaching Category 4 Wednesday morning. Forecasters warned it could be a Category 5 — the top of the scale — by the time it makes landfall later in the day.


Voice, Larry, I had you fellows in mind when I wrote:

“At the present, our concern for the planet is rapidly outpaced by the effects of global warming.

And half our society believes it’s all “Fake News.”


I would never disagree with the science proving our climate is changing, but I'm not certain that it's due to human actions. The solar record indicates a cyclical change that has been very well documented. For that reason alone, I think the climate alarmists found a way to cash in on something they feel they can control.

Old Hugh


🔲What Do Farmers Think about Climate Change?🔲

“Our research so far has shown pretty clearly that although most farmers believe that climate change is occurring, a minority attribute it to human activity," said Arbuckle, an associate sociology professor at Iowa State University.

Here in the Corn Belt, it is predicted that climate change will bring more intense rains, longer dry periods and higher heat, and a number of other impacts," said Arbuckle.”

Old Hugh


🔲Hurricane Ian Made Landfall Just Short of a Rare Category 5 Storm🔲

“Hurricane Ian came ashore today as one of the most powerful storms to menace the United States in decades, just short of the rarest - and strongest - class of hurricane, a Category 5.”


I’ve noticed that most climate change deniers are old folks like the representatives of this anti-science demographic on this forum.

Their lives will likely end before the consequences of global warming undeniably affect them.

This is especially true for those who live well above sea level.

It’s much easier to deny the signs of global warming around us like more intense rains, longer dry periods and higher heat that are bedeviling our farmers.

And yet still, even most of them don’t believe this is the cumulative result of our use of fossil fuels for the last several hundred years.

And contrary to Voice’s confident assertion (“haven't seen that happen yet”), the seas ARE rising.

🔴Global average sea level has risen 8–9 inches since 1880.

🔴In 2021, global sea level set a new record high 3.8 inches above 1993 levels.

🔴The rate of global sea level rise is accelerating: it has more than doubled from 0.06 inches per year throughout most of the twentieth century to 0.14 inches per year from 2006–2015.

🔴In many locations along the U.S. coastline, the rate of local sea level rise is greater than the global average due to land processes like erosion, oil and groundwater pumping, and subsidence.

🔴High-tide flooding is now 300% to more than 900% more frequent than it was 50 years ago.

And it’s the “high-tide flooding” that coastal communities across the planet are noticing the most. Soon some of the lower lying communities across the coastal parts of the world continents will have to retreat. In places this is already happening.

But Voice, Larry and Abe will go to their graves at 1200 ft. above sea level still denying the obvious to their last breath…

Sadly for those of us left behind - and those yet to be born - the struggle is just beginning.


Please toss a bit of solar data in there, you know, just for a bit of objectivity.


The U.S. has experienced at least 24 "500-year" rain events since 2010. Looks like hurricane Ian is going to be #25.

Yes, Voice, Larry and Abe, just one or two such events don’t prove global warming is real, but this recurring pattern seems to bear out what the vast majority of the world’s scientists are telling us, don’t you think?

(No, you don’t of course.) 🙈🙉

Larry Skow

So Dak/Trueth Fairy. Your numbers are skewed. Get off climate change intensifying hurricane bandwagon. There no definite proof of any such thing happening. No science what so ever. How about Hurricane that hit Galveston Texas way back. I believe there was massive hurricane that hit Florida around 2 years after Model T was made. Is there something going on with Climate? Yes, we have something going on. But couple a storm with more population crowded in given area--you will have more damage. Plus what about H.A.R.P and these other projects--China lining up hundreds of jet engines on a mtn ridge and running them 24/7 to change wind currents/what about the massive cloud seeding China done this summer to try to make rain? Got nothing in China ---but sure dumped on Pakistan! Downwind of China. What about the mysterious contrails in the skies? Zero accountability there--ben going on for years. What about all the rocket ships going up of late? Burning massive amounts "modified jet fuel" No complaints about Musk/Bezo's/No whining about all the missiles in Ukraine/Russia back and forth? Don't forget they explode--more emissions. Any you fools think that MAYBE if these f@#king politicians and governments would pull their heads out of each other's behinds and stop taking the "personal enrichment" corruption money and stop acting like kings/queens we could go about solving these issues and live in peace. No there another joke--PEACE ON EARTH--but for another time. Odd how church's promote that--but more people have died in name of religion since dawn of mankind then anything else. In the end Truth Fairy--what did slamming a toy into a space rock accomplish for mankind? Answer up--but you won't/can't answer that--simply because you have drank the KOOL-AID--and no Prince is going to come kiss you and wake you up. You are WOKE for sure--but don't confuse WOKE for wake the f#@k up. All the problems we have here to solve and someone worries about a space rock--that may in 1000 years hit us? Ya all is ready for insane asylum--But didn't they close the local one north of Yankton? And there we have the answer to why so many nuts have time on their hands.

Gimmy A. Breake

🔴Another post without reflection

words and sense have no connection.

No harm done, I must suppose.

But what this means, no one knows.

No thesis in this jumbled mess.

The point is left for us to guess

Yet much preferred is cryptic blabber.

Instead of hate, just jibber jabber.🔴

Larry Skow

Look at things this way---there 48 happy illegal's that likely will send DeSantis a thank you note. Something like this maybe? Dear Gov Ron. Thank you for taking me to Martha Vineyard on the bus. I am grateful you were wise enough to protect us from the terrible storm and flooding. Even tho the Democrats here in Massachusetts don't care for us. It was still better then flooding in the storm. I had gotten my feet and back wet enough swimming the Rio Grande River coming to this great country(no matter what (AOC,Stacy Abhams,Al Sharpton) say you are the best. Signed Pedro and Maria


Larry, Gimme is wrong, you most certainly DO have a thesis.

And you’re proving it unequivocally:

“…so many nuts have time on their hands..


Nope, sure don't Truth, don't think that at all. For all your people that say global warming is real there are just as many that say it isn't, but just like covid, your party claims to own the "science", claims to own the "truth", and look how that turned out, each time your "science" and "truth" got debunked, your lies changed, just as they do for global warming. But hey, you aren't going to stop, you aren't going to stop until you have completely destroyed the economies of this world, which we are on the verge of today because of liberal policies and liberal lies being rammed down peoples throats. So nope, not going to stop, when you stop buying anything made out of plastic, when you stop using cars that use petroleum, when you stop flying in planes, when you stop using your computer because everything in it comes from petroleum, when you stop buying goods from stores made from petroleum that are delivered to your store in vehicles made from petroleum and use diesel made from petroleum, when you stop wearing clothes that are made from petroleum, when you turn off the lights in your house where the electricity to power them comes from petroleum or coal, when you start doing all this, when you set the perfect example for all of us, when your elite members of your party and hollywood all do the same, then maybe, just maybe I will stop. But until then, be the example, set the example, get rid of everything that you own that has petroleum in it, stop buying anything that has petroleum in it, stop cooking your meals that take petroleum to heat, stop drinking water from the faucet that was made using petroleum and the filtering and delivery systems that get the water to your faucet safely are all made using petroleum. You first show us all how it is done, you are good at criticizing and preaching to all of us about the use of petroleum, but what have you done to stop using it? Please truth, tell us all how you have stopped using or stopped buying petroleum based products that are destroying our world, tell us how you are doing it so we all know ourselves and can raise you up as the guidepost to how the world will be saved. Oh, and I hope you have a bunch of food stored up, because just try to raise an acre of corn that makes 200 or more bushel per acre in order to feed the ever growing population of this world without petroleum, you tell farmers to stop using petroleum, you start telling fertilizer manufacturers to stop using petroleum, and we are all going to starve to death very fast, I don't know, maybe that's what you want? I will watch for your direction on this and see how it is done.


Voice, it’s worth pointing out that it’s using petroleum as a fossil fuel that’s most harmful to the planet.

Using petroleum to produce the products that we need (in other words NOT burning it as fuel) can - with the proper safeguards - be much less harmful.

Since the overwhelming use of fossil fuel is by vehicles, transition to electric cars is one of the main ways to reduce fossil fuel pollution.

Fortunately, electric cars are becoming cheaper and charging stations are proliferating.


It’s also worth pointing out that one can buy an electric vehicle for $30,000 these days. Increasingly electric car pricing is becoming similar to gas engine cars.

Gimmy A. Breake

🔴Again Voice sees hypocrisies. Easily found.

In Government. In Media. They surely abound.

One or a hundred - it’s all a big game.

Yet science is science, all the same.

The seas will rise; the forests burn.

The creeks will flood; the rivers churn.

But a million hypocrisies cannot erase

The threat that stares us all in the face.💀 🔴


And let's talk about the Nordstream pipelines for a minute, did any of you see that they were sabotaged and are leaking into the Baltic Sea? Anyone of you democrats see that? So let's go back a little bit in time, remember your great president saying this, I am sure you do as you hang on his every word - "Speaking to reporters on February 7, Biden said: "If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine again, there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2." After being pressed by what he meant since these pipelines are under Germany control, your president said this - ""We will bring an end to it, I promise you: We will be able to do it." - What????? What a strange coincidence, isn't it? Biden threatens to bring an end to it and now it has been sabotaged? The same president, the same political party that is heck bent on stopping the world from using fossil fuels, surely he wouldn't stoop to this now, would he? These radical, far left leaning members of the democratic party that were glad when gas when up to $5 a gallon and their only answer was for American's to go out and buy a $60,000 electric car and to this day keep telling us all that this is the solution to the gas prices. Yes, Biden is capable of doing this, yes, the democrats are capable of doing this, they have and they are going to extreme measures to stop fossil fuel usage in this world, and they don't care whom they harm, that has been proven over and over, they don't care. Keep your eyes on this one folks, what is scary is that if they will do this to that pipeline, if they will shut down pipelines in our own country, what else will they do?

Jolly Roger

Thank you for channeling Tucker Carlson's latest conspiracy theory, Voice.

Apparently Trumpsters can’t decide whether Biden is a Machiavelli or the village idiot

Which is it, Voice? 😏😄🙄😂

Old Hugh

From CNN:

🔲1,000-year rainfall, record-breaking surge: How climate change made Hurricane Ian more destructive🔲

“Hurricane Ian slammed into the Gulf Coast of Florida today with a record-breaking storm surge and devastating winds. But as it tracked inland, extreme rainfall became the most destructive aspect of the storm for central Florida.

Radar estimates suggest well over 12 inches of rain fell in just 12 to 24 hours in a wide swath from Port Charlotte to Orlando. In some of the hardest-hit locations, Hurricane Ian produced 1-in-1,000-year rainfall, according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

A 1,000-year rainfall event is one that is so intense it's only seen on average once every 1,000 years -- under normal circumstances.

Extreme rainfall is becoming more common as the climate crisis pushes temperatures higher. Warmer air can hold more moisture, which loads the dice in favor of historic rainfall.

Mr. T

Voice, you write …all your people that say global warming is real there are just as many that say it isn't…

Maybe that’s true. If you just take a vote of non-scientists.

But science isn’t determined by the opinions of non-scientists.

And with all due respect, I’ll say that the OVERWHELMING scientific consensus is that human-cause global warming will disrupt human civilization in the very near term, and unchecked, will threaten human habitation of the planet. Period. Full stop.

And Old Hugh is right when he quotes Wikipedia (and other sources say the same thing):

“A 2019 review of scientific papers found the consensus on the cause of climate change to be at 100%, and a 2021 study concluded that over 99% of scientific papers agree on the human cause of climate change.”

For a matter so critical to the survival of the planet, scientific judgement should take precedence over political calculations.

Unfortunately - as the discussion in the forum indicates - this is very unlikely at present.

Jolly Roger

Voice, you have such a keen eye for hypocrisy, what do you think of this recent bit of news?:

Ron DeSantis, who as a congressman opposed aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy, is now hat-in-hand seeking relief from the hated, socialist Biden administration as Hurricane Ian ravages his own state.

A federal bailout for the New York region after Hurricane Sandy was an irresponsible boondoggle, he said. It was a symbol of the “put it on the credit card mentality” he had come to Washington to oppose.

As Clown always says, “If money is going to someone else, it’s socialism. If it’s coming to you, it’s the government at work.” 😏🙄😂

Old Hugh

It IS too bad to see the devastation that hurricane IAN has brought to Florida’s barrier islands. But no doubt the lucky folks who live on these islands will get state-subsidized insurance to rebuild there again.

Below is an interesting pre-hurricane advertisement telling prospective buyers how the government is subsidizing the insurance costs for wealthy folk’s homes on Florida’s Sanibel and Captiva Islands by using tax dollars to allow them to build in their flood-prone paradise.

According to this Florida Real Estate website this is a great selling point for these fine properties! (According to Redfin, in August 2022, Captiva homes were selling for a median price of $3,800,000.)

At first blush this might seem a bit unfair, but of course financial breaks for rich folks always make everyone else rich. And at least they're not soaking us for food stamps to feed their lazy kids.

And Voice, aren't you glad climate change is a hoax? Sure, these folks just got trashed by the 1000 year storm, Ian. But that won’t happen again for another 1000 years!!


🔲Insuring your Sanibel Island Home May Be Easier Than You Think!🔲

“In fact, Sanibel and Captiva Island homeowners insurance plans provide options most mainland homes do not.

Due to these options, island homes are often easier and less expensive to insure than many mainland homes!

Typical homeowner insurance policies cover the building and personal property for a wide range of perils, including wind and hurricane.

However, Florida barrier islands, including Sanibel and Captiva, are in the state’s “wind pool”, where coverage for wind is often split out and covered by its own policy.

This wind-only insurance policy allows you to shop this coverage independently of your main coverage and often results in lower overall cost of homeowners insurance on Sanibel and Capitiva.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is usually the best choice as it is the safest and least expensive option for most consumers.

Citizens is owned and operated by the State of Florida and it is currently the 2nd largest insurer in the State.”

Larry Skow

Don't forget all that Ian was not the worst ever. Tied with 4th on list. But also majority is man's fault for sure. Building in swamp/building on diverted water drainage/overbuilding and really not building to hurricane standards. Why were the boats left in water? Plenty of time to remove/secure. Hurricane coming with warnings and people chose to ride it out vehicles not taken to high ground like elevated parking. Kinda sounds like--time to collect insurance to me. Last 2 years has seen explosive growth in population which compounds damages. Folks we can't blame the last 500 HURRICANES in Florida's past history on Climate Change. But on bright side 48 illegals DeSantis took to Marth's vineyard are happy they didn't have to stick around and PICK ORANGES as Nancy Pelosi a wise Democrat witch says they need to do. Course we maybe can blame V.P Harris dead brain on climate change. After all Willie Brown likely had her heated up, lathered up and screaming O WILLIE O WILLIE while her head bounced off headboard--so she likely has excuse for claiming NORTH KOREA is our Allie. You just can't be that stupid--naturally.

Mr. T

I don’t know that anyone is “blaming the last 500 HURRICANES in Florida's past history on Climate Change.”

But even if you wish to deny the conclusions of the overwhelming majority of the world's scientists, it’s still observable that serious hurricanes are becoming more numerous and more deadly along a coast with the ocean water level steadIly rising.

PS I still fail to understand why you keep littering up your comments with crude and baseless sexual accusations. It certainly makes it difficult to take you seriously. Does that even matter to you?


Just remember all, a good democrat does not let a disaster go to waste, they are famous for this. Look at all the "political" questions from the left leaning media the days before, they day of and the days after this hurricane hit Florida taking peoples homes, businesses and lives, look at the attacks on DeSanti's, look at how they take advantage of the people in a state suffering to push their political agenda's, over and over and over and over and over and over again. It's what democrats do, they don't want to help anyone, never have and never will, all they want to do is push their agenda's, spend our tax dollars, and get votes, that is the democrats in a nutshell, and Ian is just another perfect example of that. The sheep must follow, and that's what the democrats do.

Old Hugh

Speaking of DeSantis, this explains the basis for the coming lawsuit over DeSantis’s misspent Florida taxpayer $$$💸💸💸


🔲The Story Behind DeSantis’s Migrant Flights to Martha’s Vineyard🔲

“In June, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a budget that set aside $12 million to create a program for transporting unauthorized migrants out of Florida. He touted it as the highlight of the state’s new spending when it came to immigration.

But just three months later, the money was being used in a place far from Florida, in a very different way: rounding up Venezuelan asylum seekers on the streets of San Antonio and shipping them on private planes to Massachusetts.”

E pluribus

Voice you write “look at how they [Dems] take advantage of the people in a state suffering to push their political agendas.”

And how exactly does that apply to this situation? Can you tell us? I don’t see it.

Some of us remember when Republicans were the ones who “took advantage of the people in a state suffering to push their political agendas.”

Remember when Republicans (including DeSantis) refused to vote to help their fellow Americans after Hurricane Sandy?

Now DeSantis is coming to Biden, hat in hand, to get the assistance he once tried to deny others.

And instead of “taking advantage of the people in a state suffering to push their political agenda” Democrats wholeheartedly support providing help to the Floridians.

You have such a sensitive nose when you sniff out Democrats’ hypocrisy.

Why can’t you smell the stench of this Republican hypocrisy?


NOTE: 100 corporations are responsible for around 71% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Presenting the problem as a moral failing of individuals without recognizing this fact amounts to propaganda and derelict journalism.

Jolly Roger

Abe, where is this coming from??

Who is “Presenting the problem [greenhouse gas emissions] as a moral failing of individuals without recognizing this fact” [100 corporations, etc…]?

You’ll need to flash this out a bit.

Maybe you should stick to Coronavirus misinformation.

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