Rainy Resolve

THUMBS UP to the Wagner Labor Day committee, volunteers and others who kept the 119th annual celebration going despite last week’s 5-6 inch rainfall dousing the Charles Mix County community. Pulling off any major event represents a major challenge, and the Wagner crew dealt with a major setback that hit at the last minute. The flash flooding didn’t stop the grand parade on Labor Day, which attracts about 100 entries and 10,000 spectators annually.

A Quick(er) Fix

THUMBS UP to speedy repairs on the Old Highway 50 bridge (Fleeg’s Bridge) over the James River in Yankton County. Last month, inspection crews discovered a crack in a weld measuring nearly 10 inches under the westbound lane. Within two weeks, a repair was facilitated without the need for closing the bridge to traffic entirely. This is in contrast to the Johnson Bridge, which was closed for nearly three months last year, albeit for a more intensive repair. It’s a positive to see crews catching potential issues on the county’s aging infrastructure before they’re able to threaten the public’s well-being.

Good News

THUMBS UP to the Platte-Geddes school district and its “Good News” program which rewards students. Usually, a phone call home during the day means bad news. But at Platte-Geddes, an elementary student is chosen for recognition because of a kind or otherwise positive action. The selected student phones home to give parents the “good news” call of the week about the honor and act that warranted the recognition. The calls are posted on the school district’s Facebook page. Great idea and a powerful motivator!

Oh, By The Way …

THUMBS DOWN to the people who flee a disaster and leave behind their pets to fend for themselves. The pets are terrified, to say the least, as they can’t find their owners. A woman in the Bahamas rescued more than 100 dogs and took them into her home following Hurricane Dorian. While that type of action may lie beyond most people’s reach, it does illustrate the magnitude of the problem.


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