Although the 2022 legislative session was completed in March, legislators do significant work throughout the year. This year has been particularly busy due to the special session for redistricting that took place in November 2021 and the special session to consider the impeachment of the Attorney General which took place in June 2022.

In addition, I serve on a special study committee which was established to consider regional jails and correctional plans. The specific focus of the committee is to examine regional jails and to consider the opportunities for regional jails to cooperate with state correctional plans. The committee consists of 15 members — seven senators and eight representatives. There is a possibility that some state money would be made available for regional jails as a result of that study committee. I asked to be placed on that committee because of the years that I worked with the criminal justice system and because I know that Clay County wants to build a new jail, possibly as a regional jail in cooperation with other counties such as Turner County.

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Larry Skow

Don't need a jail. Use tents for housing. Port a potty's for hygiene. Install wire permitter. Have two ankle bracelets/1 dog collar--all with exploding devices installed. One goes past set lines. Alarm goes off--10 seconds later. First the ankles are broke--30 seconds later if not back inside set lines take the head off. Problems of high cost jails are right in front of us. Time to use technology for taxpayers

Tin Foil Fred

👍👍👍💣💣💣 ‼️

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