Two immutable facts are upon us: Summer is here and Americans will be hitting the road.

Even with inflation and gas prices soaring, U.S. motorists will do a lot of traveling in the months ahead. They may be taking shorter trips in some cases, but they’ll be on the move all the same.

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Voice and I have become such familiar buddies on this feed, that I’m anticipating his response.

And I’m replying in advance to move things along a bit.

Young folks like Voice didn’t experience the deadly body count of the Vietnam era and its bitter unrest - or the Treasonous Nixon Presidency - or 13.5% inflation during the Reagan era.

So I indulgently understand what’s happening now freaks many youngsters into paroxysms of apocalyptic predictions of impending doom as they see for the first time what appears to them as unprecedented catastrophes.

Of course, after reading Mr. Hertz’s piece, Voice will note the burden inflicted on Americans by higher gas prices, which he tells us is all Biden’s fault.

And in fact, he probably is representative of the majority of Americans who will punish Democrats at the ballot box as they usually do when the economy is bad.

For confirmation of this pattern, just observe that after the economy crashed during the George W. Bush era, many of today's Trumpsters voted for a Black Man with the middle name of Hussein!

In America the economy trumps even racism. Not righteous perhaps, but still, it’s lucky.

And fortunately the rise in gas prices really isn’t all Biden’s fault. And just as fortunately, the voters’ likely changing of the guard in both houses of Congress and perhaps even in the White House won’t itself change reality.

High gas prices are here with us for a long while. Maybe forever.

I say this isn’t Biden’s fault, not because I’m a “true believer” in Biden. (This, of course, is what Voice always maintains in his “strawman” responses to my posts.)

Rather, I’m actually glad that gas prices will remain high. But I don’t credit Biden for this.

The fact that gas prices are high around the world is a fairly clear indication that Biden isn’t really responsible for this, and thus he won’t really be able to stop it.

And neither will any Republican. Trumpster or RINO.

This is because the geopolitical energy calculus has changed almost overnight. The need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels is now being driven by a desperate desire of free world countries to free themselves from their reliance on our worst enemies.

And the whole world will eventually follow to free themselves from reliance on fossil fuels as alternatives become cheaper than the new cost of petroleum.

As a confirmed Capitolist I’m amused and delighted to see the Market begin to solve a problem that our politics won’t:

The clear and present threat of global warming.

There is long suffering ahead. But our Planet has new hope…

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