Did Tuesday night’s election deliver a message?

That is, did the demolition of South Dakota’s Amendment C by a 2-1 margin teach a lesson to those officials who appear to take the will of the people for granted?

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I suspect Republicans here and across red America will prove quite resourceful in preventing Americans from receiving the healthcare that the rest of the developed world takes for granted.

Don't expect this to change so long as the American legal system prioritizes money over votes in its weird interpretation of democratic representation that holds that corporations are people and money is free speech.

In fact, obfuscation of this truth was why our lawmakers scuttled the ethics measure (Amendment A) in 2018. Wasn’t it?.

And what is happening in South Dakota is just a subplot in this tragedy, Mr. Hertz.

Perhaps it’s time to write a bit about this reality…

Isn’t anything less, just quibbling over the arrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic instead of noticing the iceberg?


Republicans have become the WORST People on the Face of the Earth. They LOVE the Domination of the Taliban over their people. So Many Republicans are just plain Flat Out Liars!

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