To claim Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi covet having President Joe Biden nominate one of their leftist minions to the Supreme Court is an understatement. But there is a problem: There are no openings on the Court. The only way radical-left Democrats will get their wish concerning a Supreme Court appointment is if one of the sitting justices resigns or dies. This raises an interesting question: Do Democrats want to see conservative justices murdered?

Normally, this would sound like an absurd question, but when you consider Schumer’s diatribe on the steps of the Supreme Court threatening conservative justices, Nancy Pelosi’s foot dragging on providing security and Biden’s refusal to enforce Title 18, Section 1507 of the U.S. Code, the question becomes valid. This law reads in part: “Whoever, with the intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer, in the discharge of his duty, pickets or parades in a or near a building housing a court of the United States, or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.” So why have there been no arrests?

Pelosi has repeatedly claimed Donald Trump’s encouragement of peaceful protests amounted to inciting violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. However, to date she has said nothing about Schumer’s attempt in March 2020 to incite violence against conservative justices who appear to be leaning toward overturning Roe v. Wade.

Schumer’s threatening words shouted from the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court were: “I want to tell you, Gorsuch; I want to tell you, Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.” If Schumer wanted to incite violence, he has achieved his goal.

Loud, threatening mobs of angry pro-abortion protesters immediately descended on the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices. These protesters are violating federal law and should be arrested, but Biden has persistently refused to enforce the law and provide security for the justices and their families. Then, on Wednesday, June 8, Schumer’s threat, “you will pay the price” and “you won’t know what hit you,” bore fruit when an armed man was arrested near Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

When arrested, Nicholas Roske of Simi Valley, California, was armed with a gun and a knife. He was also carrying plastic ties to bind the hands of his victims. His apparent intention was to break into Kavanaugh’s home and kill him. Did this near tragedy cause Biden to man up and do his job as president? No. Instead of sending federal law enforcement officers to arrest the mobs illegally protesting outside the justices’ homes, he issued a pathetically weak statement condemning violence. Our question for the president is this: If you condemn the violence being visited upon Supreme Court justices, why don’t you do something about it? Enforcing the laws of the land is, after all, your job.

In our new book, “Tragic Consequences: The Price America is Paying for Rejecting God and How to Reclaim Our Culture for Christ” (available at major booksellers), we explain how easily protests can become violent. More importantly, we warn of the potentially tragic consequences of stirring up mentally imbalanced people like Roske who might interpret the words of a high-level official like Schumer as permission to act on their disturbed impulses. Shame on Schumer. He almost got his wish.


Oliver L. North is a combat-decorated U.S. Marine, founder and CEO of Fidelis Publishing and Fidelis Media. Find out more about him at David Goetsch is a Marine Corps veteran, member of the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame, professor of business, and Christian counselor. Find out more about him at Their new book “Tragic Consequences” is available at


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Easy answer, yep, they sure do, just look at their actions, listen to their words. It took over a month to get a bill passed to protect these justices. Now if it were a democratic justice this would have been done in a day, there would be marches and protests by the democrats, there would be riots, there would be chants of racism, bigoty, etc. and all of it would be supported by the democrats, but since it was a republican justice, no rush, no worries. Democrats want republican justices removed from the supreme court anyways, so what better way then letting them and also their families get killed and Biden can replace them with another "qualified" justice based strictly on color, gender, pronoun status or how radical they are. Yes, democrats want supreme court justices to be killed, but only republican supreme court justices.


Headline in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

“House Passes Bill Extending Security Protection to Supreme Court Justices' Families”…🤷‍♂️

Remember, who North is? Remember the Iran–Contra affair? You know, that 1980s political scandal involving the illegal sale of weapons to the hated Khomeini regime of the Islamic Republic?

North put together the part of the plan to take the proceeds from that arms sale and give them to the Contra rebel groups in Nicaragua.

These were actions which had been specifically prohibited under the Boland Amendment.

North was granted limited immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying before Congress about the scheme. So by agreeing to snitch he avoided prison.

But don’t forget to buy the book, folks…! If you’ll fall for Trump's fundraising tactics and give $$$ to his campaign to “investigate” his false claims about election fraud, why not buy this book?🤦


SDD. once again condemning a book he has not read. Sad. Oh, maybe he meant to add a Ha Ha to that post?


Kate, it’s not so much that I’m condemning this book as it is that I am reluctant to get scammed the way so many Trumpsters are:

“Trump raised millions to fight election fraud before Jan. 6. Most of the money went to a leadership fund that in turn gave money to organizations where Trump allies work and contributed to dozens of candidates.”

So I’ll pass on North’s attempt to cash in on this reliable naïveté.

That’s why I would rather you'd buy the book than me…

Larry Skow

Democrats---Party of Death & Destruction.

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