I read Kevin Doby’s letter (Press & Dakotan, July 23) about someone leaving tire tracks in his yard. Don’t have a clue, but we all should buy Kevin coffee. He writes very reasonable letters that are much appreciated. Maybe CSI Yankton can figure this out by checking satellite footage which is even clear enough at times to read plate numbers. The perpetrator does not represent the people of our town.

As far as criticism of Donald Trump, who doesn’t have reason to dislike this man, even for conservative South Dakotans? Who can forget the government shutdown that accomplished nothing causing workers to miss paychecks? What has the trade war done for farm grain prices? Who can forget awful statements Trump made about Senator John McCain, even after he was dead? Real conservatives like Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater and John McCain are nothing like Trump and must be rolling in their graves. How can anyone with a moral compass have anything good to say about Trump’s womanizing and payoffs that are well documented? We all pay our taxes, and who can respect a man who brags about not paying taxes while sitting on a golden toilet in his penthouse? What about all his inner staff that have resigned due to illegal behavior? No other administration has been this bad. What about all the terrible things Trump says on Twitter — every day? Is this someone we want to be our president? I don’t care what color ball cap you wear, Donald Trump is causing problems, and he doesn’t seem to really know what he is doing.

We live in a free country and we have the right to speak up and be critical of our government. We needn’t be saying the same things and reading newspapers expressing the same exact viewpoints, because if that happened, we are being controlled. It is un-American to be intimidated for who we are or what we believe. Hooliganism is un-American and unpatriotic.

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Spot on John! I would like to hear from a Trump chest thumping supporter who can explain all of your points. In fact I'll add one to see if his flock can explain this; if any of us were CEO of a major company and lied constantly and made up false facts, would the Board of Directors keep us on or FIRE us? Think of it that way people, a lying, bullying, incompetent to the job person would be let go immediately and be replaced by someone that can handle the position.


Anything bad that happens to a lib (real or imagined) is Trump's fault. Going to be a lot of emergency room trauma cases when he's re-elected in 2020.




I am not sure why since it has been happening for two and half, almost 3 yrs, but no matter what the story is (this one the hooligans who rode over someone's yard.... hope they get caught soon!) the news or a "loving, compassionate, accepting, and open hearted " leftist must make it a place to bash Trump. Bash all you want. It is your right indeed. But do it in an appropriate place. Did he REALLY have something to do with some 'hooligan' driving his car across someone's lawn?? Seriously?


The Office of the President is call the bully pulpit for a reason. He has a megaphone to promote his agenda. President Trump has made a conscience decision to appeal to ugly racial and ethnic divisions. The result of his decision is more racial and ethnic hate. https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/fbi/455770-fbi-memo-warns-qanon-poses-a-potential-terror-threat-report


Thank you John Magnuson. You’re far more eloquent than I am.


All politicians say the things they say during rallies, campaigning, etc. because they are trying to inspire their supporters to act. Those actions can be anything from voting for the candidate to volunteering for his/her campaign. But make no mistake, people do respond to the words of politicians, and in the case of Donald Trump his rhetoric is so vindictive and rooted in hatred that it's entirely logical for some of his extreme-minded followers (of which there are a great many, in case you've not heard the "Send her back" chants) to take those actions to a dangerous level.

Trump loves to take credit for inspiring his supporters to act, when he deems those actions to be positive in nature, but he's so quick to deny any responsibility when his supporters act on his words of hatred. As I said in my letter, I can't say definitively if the vandalism to my property was connected to my anti-Trump views, but the threats I've received most definately are. And Trump shares responsibility in those actions of his followers. So Iman and Kate70, if you really want to defend and canonize Trump's presidency why don't you address the challenge John Magnuson issued with his laundry list of ineptitude, sexual perversion, lying, and corruption that defines Trump's presidency? Trump's is a morally indefensible presidency, and no amount of liberal bashing will change that.


Krondstadt, I have never and will never defend and canonize anyone's Presidency nor any person. And I will not in the future. I simply call out things I see as misleading or taken out of context, or quoted from a source which would never have a good thing EVER to say about the Republican party or anyone who supports anything they do(find one for me in any of the sources you quote and I will be first to apologize....or for that matter, sounding like a broken record, tell me ONE good thing about President Trump or his Presidency. So far no one on the left has been able to do so....because they hate the MAN and every policy he stands for, everything he says and does. Heck, he even causes people to drive over lawns and destroy them in Yankton!). I am an Independent. I merely see hyperbole and panic among the left and the hatred from a Party who purports to be one of "love and understanding and acceptance of all" spewed about anything from the right. Everything is blamed on the President himself or his supporters. I did not like Obama at all, nor one of the Bush Presidents and a number of Presidents from both parties in the past. To blame them for everything that happened during their presidencies (hmmm, 9-11? Hmmm, Desert Storm?, Hmmm, Viet Nam? Hmmm, The Fort Hood shooting, The Tucson, AZ, Hmm, the shooting of someone by a policeman?, Hmmm, Columbine ?and on and on right down to running over someone's lawn) would be wrong and sheer lunacy on my part. But that is what is happening now. Trump is certainly no wonder man but he is not the cause of all the woes in this Country. I know you believe he is. Fine. Your choice. I think we have survived every Administration since our country began, including slave owners, billionaires , poorly educated people, "womanizers", and war mongers among many other ugly attributes... we will survive this as well without the constant non-stop name calling and attributing everything that your don't like to Trump and / or his supporters. Calm down. If there were impeachment reasons I presume it would be done by now. If there were criminal charges , I would presume they would be brought. And if there ARE, I wish the Democratic party would Do IT instead of doing nothing much at all except (along with the Repubs) giving themselves a raise and increasing their benefits at taxpayer expense. There is nothing but hurt and hard feelings in name calling. (Kind of like marching for Women's Rights and against Women's Harassment by walking about dressed like a women's private parts , wearing hats named crudely after women's body parts, carrying lewd and beyond crude signs and spewing some of the filthiest language I have ever heard just because the man was elected and not another Candidate.) We all do stupid things. I am pretty sure we all do sinful things. If they are illegal or unconstitutional, I hope our law enforcement will take us to task. If they are just disgusting and wrong , as are some things in Trump's past as it is said......and Kennedy's past..... and Thomas Jefferson's past...and likely everyone's past, then that will be addressed by our Creator. Again, all of this makes me sad.


Kate70, if you re-read your post you'll find it exposes a significant lack of self-awareness. But nice try.


I reread. I confess to ignorance about your point. Explain, please? I would like the opportunity to apologize or clarify but am not sure what you are finding that makes me lacking in "self awareness" .


You criticize 'the constant non-stop name calling" but claim Donald Trump is a victim rather than the instigator. You pass judgement on "womanizers" and the marchers for Woman's Rights for their filthy language but give Donald Trump a pass.

Mr. Trump's bigoted rhetoric has an impact on our society.

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