“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” This is taken from Dante Alighieri’s epic poem “The Divine Comedy.” I have been a keen observer of what this current president and too many of his accomplices have been responsible for too long to remain silent. I have read too many letters to our paper’s editorial department written by those who defend the current occupant of the White House while he leads our country into a moral abyss.

Which of the following could be considered the worst thing 45 has done? Lying about President Obama and his citizenship? Making fun of Sen. John McCain for being a prisoner of war? Colluding with Vladimir Putin and the Russian government in their interference in our country’s last presidential election? Taking children away from their parents at the southern border? Using his position to benefit his and his family’s income? Doing away with EPA regulations that were meant to protect our planet for the future of our nation’s children? Verbally attacking women who have bravely spoken up against his abuse? Blaming the coronavirus on Democrats while thousands of people die from the deadly disease? Refusing to confront Putin for placing bounties on our American soldiers? Making racist statements that divide our nation?

For those who defend 45’s actions, I have one question for you. What would you have done if any of our former presidents — Democrats or Republicans — would have said or done just one of the above? The current occupant of the White House exemplifies everything that other countries call the “Ugly American.” His greed, narcissism, lack of empathy, ignorance and incompetence should have been recognized prior to the election. I try to find optimism in everything. First, I’m hoping, unlike 45, that you can and will read this.

Most importantly, I’m hopeful that those who voted for 45 in 2016 will admit they made a mistake, and vow not to make the same one again. Our country needs a leader, not a liar.

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A thoughtful letter, Paul. The President's lack of moral leadership is disgraceful .

Steve Jacobsen

This is Christi Jacobsen responding. I fully agree with your letter, Mr. Struck. Fully. On every point. However, this I know, we will not change the minds of those who fully support #45. Their minds are as set as yours and mine. Unless others, MANY others, speak up, we are lost. Unless the Electorate reps DO NOT re-elect #45, we are lost. Evidently, it’s not bad enough, #45 is not bad enough. As a country, it seems to me, we’ve become ‘us’ and ‘them’.

Sincerely, Christi Jacobsen


Sadly, I agree with your sentiment. I am very fearful for the future of this country and the world I am leaving for my grandchildren to grow up in

Yankton resident

Well said Mr. Struck. It is unfortunate that you had to wait for retirement to say it. The only thing you could have added is the advanced medical degrees that both our esteemed President and Governor have to assist them in the decisions they make. Seems that they both thrive on civil unrest, and radical right wing theories to support their genius.


You are the Radical EVIL RIGHT. Trump has also been law-breaking sexual criminally evil. He was taped saying enthusiastically that he grabbed women in the crotch between their legs. Trump Lies every day. And, it is a FACT Trump LIED about PRESIDENT Obama not being Born in the United States! Trump Lies about everything. Now, too, he walks out of a news conference when a tough question comes. Tell me, what does this say to American Service Men & Women, including those who were "Caputured" (becoming Prisoners of War like John McCain), when Trump trashed McCain and then said "...well, I like those that WEREN'T Captured!" Trump broke the law when he used an illegal Lifetime Medical Deferment...to not have to go into the Service and possibly, likely, to VIEW NAM...where Real Bullets were flying...where thousands of Americans died, many more with lifetime severe injuries. Trump is a Crook. Trump is a Liar! Trump only cares about America where it can enrich him. Your comments did NOT say the column was a lie. You know EVERY WORD WRITTEN...Included mine is total truth--which is totally foreign to Trump and MOST Repubicans! AMEN, Lazer!

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