Colin Kaepernick is my hero. A Christian, from the same religious upbringing as mine. A pioneer for huge multi-ethnic Black Lives Matter. Willing to sacrifice career for what’s right and he took a stand (kneel).

Did he dishonor the flag? Heck no! The flag stands for liberty and justice. No liberty and justice for all, he calls attention to what the flag means. Warriors and vets fought for the right to demonstrate and freedom to kneel. He affirms the meaning of the flag and hits what falls short of the flag. Might racism affect judgment of Colin?

I am proud that Black Lives Matter is stronger and contains many races. A new time is arising. Four hundred years of knees on necks, too long!

Racism on the escalator, Messers Thune, Rounds, Moscow Mitch McConnell and Ms. Noem in bias toward Pres. Obama. Ms. Noem can’t relate to our Native American siblings and imitates the Chief Racist. Thune and Rounds had such a weak BLM and police abuse bill that it failed. “We want our racism.”

What’s a desecration of the flag? A flag hanging over Trump, Moscow Mitch and Thune cozying up to Russia, e.g. Thune sneaky business in Russia on a Fourth of July, over the death camps of separated families, cages and abuse at our southern border, over Trump blasting out White Power/White Supremacy, over Trump telling China “help me win and I’ll make a good deal on soybeans”, over the needless tens of thousands of dead from COVID, over $100,000 bounty by Russia on U.S. soldiers, et. al.

As followers of Jesus, we are to leave all and follow Him. Yes, Colin sees similarly. Yes, our founders and vets provided freedom to have a flag under which to protest. Higher than that we are to “Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim.” That will shape us with courage to stand/kneel for the many people who don’t experience liberty and justice for all.

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Great Comment! The PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE....does include the passage:

"...with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL." Repeat: "FOR ALL!" Well, as I am of German/English decent, WHITE person, I am one of the recipients of this (for the greatest part, anyway). I didn't have to get the 'HEAVEN" l beat out of me to try to vote, to even try to register to vote! I stand, and, have stood--from the start--with Colin Kapaernick. LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL should be used by everyone kneeling for the Star Spangled Banner! By the Way, I served my country in the Navy...TRUMP DID NOT! Trump received an illegal Lifetime Medical Deferment! Republicans never talk about that.

La Voz

Mr. Brandt. You lost me at "Colin Kapernick is my hero. " Your articles are word salad. Can you keep one thought process long enough to actually make a point? Black lives matter is a terrorist group who are sending money to the Democratic candidates. Of course because they will carry out the hateful agenda. Please do more research on Russia and Trump than your CNN and other media sources. May I suggest John Bolton's new book. Hear it from those that were there. There is nothing about Democrats that follows Jesus. You are a sheep sir and need to sit down.

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