The A-Team

THUMBS UP to the newly forming Rivers A-Team in Yankton. Inspired by the Black Hills Works A-Team founded last year, individuals at Yankton’s Ability Building Services who seek grassroots representation of diversely abled individuals and their families are planning their first meeting Monday, Aug, 5 at 6 p.m. at Saint John’s Lutheran Church in Yankton. The group aims to educate the public and elected officials about and this ever-growing segment of the population in an effort to ensure that the ability to choose remains with individuals, not the government. The A-Team organization was founded in Wisconsin in 2011. Wisconsin now has 19 A-Team chapters.


THUMBS DOWN to the incidents of bison charging park visitors and tossing them with their horns. A large part of the problem arises from people getting too close to bison and other wild animals. The visitors don’t realize the danger involved with such encounters, and they may try to treat them as domesticated animals. The state and national parks usually post warnings to stay far away from these herds and to remain inside vehicles.

Rocking On

THUMBS UP to the huge success of both Rock-N-Rumble in Yankton and the South Dakota Chislic Festival in Freeman. Thousands of people from around the region attended the events, which shared the common recipe of good food, beverages and music. They also reflect the broader definition of "tourism," and we see them both growing in the future.


THUMBS DOWN to the tragedy associated with suicide, which affects not only the persons who take their lives but also a wide circle of people who knew them. The Bridging Yankton, Pathways to Hope, Help & Healing organization will be hosting the third annual Step Forward To Prevent Suicide Walk on Saturday at Riverside Park in Yankton. A breakfast begins at 8 a.m. with the walk and program starting at 9 a.m. This year’s speaker is Jenny Noteboom, who is a fifth- through eighth-grade counselor at Wagner Community School. Jenny sadly lost her son Connor to suicide while he was a sophomore at SDSU in 2012.

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