In regards to Sen. Mike Rounds’ column (“The Border Crisis Hits Unprecedented Levels,” Press & Dakotan, July 22): The supplemental spending doesn’t address the Democrat/Soros-engineered humanitarian crisis — nor the immigration crisis. Without policy changes to address asylum abuse, the Flores Settlement and TVPRA, Congress is simply forcing taxpayers to fund the mass violation of our immigration laws. Worse, though, without policy changes, Congress is actually encouraging human trafficking, sexual assault of women and girls, and the recycling of children by the cartels.

This entire bill needs to be revised — massively, before many more lives are permanently damaged beyond repair or lost forever!

Do the right thing. Get off your liberal low-horse, Mike Rounds, and work to really save lives!

This is from someone who used to live way up north and knows the meaning of too many degrees below zero to count and an American Legion member.

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Concerned & Proactive American

Thank You, Michael Ferri . Keep shouting out , Silence is not Golden when it comes to the future of America.


Right you are Michael Ferri. Rounds is a disappointment. Well they all are.

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