EL PASO, Texas (AP) — When Luis López was lost in Panama's Darien Gap last year with his wife, then seven months pregnant, their two young children and her grandmother, he often knelt in the mud to beg God not to abandon them.

“If I was bad, let me die here, but I came with my family,” the Venezuelan asylum seeker, 34, recalled on Friday of his prayers. Now in El Paso, the family has found shelter with the Catholic diocese.

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Larry Skow

Hey SoDak D/Clown Rus/Truth Fairy/Freddie the Farmer/Preacher Dan from Avon and ALL of you other Socialism-Commie loving Democrats! These folks risked IT ALL to come to USA for better life then in the so called SOCIALIST HEAVAN they had---now why would they leave your picture of perfection and Garden of Eden? Why don't all of you reach out contact these people and ASK THEM WHY they would leave your idea of SOCILISM HEAVAN you all so desire USA to become. Absolutely none of you or clan have the CAJONES to do so and get the real TRUTH on SOCILISM-COMMIE way of living.

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