LUBBOCK, Texas — The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) re-leased its September World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report Sept. 10, increasing estimated planted grain sorghum acres to 7.3 million, up 12% from the August report and 24 percent over the previous year.

“We have long known that U.S. sorghum’s potential is tremendous, whether as a solution in crop rotations that adds value for farmers or as a resource-conserving, versatile product for end users world-wide. U.S. sorghum farmers are ready to meet growing global demand for sorghum, and that is evidenced by this amazing growth in acreage,” said Norma Ritz Johnson, Sorghum Checkoff executive director.

The two largest grain sorghum-producing states, Kansas and Texas, planted 3.6 million and 2.2 million acres with an increase of 20 and 26 percent, respectively, over the last year.

Sorghum Checkoff CEO Tim Lust said with this increase in acres and strong yield, the 2021 sorghum crop will be the most valuable in history worth over $2.7 billion.

“The Sorghum Checkoff is working tirelessly to develop and enhance marketplaces both domestically and internationally and investing in re-search to advance the crop while adding value for sorghum farmers,” Lust said.

Earlier this morning, the Foreign Agricultural Service reported weekly U.S. sorghum purchase commitments of 5.0 million bushels from China, Mexico and unknown destinations. These commitments bring total sales for 2021/2022 to 77 million bushels or 24% of the USDA export forecast just a week into the marketing year.

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