PIERRE — The South Dakota Ag Foundation (SDAF) is accepting applications for the Ag Innovators (AI) grant and the Building Rural Communities (BRC) grant.

The SDAF Ag Innovators grant is available to applicants who wish to address the need of today’s changing ag education and complex challenges that require new thinking and approaches. This grant encourages applicants to identify creative solutions to offer more agriculture-related innovation and leadership programs for South Dakota’s youth. These solutions should address an educational need or opportunity in a more innovative, effective, equitable, or sustainable way to existing approaches. Applicants should be a public, nonprofit organization as defined by IRS Publication 78 and must work with a verified fiscal sponsor.

The SDAF Building Rural Communities grant is available to applicants who wish to improve their communities through a facelift of specific improvement. These grants are developed to demonstrate the importance of rural communities and the value of the organization that work together to improve rural life. As student and community participation is required for this grant, funding is available to 4H Clubs, FFA Chapters, and Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Chapters. In addition, applicants must justify the community need or benefit, provide supporting documentation, and include a detailed budget of the project.

Grant applications for the AI and BRC grants are due by Nov. 1, 2021. Applications can be submitted at www.sdagfoundation.org/grantprograms. For more information on the SDAF or the grants available, please visit sdagfoundation.org.

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