South Dakota’s hemp production plan, submitted by the S.D. Department of Agriculture on Aug. 12, has officially been accepted by the USDA.

In a press release, the South Dakota Industrial Hemp Association (SDIHA) said it was excited for the plan’s approval and cautiously optimistic on the legislation passed in early 2020 becoming a reality for South Dakotans.

“The news of the accepted production plan is definitely encouraging,” SDIHA Executive Director Katie Sieverding stated, “but there is more work to be done before industrial hemp is a reality in South Dakota.”

Until the regulations, including licensing, are finalized at the state level, the industry will continue to be at a standstill.

While no production of industrial hemp will take place until the 2021 growing season, others in the industry are eager to get the ball rolling.

Derrick Dohmann of Horizon Hemp Seeds, headquartered in Willow Lake, says the company plans to break ground on a new multimillion-dollar processing facility as soon as the rules permit them to do so.

“After hemp is officially legal in the state, Horizon Hemp Seeds has plans to build a seed storage facility and processing plant here in Willow Lake,” Dohmann said. “We are looking to add several quality jobs to the community and be a market for farmers by contracting with them for grain and other parts of the hemp plant.”

The company currently does business in 10 states, including North Dakota, where industrial hemp production is allowable.

The South Dakota Industrial Hemp Association is a member organization representing all those involved in the emerging industrial hemp industry in South Dakota and providing education and advocacy on the issues impacting the industry. Our membership includes those who produce, process, service and supply, market, lend and insure, and sell industrial hemp or hemp products as well as anyone that is interested in learning more about the industry.

For information about SDIHA, contact Katie Sieverding at or visit

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