BROOKINGS — The South Dakota Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS), will host a free virtual conference on Thursday, Dec. 10, from 1-5 p.m. CST.

Participants will hear from nationally-known conservation leaders including:

• Clare Lindahl, CEO of the Soil and Water Conservation Society: “Ask Your Doctor if SWCS is Right for You!”

• Keith Berns, President of Green Cover Seed, and SWCS Northwest Regional Director: “Mixing 16 Million Pounds of Diverse Seed Species: How does it happen?”

• Dr. Peter O’Brien, Research Agronomist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service: “Cropping Pattern Changes Diminish Agroecosystem Services in North and South Dakota”

• Dr. Jonathan Lundgren, Director and CEO of Blue Dasher Farm: “Regenerative Agriculture in Practice at Blue Dasher Farm”

Other presentations will include an update from a local urban conservation grant project and a fresh food access grant project, a report from the South Dakota SWCS summer intern, and findings from a wetland research project. Additionally, an interactive conservation trivia game and door prizes will take place throughout the afternoon.

“The annual meeting will be an impactful opportunity for conservation professionals to learn about timely and pertinent conservation topics for South Dakota,” said John McMaine, SDSU Extension Water Management Engineer and incoming Vice President of the South Dakota SWCS Chapter. “This will be a great opportunity to virtually network with peers as well as hear from conservation professionals and experts in South Dakota.”

Those interested can register free of cost at

For more information about the Soil and Water Conservation Society and the virtual conference, contact Arlene Brandt-Jenson, President of the South Dakota SWCS Chapter, at 605-868-6180 or

The Soil and Water Conservation Society is the premier international organization for professionals who care about the environment and protecting our natural resources. The South Dakota chapter membership is increasing and accepting new members — those interested in becoming a member can join at

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