PRESHO — The South Dakota Grassland Coalition has produced a series of videos for livestock producers across the region. The 25-video series features ranchers from across South Dakota who have discovered the benefits of matching calving to their ranch resources. The videos offer personal from nearly 30 individuals about the challenges and benefits of shifting calving dates to fit with natural cycles. The men and women interviewed discuss the opportunities for improved livestock health and profitability as well as a more enjoyable and reduced stress family life.

The primary video topics include:

• When & Where to Calve;

• Managing the Herd;

• Assessing Ranch Resources;

• Finance, Profit & Marketing;

• and People, Relationships & Quality of Life.

The Calving Alternative videos will be released over a five-week period. Each weekly release will contain 4-6 videos associated with the five main topics (see below). Viewing the videos is free, and they can be accessed by visiting the SD Grassland Coalitions webpage Calving Alternative Videos ( or you can go the Coalitions You Tube Channel SDGC You Tube (

Jim Faulstich is a Highmore-area rancher and Board Member of the S.D. Grassland Coalition. It was at Faulstich’s urging that the board initially pursued this project, but it did not take long for all to realize there was a need to encourage livestock producers to take a hard look at their financial and natural resources related to calving seasons.

Faulstich offered the following when asked about the end result of the video project, “For anyone considering changing their calving season, the S.D. Grassland Coalition series of calving timing videos should really offer a wealth of information and answer most questions about the transition. Plus, the real value is that it offers a large list of experienced producers that the listeners can call on for additional questions, guidance, and mentoring.”

In total, the video series offers over five hours of in depth testimony, with individual videos ranging from 3 to 25 minutes, depending on the topic.

The first five videos were released on Thursday, Feb. 18, and weekly on Thursdays for the next month, the remainder of the videos will be posted.   

In addition to the videos, the coalition will also be hosting “Tuesday Night Live” Zoom meetings featuring those who appear in the calving series. These open public sessions will allow livestock producers to ask questions to the participants. The first of the “Tuesday Night Live” calving discussions will be held Tuesday, Feb. 23, at 7 p.m. (CST). To join the live session, go to this link.

For more information, contact Judge Jessop at

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