USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) is informing producers and landowners that they must have form CCC-902, the Farm Operating Plan form on file with USDA and receive a determination of eligibility if they are participating or applying to participate in certain NRCS conservation programs.

NRCS and FSA have joint responsibility to administer program payment eligibility and payment limitation requirements. To facilitate meeting these requirements, FSA is contacting producers or landowners who are currently participating in NRCS programs and do not have a CCC-902 form on file.

Historically, to participate, legal entities could file either the CCC-901 (Member Information form) or the CCC-902, while individuals were not specifically required to file the CCC-902 with FSA. Now, to ensure FSA and NRCS are using consistent information about a producer or landowner’s operation, all participants, including legal entities and individuals, must file the CCC-902 and receive a determination of eligibility to maintain eligibility for certain NRCS conservation programs.

These changes do not affect applicants or participants that already have a Form CCC-902 and received a determination of eligibility from FSA.

Participants with an existing contract or agreement that do not have a CCC-902 on file with FSA will be mailed a letter in the coming weeks, providing information on how to file the form. The letter provides options for electronic or in-person submission and requests that the form be completed within 30 days of receipt of the letter.

Fiscal year 2021 is considered a transition year to ensure all NRCS program participants can meet this updated filing requirement. Beginning in fiscal year 2022, eligibility to continue to receive payments may be affected if the required form is not on file.

Additional information is available in NRCS National Bulletin 300-21-7 and FSA Notice PL-293.

NRCS and FSA staff are available at USDA Service Centers nationwide to provide applicants and participants with information and assistance to meet this filing requirement.

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