In a simple ritual, Theresa McGinn, accompanied by S. Clarice Korger, Vocation Director, knocked at the front door of the monastery and was welcomed by the Prioress, S. Maribeth Wentzlaff and the community gathered inside. Theresa McGinn was received into Sacred Heart Monastery, Yankton, as a Postulant on January 12, 2018. After Theresa symbolically knocked on the front door of the Monastery, the Prioress, S. Maribeth Wentzlaff, asked, “What do you seek?” to which Theresa responded, “I want to live in love and service of God with the help of this community.”  The monastic community affirmed her request and S. Maribeth presented her with a medal of St. Benedict.  The celebration continued at Vespers and supper.

Theresa McGinn, a former second and third grade teacher and a teacher of two-year-olds in a Montessori school, arrived from Florida on March 7. 2016. “I loved the little kids but often came down with everything they had.  I loved teaching.  I really did.” Needing to become the primary care-taker for her father, she put that ministry aside for a while. After her father’s death, she lived with her sister and family for a time in order to decide what she was going to do with her life moving forward. She considered both the contemplative and the active religious communities.  While discerning her call, Theresa found the Yankton Benedictine’s  Residential Volunteer Program, a program designed to provide single women (without dependents) with an opportunity to discern new directions in life.  She contacted Sr. Bonita, and as they say, the rest is history.  

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