During the Boys & Girls Club of the Northern Plain’s annual meeting, the Lead YDS of the Year as well as the Woman of the Youth were recognized, Savannah Sullivan and Jean Hunhoff, both of Yankton.

The Lead YDS of the Year is a staff member at the Club that continually goes above and beyond for members and staff. Savannah Sullivan has been with the Boys & Girls Club of Yankton since November of 2016. Thanks to her tremendous versatility and dedication, she has filled many different roles during her time with us including Youth Development Specialist, Academy Lead, Academy Coordinator and now Teen Lead. No matter the title, Savannah knows everyone’s name, story and goes out of her way to make each and every one of our members feel valued. She is loved by all of the youth that she has worked with and her unwavering passion for kids is revealed every day she works at the Club.  

The Woman of the Youth was also honored, Jean Hunhoff of Yankton. Using her specific talents and network, Jean works tirelessly for Teen Court and completes asks and board responsibilities even in the midst of serving as a legislator. She has focused on metrics and results and made sure that the Boys & Girls Club was always at the table and present in funding and policy conversations relevant to things that would benefit our kids and families. The Club is so grateful for her willingness to speak up and advocate for those who need it most and really bring the Club’s mission alive in local and state governments and communities.

The Boys & Girls Club of Yankton would be nothing without its staff, board, or volunteers. Great leadership is what makes the Club so successful year after year. The Club is so grateful and proud of their local leaders as well as dedicated and motivated staff. Through time, skill, and dedication, they continue to serve the mission: “To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.”

The Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Plains Corporation serves Brookings, Moody County, and Yankton. The before/after school programs, summer programs, and other camps provide fun, educational activities and opportunities for all youth at a very affordable cost. To get involved with the Club in any way, visit www.greatfuturessd.org or call 605-692-3333.  

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