Recently, CNN showed portions of a Trump rally where he repeatedly yelled that Dems lost the election — that Dems were now attempting a do-over. This after three years have passed.

Yahoo reported that Fox’s Tucker Carlson claimed he was rooting for Russia. Screen text explained that Dems were doubling down on the Russia hoax. Carlson later added that America should take Russia’s side if a choice were to be made between Russia and Ukraine.

The House Intelligence Committee’s report came out on Tuesday. Midway through the Executive Summary was an assertion that Fox’s Sean Hannity had amplified Trump’s smears against Ambassador Yovanovitch — even before she was relieved of duties in Ukraine last spring.

Fox News got started as a Republican outlet by Roger Ailes using Rupert Murdoch’s money. Ailes and other Nixon aides submitted a plan to President Nixon regarding creation of a new TV network. The idea was to provide pro-administration coverage while circumventing existing media. The Ailes memo pointed out that people are lazy, that people just sit-watch-listen and allow thinking be done for them. Nixon embraced the idea of a network that would lead a brutal, vicious attack on the opposition. Fox has definitely lived up to its expectations.

Besides Fox News support for Trump, leadership in Russia, China, and North Korea cheer on his continued presidency. Russia’s big payoff came when Trump got sanctions lifted for oligarchs and regime. Also, Trump’s policies have bolstered Russian influence around the world at the expense of America. Finally, a politically-connected Chinese official was quoted in the Washington Post recently, saying they prefer Trump to be president because he is easily bought.

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Don’t listen to this man! South Dakotans are among my most ardent supporters! Just Google “rather be a Russian” and get your “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat” T-shirt to wear proudly at your next Trump Rally! (It still amazes me that the GOP was once the evil party of Reagan that dismantled my beloved USSR.)

Jolly Roger

★ The President is a tool of the Russians. Maybe we don’t know it yet, but the Russians sure do. Google “Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their Agent.” While half of America is in denial, the Russians are laughing at us. They’re making jokes on State TV about offering our President asylum when his presidency is over. ★

E pluribus

We know exactly what the Russians want. It’s what the Russians have always wanted. It’s what Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Kosygin, Brezhnev, Putin and a whole lot of lesser Russian Bosses have always dreamed of. They’ve always wanted us divided and arguing among ourselves while they “eat our lunch.” They've penetrated our electoral process, they have almost as many nukes as we do, and they're taking their sophisticated military hardware on a victory tour around the planet. We've got to stop our family quarrels and protect ourselves against our real enemies. If we emerge from this struggle with our Democracy intact, there’ll be time to argue later.


Went to see "The Indian and the White Guy" . . . . it was Williams and Ree! I thought I was going to see Lizzy Warren and Biden the sniffer.


Iman! This nonsense isn’t helping to Make Russia Great Again. Focus, Comrade! (Sometimes these “Useful Idiots” aren't so useful.)


I see that the four prophets from the mound have graced us with more useless comments. I'm still waiting for them to say something that has value. Perhaps I have misjudged their capabilities.


I’ve been thinking, DLJ. Maybe that isn't a band uniform after all. Maybe you really are a military man. I wonder - a warrior might be quite dismayed at a Commander in Chief who undermines military discipline by coddling war criminals. What’s your take on that?


Liberalism . . . Its a no-brainer

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