Chadron State College

CHADRON, Neb. — Chadron State College has announced that 290 students met requirements for the Fall 2018 President’s List by earning a 4.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Students must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours of coursework during the semester to qualify.

• McKinna Faulkenberry of Randolph, Neb.

• Tayleigh Kaup of Wagner

• Jenny Motacek of Niobrara, Neb.

Chadron State College, which was founded in 1911, is the only four-year, regionally-accredited college in the western half of Nebraska. As a public institution with its roots in teacher education, Chadron State takes pride in its accessibility and affordability. Nearly 3,000 undergraduate, graduate and online students currently attend Chadron State and its curriculum has grown to offer programs and courses in more than 50 majors and endorsements and eight master’s degree programs.


NOTE: Q denotes Quarter; S denotes Semester

Superior Honor Roll: 3.5-4.0

Term GPA NOT Cumulative

Oct. 15-Dec. 20, 2018

• 12th Grade — Chiara Cassano 4.0 (Q) S; Dallas Fuerst Q&S; Lincoln Hagedorn Q&S; Tracy Herrboldt 4.0 (Q) S; Tracy Kruse 4.0 Q&S; Kaloyan Lozanov Q&S; Kelsi Nooney Q&S; Lucas Pedersen 4.0 Q&S

• 11th Grade — Ashley Johnson 4.0 (Q); Kara Meisenhoelder Q&S; Derek Pravecek 4.0 Q&S; Issabela Vitek Q&S

• 10th Grade — Allisyn Baker Q&S; Kennedy Bietz 4.0 Q&S; Taya Bult Q&S; Brooke Davis Q&S; Makayla Friederich Q&S; Grace Fryda Q&S; Jordan Gall Q&S; Annabelle Hlavac Q&S; Zoe Steinberg Q&S; Nora Winckler Q&S

• 9th Grade — Rylee Conrad Q&S; Lucas Dennis Q&S; Addison Haase Q&S; Kalen Maruska Q&S; Delaanie VanDriel 4.0 Q&S; Joslyn Walloch Q&S

• 8th Grade — Keegan Baker Q&S; Tyrus Bietz 4.0 Q&S; Hailey Davis Q&S; Martina DeBoer Q&S; Tori Dvorak Q&S; Cole Friederich Q&S; Kade Fryda Q&S; Ciara Henry Q&S; Claire Janish 4.0 Q&S; Stephen Johnson Q&S; Bailey Vitek 4.0 Q&S; Jenna Vitek Q&S

• 7th Grade — Olivia Binder Q&S; Katelyn Jonas Q&S; Katelyn Rempfer Q&S; Grace Robb Q&S; Logan Sayler Q&S; Jerica Stark 4.0 Q&S; Patience Starwalt 4.0 Q&S; Kalley Vitek 4.0 Q&S

• 6th Grade — Trinity Bietz 4.0 Q&S; Nora Robb Q&S


Merit Honor Roll: 3.0-3.499

Term GPA NOT Cumulative

Oct. 15-Dec. 20, 2018

• 12th Grade — Sydney Fuerst Q&S

• 11th Grade — Mason Dennis Q&S; Gage Fetters Q&S; Nicole Flynn Q&S; Jasa Isaak Q&S

• 10th Grade — Jaydan Kass Q&S; McKensie Sedlacek Q&S

• 9th Grade — Karson Bierle Q&S; Nick Harrington Q&S; Conner Odens Q&S; Audrey Sayler Q&S

• 8th Grade — Nicole Gilbert Q&S

• 7th Grade — Teadora Atkinson Q&S; Charlotte Mares Q&S; Makalob Maurska Q&S; Trey Neuman Q&S; Ayla Rokusek Q&S; Arianne Rueckert Q&S; Landon Sayler Q&S

• 6th Grade — Kristi Davis Q&S; Emily Dvorak Q&S; Macee Haase Q&S; Kory Keppen Q&S; Kenny Kubal Q&S; Selena Monclova Q&S; Lillie Pudwill Q&S; Grace Vitek Q&S

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