VERMILLION — For over 10 years, the University of South Dakota has provided first-year students the opportunity to live in the Honors Program Living-Learning Community (LLC), a floor in North Complex intended only for students in the program. Because of its success, the Honors Program, in partnership with University Housing, will provide a wing in Coyote Village reserved for sophomores, juniors and seniors in Honors fall 2020.

“The Honors Program has seen great success with our first-year Living-Learning Community,” said Dallas Doane, Honors Program coordinator. “We know that the community is successful as it has a higher GPA than other first-year floors and higher retention of students from semester to semester. We are excited to partner with University Housing to keep the momentum going during our students’ second year on campus.”

According to the Association for American Colleges and University, a living-learning community has been proven to be beneficial to college students from a variety of backgrounds. Additionally, students who participate in living-learning communities have a higher academic success rate, higher college graduate rates, higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience and an easier time connecting with their peers.

The Honors LLC at USD offers students the opportunity to live in close quarters with like-minded, high-achieving peers.

“Living-learning communities pair you with a diverse group of peers who challenge you intellectually, but are also interested in forming close connections,” said Katie Brust, a second-year medical biology and studio art double major and honors student. “When I lived on the floor, it was very social, both on the floor and within classrooms. I made all my best friends from this experience.”

As one of the most sought-after residence halls on campus, the Honors wing in Coyote Village will offer suite and apartment style options that are conveniently located near academic buildings, the Muenster University Center and the Wellness Center.

“The Honors LLC is a great way to connect with the people you will be going through Honors classes together and to build a support system,” said Michaela Ahrenholtz, a neuroscience major and third-year Honors student. “This community is always one of the busiest floors in the freshmen dorms.”

For more information on the Honors Program or Living-Learning Community, contact

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