Yankton Toastmaster Club 1294 met Saturday, Jan. 8, at 7:30 a.m. for a hybrid meeting with four people at the Fryn’ Pan Restaurant and four people participating in the meeting via Zoom, two from Sioux Falls, one from Tabor, one from rural Yankton County. President Jeremy Skrenes called the meeting to order. Kevin Buhl gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Toastmaster of the Day was Jeremy Skrenes who conducted the meeting. Grammarian Teresa Rentsch gave the word of the day, “condone,” which means to regard or treat as acceptable, forgivable, or harmless. Janice Stone gave a 6- to 8-minute speech from Pathways - Presentation Mastery (Level 3 elective), Using Descriptive Language, titled “White Horse Ranch.” Steve Hamilton conducted Table Topics by asking members to respond to “What I’ve learned” topics. Walter Rentsch was the general evaluator and evaluated the meeting. Walter Rentsch evaluated Janice Stone’s speech. Presentations were given by ah counter Iesley Stone who reported on the use of filler words like ahs and ums; grammarian Teresa Rentsch who reported on use of the word of the day “condone” and good grammar, poor grammar and use of unusual words or phrase; timer Jeremy Skrenes who reported on speaking times; vote counter Kevin Buhl who reported on the winners of the speech, evaluation and table topics portions of the meeting; and joke masters Iesley Stone and Jeremy Skrenes.

Toastmaster Jeremy Skrenes presented virtual trophies to Janice Stone for best speaker, Walter Rentsch for best evaluator and Iesley Stone for best table topic response.

The business meeting was led by President Jeremy Skrenes. Yankton Toastmaster Club 1294 welcomes anyone interested in improving their speaking and leadership skills. For more information call 605-665-8448 or or Facebook page “Yankton Toastmasters Club 1294.”

Guests are welcome to join meetings in person at the Fryn’ Pan or remotely via Zoom. You will need to download the free “Zoom” application to your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone and call a member of the club to get the link to join the meeting.


Lindsey Hovden, attorney with Den Herder Law Firm in Yankton, was the guest speaker for Interchange’s Jan. 10 meeting, held at Minervas Restaurant in Yankton. Interchange Board President Kathy Quinlivan presided over the noon meeting.

After the meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance recited, members were invited to make announcements regarding business news, opportunities and upcoming programs. Sherri Rodgers-Conti of Southeast CASA let members know that the eighth Annual “Reverse Your Luck” fundraiser for Southeast CASA will be held on Saturday, March 12, at Minervas in Yankton. Paula Tacke of Meade Cultural Heritage Center informed members about the upcoming exhibit, Sit On It, which opens Feb. 1. The exhibit features more than 40 historic chairs, complete with their unique stories, and visitors are invited to sit on the chairs.

Shannon VIereck, associate vice president for engagement at Mount Marty University, introduced luncheon guest, Ashley Gullikson, gift planning officer for Catholic Community Foundation of Eastern South Dakota and Mount Marty.

In her presentation to Interchange members, Hovden covered estate planning. “Everyone has an estate of some sort,” Hovden noted.

Hovden detailed 12 benefits of estate planning: It provides a plan for the disposal of property; it protects minor children; it protects estates from would-be beneficiaries who can’t manage resources; it can outline a plan for property disposal to minor children who are beneficiaries; it protects disabled beneficiaries; it keeps property in the family; it can help beneficiaries avoid big tax consequences; it can assist in asset dispersal for blended families; it can help in avoidance of guardianship or conservatorship proceedings; it helps reduce family conflict; keeps proceedings out of probate; and, lastly, helps in asset protection.

Cody Mangold with Yankton County Veteran Services is the guest speaker for the next Interchange meeting, to be held at noon on Jan. 17 at Minervas.


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