The Yankton Toastmasters Club 1294 met Hybrid procedure at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021. There were members in person at the Fry’n Pan Restaurant, and the remainder of those present for the meeting were by Zoom. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Education Walter Rentsch. The Invocation was given by Kevin Buhl, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Roy Wilcox was introduced as the Toastmaster of the meeting. He called on Walter Rentsch General Evaluator, who introduced his evaluation team: The Grammarian, Teresa Rentsch, gave the word of the day, “resilient.” Ah Counter Kevin Buhl, Speech Evaluators Pat Acklie-Roth and Janice Stone, and Timer and Vote Counter Al Larson.

Steve Hamilton gave a 5- to 7-minute speech titled “Billy Mitchell,” a Pathways program assignment. Roy Wilcox did an impromptu reading from the monthly Toastmasters Magazine, “The Gift of Character,” by current International President Margaret Page, DTM.

Then Table Topics was led by Janice Stone on family member relationships. Table Topics participants were Kevin Buhl, Al Larson, Teresa Rentsch, Walter Rentsch and Pat Ackley-Roth.

Al Larson was the Jokemaster for the meeting. Following his presentation, Walter Rentsch, Master Evaluator was called on to introduce his evaluation team. Pat Acklie-Roth evaluated Steve Hamiltons’ speech and Janice Stone evaluated Roy Wilcox’s Reading from the Toastmasters Magazine. Grammarian report by Teresa Rentsch, Ah Counter report by Kevin Buhl and timer’s report by Al Larson. Walter Rentsch gave an overall evaluation of the meeting.

Vote Counter Al Larson announced Pat Acklie-Roth the winner of Table Topics: Steve Hamilton, Best Speaker, and Janice Stone, Best Evaluator as Timer Al Larson announced all of the participants were within the required time limits of their presentations

Toastmaster of the meeting, Roy Wilcox relinquished control of the meeting back to Vice President Membership Walter Rentsch to review the next meeting assignments.

Guests are always welcome to join our Hybrid meeting, held at 7:30 a.n. on Saturday morning. Come in person to the Fry’n Pan Restaurant or from Zoom at your home. You need to download the “Zoom” application on your computer, iPad or iPhone, and call a member of the club to get the password to join the meeting. For more information on Yankton Toastmasters Club 1294, call 605-660-2485 or


The Yankton Chapter of the General Federated Women’s Club met on Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021, at Hillcrest Golf and Country Club. The meeting was called to order by First Vice President Liz Lynch; followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, South Dakota Pledge and the Collect for Women.

Physical therapist Julie O’Brien presented a very informative program, “Keep Moving Safely.”

Vi Ranney and Cheryl Leiferman introduced guests and new members Kay Farrar, Kathy Long, Marlene Nebola and Sherry Hovland. Laverna Magstadt introduced her guest, Sharon Schnabel. Current club members will pair with new members to help familiarize them with the work of the GFWC.

Minutes of the September meeting were approved as presented on motion by Vi Ranney.

The monthly records of volunteer hours kept by members will be turned in to Eileen Lesher and Priscilla Mazourek upon registering for each meeting.

Discussion was held on whether to have a January meeting and a salad luncheon to promote membership in August. No action taken.

Treasurer Sandy Battin presented a proposed budget. Motion by Marilyn Huntley to approve the proposed budget with the addition of two $1,000 scholarships. Motion carried. Treasurer’s report was unanimously approved on motion by Ruby Schnabel.

Vice President Liz inquired about the welfare of members. Mention made of those who are experiencing illness or other concerns. Members celebrating birthdays in October were recognized, and the traditional birthday song was sung.

Peggy Schiedel reported on Home Life and how we can help shelter the homeless when Pathways is at capacity by contributing to a fund to provide temporary motel rooms. Ruth Ann Dannenbring presented the Leadership program and mentioned the GFWC signature program addressing domestic violence. Conservation report from chairperson informed members about America Recycle Day on Nov. 15.

Yankton GFWC is sponsoring bus tours as a way to raise funds for our various charitable projects. Vi Ranney, who is spearheading the project presented information on several up-coming trips.

Marilyn Huntley volunteered to replace Fran Fox as Historian/Scrapbook chairperson.

Vice President Liz reported that South Dakota GFWC received awards at the recent national convention in the categories of Health & Wellness and Education & Libraries.

Club members enjoyed musical entertainment by talented violinist Ryan Stapish, a junior at Yankton High School.

Door prizes were awarded to Marilyn Weverstad, Sheryl Leiferman and Gladys Johnson.

The next meeting will be on Nov. 6. Sharing and Giving projects will be paper products for the Contact Center and thank-you cards for veterans.

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