Toastmaster Holly Wortmann called to order the virtual meeting of ASHH 6217 at 12:05 p.m. on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 12:05 p.m. Jan Schiferl, acting as CPA, opened with an invocation followed by the flag pledge.

As grammarian, Steve Anderson presented his word of the day “copious,” meaning “large in quantity.”

Megan Hanafeldt presented her ice breaker speech “Memories.” She shared childhood, college and adult memories to paint a wonderful picture of the road that led her on the journey to a career as a 4H educator.

As Table Topics master, Jeff May asked Jan Schiferl, Everett Wood, Gale Vogt, Steve Anderson, Holly Wortmann, Ashley Dimmer and Megan Hanefeldt questions regarding St. Patrick’s Day to be answered using impromptu speaking skills.

Dimmer evaluated Hanefeldt’s speech. She complimented her on the ability to use words and stories to let us glimpse into the importance of legacy and relationship. She praised vocal variety & eye contact, especially for a first speech.

Anderson, as ah Counter noted uses of effective words and phrases heard during the meeting. She also noted use of connector words, unnecessary fillers and uses of the word of the day.

As General Evaluator, Gale Vogt evaluated the meeting as a whole.

The best speaker award went to Megan Hanefeldt. The best evaluator award winner was Ashley Dimmer. The best table topics award went to Holly Wortmann. Toastmaster Wortmann adjourned the meeting at 12:55 p.m.

Avera Toastmaster Club 6217 is meeting virtually each Thursday at 12:05 p.m. We welcome guests to join in from home and observe the fantastic benefits of being a Toastmaster! Contact us on our facebook page or call (605) 661-8356 to find out how!


Chairperson Deb Bodenstedt called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. April 5, at JoDean’s, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance with 20 people in atten:dance: Deb Bodenstedt, Dawn Steffes, Greg Adamson, Jane Adamson, Vi Ranney, Keith Kube, Tom Bittler, Keith Wing, Malena Diede, Bob Diede, Jim Van Osdel, Veronica Trezona, Dr Randy Heisinger, Sharon Heisinger, Max Farver, Deb Farver, Van Pace, Roger Meyer, Daisy Kamback and Bob Schoenfelder

MINUTES of the March 1, 2021, meeting were submitted and read.

Motion to approve by Van Pace, second by Jane Adamson.  All Ayes. APPROVED.

TREASURER’S REPORT was submitted by Chairperson Bodenstedt in the Treasurer’s planned

Absence. It was noted that a $1,000 commitment was paid to the S.D. Republican Party.

Dues from 25 members have been received. Dues are $60 for Individual, $100 per Couple.

Motion to approve by Bob Schoenfelder and second by Keith Kube. All Ayes. APPROVED.

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion of the Yankton County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner Date tentantively set for Sept. 18, 2021. Hopefully obtain Speaker Gov. Kristi Noem, and/or Sen. John Thune

NEW BUSINESS: Keith Kube of the Yankton Rotary reminded the group of the Tuesday, April 6, Luncheon Meeting at River’s Edge with Speaker Senator John Thune.

Keith explained the Foundations of Rotary, Is It True, Is It Fair, Is It Beneficial, and Is It Good For Everyone.

Chairperson Bodenstedt mentioned House Resolution 1 Approved by the partisan Democrats power grab. It will be devastating for our country.

Keith Kube mentioned the Epoch Times and an informative conservative publication.

DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE: Roger Meyer reported attending the Clay County GOP meeting and that there is interest in Bon Homme and Hutchinson Counties organizing.


It is to be noted that Mike Stevens and Jean Hunhoff were absent from the March 1 Yankton County GOP meeting as they were obligated to be in Pierre.

Jean Hunhoff is in Pierre during this meeting time as well and Mike Stevens was having some health issues for which we are asked to keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

OTHER DISCUSSION: Jane Adamson commented on the fact that San Diego teachers were refusing to return to schools, while receiving their paychecks, but many had agreed to return to teach illegal immigrant children.

Dr Heisinger mentioned the discussion of the transgender issue before Gov. Noem.

Our Representatives voted NO.

Greg Adamson mentioned the NCAA probably of pressuring for their interests.

Keith asked about AG Jason Ravnsborg. He refuses to resign although Gov Noem has asked for his resignation.

Next Monthly Meeting is May 3, 202,1 at Czechers upstairs.

To allow time for the presentations by City Commisson candidates to follow this meeting, Chairperson Deb Bodenstedt asked for adjournment motion.

A Motion to Adjourn by Roger Meyer, second by Van Pace. All Ayes. Approved.


The Yankton Toastmasters Club 1294 met Hybrid procedure at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, May 1, 2021.  There were 7 members in person present at the Fry’n Pan Restaurant and 5 present by Zoom for a total of 12.  The meeting was called to order by President Angela Mann.  The invocation was given by Steve Hamilton, followed by the pledge to the flag.  

Roy Wilcox was introduced as the Toastmaster of the meeting.  He called on the General Evaluator Jeremy Skrenes, who introduced his evaluation team:  Speech evaluator Marsha Dahlseid,  Grammarian, Michael Vallanueva, who presented the word for the day, “sagacious.”  Ah Counter Iesley Stone, Timer Jack Dahlseid and Vote Counter Angela Mann.

A Speech was given by Janice Stone from Pathways Presentation Mastery, Level 3, titled “Say Cheese.”

Table Topics was presented by Walter Rentsch, with the following participants:   Michael Villanueva,  Marsha Dahlseid, Jack Dahlseid, Vernon Arens, Roy Wilcox, Iesley Stone, Al Larson and Steve Hamilton.  Then, Toastmaster of the meeting Wilcox called on Vernon Arens as Joke Master of the meeting.

Jeremy Skrenes was then re-introduced to lead the evaluation part of the meeting as General Evaluator.  He called on Marsha Dahlseid to evaluate Janice Stone.  Then he called on Michael Villanueva, Grammarian to give an overview on words and phrases used during the meeting and members who used the word for the day “sagacious”.  Other evaluations were Iseley Stone, Ah Counter and Jack Dahlseid, Timer.  Skrenes gave an overall evaluation of the meeting and each assigned person’s job performance.  

Vote Counter Angela Mann presented the voting results to Roy Wilcox, Toastmaster of the Meeting as follows: Best Speaker, Janice Stone Best Speech Evaluation: Marsha Dahlseid  and best Table Topics response, Michael Villanueva.

Wilcox relinquished control of the meeting to President, Angela Mann, who held the  business meeting and presented assignments for the next week’s meeting.

Guests are always welcome to join our Hybrid meeting held at 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning.  Come in person to the Fry’n Pan Restaurant or from Zoom at your home.  You need to download the “Zoom” application on your Computer, iPad or iPhone and call a member of the club to get the Meeting ID and Passcode.  For more information on Yankton Toastmasters Club 1294, call 605-660-2485 or check out the web:


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