Interchange met Aug. 19 at Minerva’s with Shannon Viereck, President, presiding. The meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. CASA Director Sherri Rodgers-Conti, introduced her guest, Crystal Gemar, also of CASA.

Sheila Kuchta, Sacred Heart Hospital, announced the hospital’s upcoming fundraiser, Oct. 11, with a Wild West theme, will be held Oct. 11, supporting cancer and the Hospice Unit. Tickets will be $75.

Paula Tacke, Mead Museum and Cultural Center, announced two “Feed Your Mind” events, Sept. 6 featuring Carol Ryan and Ruth Page Jones speaking on women’s suffrage Oct. 1. She reported that the Mead had 400 visitors during Riverboat Days.

Member Nancy Sternhagen, CPA, was the hostess and she gave a brief accounting of her recent events and introduced her speaker, Bridget Diamond-Welch, Professor at USD. Her topic was “Human Trafficking.” She explained that to fit the definition of human trafficking there has to be three components; Act (doing something to someone), Means (force, fraud and co-ertion), and Purpose (exploitation). She also discussed Labor Trafficking. She reiterated that 5.4 victims of human trafficking for every 1,000 people and 1-4 victims is a child.

The next meeting of Interchange will be Aug. 26 with Lois Halbur as hostess. Her guest speaker will be Lucy Lewno, JD, Chair of Yankton County of Mental Illness.


Interchange met at noon on Aug. 26 with Shannon Viereck, President, presiding. The meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. There were no guests.

The following announcements were made: Julie Amsberry of Yankton Area Arts announced that the next exhibit at the GAR Hall will be Mary Jane Malthison, a self-taught artist; Linda Dobrovdny, of the Yankton Community Library announced that a movie will be shown at 6:00pm Monday night and the Library will be closed on Labor Day. She also stated that “Downtown Abbey” will have two representative evenings, Sept. 7, “Tatting and Teacups” and a trivia night on the 15th; Paula Tacke of the Mead Cultural Center and Museum announced that Carol Ryan will present a program for the “Feed Your Mind” series on September 6, and October 1 winter hours will prevail; Julie Amsberry was congratulated for winning a scholarship from “Future Leaders Fund Scholarship” to the 2019 Arts Midwest Conference; Shannon Viereck reminded members of the upcoming event on the 17th of September.

Lois Halbur, employed by the Human Services Center for 37 years, introduced her speaker, Lucy Lewno, Chair of the Yankton County Mental Illness, with her topic being “Mental Illness Commitment Process.”

She stated that four subjects must be present for commitment: Mental illness must be present, subject is a danger to others, subject is suicidal and chronic illness must be present. Lewno, an attorney, stated that they are on call 24-7. Her board consists of her and 2 lay persons and they hear 8-10 cases twice a week. One in five adults experience mental problems within a year and the same is true for teens, ages 13-18. The group is concerned over the closing of so many nursing homes in South Dakota, as they treat this group as well. All patients have a right to an attorney and then a qualified professional provides evaluation.

There will be no Interchange Sept 2 because of Labor Day and the next program on Sept. 9, retired member, Kathie Gerstner will present the new MMC football coach, Mike Woodley.

Yankton Regional Aviation Association

Twenty-two members and guests of the Yankton Regional Aviation Association met for a potluck meeting on Aug. 25 at 6 p.m. in the terminal at Chan Gurney Municipal Airport. Participants came from Allen, Avon, Menno, Springfield, and Yankton.

President Alan Fenner called the meeting to order. Skip VanDerhule gave the treasurer’s report. Ronnie Hornstra said that the celebration of the renaming of Springfield Airport as Lindeman Field in honor of Ted Lindeman on Aug. 10 was attended by over 100 people and 10 aircraft flew in for the airport breakfast. Steve Hamilton announced that Ethan Lammers of Wynot, Nebraska, was selected to receive the YRAA Flight Training Scholarship and the Bud Becker Memorial Scholarship. Hamilton passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteers at the Yankton airport breakfast set for Sept. 15. Jacob Hoffner reported on the Yankton AirShow planned for Aug. 31-Sept. 1. Mary Milroy, coordinator of volunteers for the AirShow, and Lori Roinstad, coordinator of VIP hospitality, talked about efforts to make the AirShow a big success.

The next YRAA meeting is set for Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. in the terminal at Chan Gurney Municipal Airport. For more information about the YRAA, contact Steve Hamilton at 605-665-8448 or

Dakota Prairie Quilt Guild

Call to Order: The Aug. 26, 2019, meeting of DPQG was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President Peggy Anderson at Christ the King Lutheran Church. Refreshments were provided prior to the meeting by Sandy Hoffner, Marlyce Micklos, Mary Ellen Hornstra, and Barb Martin.

Roll Call/Sew & Tell: Roll call was conducted in conjunction with sew & tell theme of “Beautiful Batiks” (pictures posted by Jan Koehn on DPQG FaceBook page). Forty eight members were present. Chris Jacobsen, Pattie Hanson and Jennifer Adamson joined as new members. Virginia Delveau attended as a guest.

Announcements and Communications: A thank you note for the Walnut Village door quilts from Casey Blom, owner of Walnut Village, was read to the membership. Members were asked to contact Angie Hejl after the meeting if they did not receive the newsletter.

Approval of Previous Minutes: No corrections or additions were offered; it was moved by Lori Connet that minutes of the July meeting be approved as printed and sent to members. Motion was seconded and passed.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report: No corrections or additions were offered; it was moved by Elaine Harty that report be approved as printed and sent to members in newsletter. Motion was seconded and passed.

Unfinished Business and Committee Reports: Detailed committee reports sent by committee chairs to guild secretary, Angie Hejl, were compiled and emailed to members via DPQG newsletter prior to the meeting. Updates at the meeting:

• Workshop Committee Update: (Chair Kim Kappel) Workshop by Jen Shaffer of PBJ Patterns on Sept 21 has 14 participants enrolled, but the class size limit is 24. Members were given the opportunity to register for the workshop and reminded that the $25 fee was due with registration. Members were advised that this workshop is open to participants outside the guild and members were encouraged to let friends know. Members were also encouraged to pick up and distribute flyers promoting the Sept 20 Trunk Show and Sept 21 to businesses, churches and other organizations that would allow posting. Volunteers are still needed to help at trunk show. The committee will be planning for a Scott Flanagan show in the spring. The possibility of just having a “sew-in” for the fall was discussed by the committee since an outside speaker is being retained for the spring show. This will be explored and discussed further at future meetings and feedback from the membership is being sought.

• GAR Hall Quilt Show: The GAR Hall Quilt Show will be Oct. 11-Nov. 19 with public reception on Nov 1. The theme will be log cabin designs. Members providing items for display were asked to give brief description and value of their quilts on sign-up sheets before leaving the meeting for planning purposes.

• Activities Committee Update: (Chair Pat Morton) Forty-two Walnut Village door quilts for September were turned at the August meeting, sufficient to provide for all residents’ doors. Members were asked to work ahead so December and January door quilts could be collected at the November meeting. The October design is something Halloween, November is something Thanksgiving, December is something Christmas, January is Snowman, February is Heart, and March is Shamrock. Pole Twist table runners are due at the September meeting. Fat quarters for New Year’s Resolutions are due at the next meeting and finished projects are due in November. Christmas party will be Dec 2, 6 p.m. at Christ the King Church. Details to be provided at future meetings.

New Business:

• President Peg Anderson asked members to consider whether the guild wants to have a quilt show in the fall of 2020. She indicated the venue previously used is no longer available. She suggested a committee be formed to research member interest in supporting a quilt show and exploring possible venues for the show. A sign-up sheet was circulated asking members to consider serving on such a quilt show committee.

• President Peg Anderson asked if there was interest in forming a car caravan for upcoming shop hops since no bus will be organized this year. The “Down the Road” shop hop to Sassy Cat, Dutch Rose, Shanty Stitchers, Always My Design and Heart and Hand is scheduled for Sept 18-21. Another two week shop hop to Mitchell, Watertown, Faulkton and Huron is scheduled to begin Sept 30. No interest was expressed at the meeting. Sally Schroeder offered to coordinate car-pooling through Sassy Cat if members are interested.

• Phyllis Oplinger and Peggy Thranum presented a request to provide QOV through DPQG to veterans in surrounding areas outside of Yankton County. They indicated that they would take care of raising funds and making quilts for their area of Menno/Olivet. Much support was expressed for this in the discussion, but some members also expressed concerns that clear guidelines are needed for expanding QOV distribution to areas surrounding Yankton. The executive committee will discuss some options and present at the September meeting for further discussion.

• President Peg Anderson advised members that a nominating committee for 2020 officers needed to be formed. As per by-laws, Vice-President Jan Koehn will chair the committee. Stephanie Stueckrath and Pat Morton volunteered to serve on this committee. Peg indicated that she and Treasurer Sharon Auch would not accept nominations to serve another year.

• Bags from the Gammill Company were distributed by Stephanie Stueckrath as gifts to each member.

Door Prize: The door prize winner was Chris Jacobsen; the prize was four fat quarters.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn at 8:15 p.m. was made by Mary Kirschenmann and was seconded and carried.

Next meeting: Sept 23, 2019, at 7 p.m. at Christ the King Church, 305 West 25th Street, Yankton.

Program: Following the business meeting, a program was presented by Sally Schroeder and Peg Anderson on collage quilting. A number of examples were shown.

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