With the holidays in full swing, the New Year approaching, we know that there will be a huge number of folks looking to keep off those pesky pounds that seem to bother us during the holiday, and an even bigger number of folks that get on the resolution wagon to drop some weight.

Keep in mind when looking to drop weight or even keep in shape to wear your best “go to meet’n” clothes, keeping a few pounds off or dropping a few pounds can make a huge difference in our health. We’re not talking about needing to lose 20, 30 or more pounds either. In a new study, it was found that even dropping 5% of a persons body weight, so 10 pounds for a 200 pounds person, can see massive benefits to fitness and health.

• LESS JOINT PROBLEMS. That 10 pounds on that 200 pounder is the difference of 40 pounds of pressure on each knee and other lower body joints; hips and ankles. Those extra pounds can also be the cause of inflammation and in the long run arthritis.

• DECREASE RISK OF CANCER. One study showed that a 5% decrease in body weight lowered the chance of breast cancer by 12%. Other studies have shown that when we slim down, even a little, most of us have lower levels of hormones linked to cancer, like estrogen, insulin and androgens.

• HELPS FIGHT TYPE 2 DIABETES. Weight loss is one way to prevent or delay an onset of Type 2 Diabetes. The other is moderate exercise. So doing one can assist with the other!  Already have diabetes? Dropping some weight might help with also dropping medication levels, help control blood sugar levels and help with other health problems.

• DROP BLOOD PRESSURE AS THE SCALE READING DROPS. Having extra weight makes extra work to push blood through the artery walls which makes our blood pressure readings go through the roof. They say that dropping body weight by 5% drops blood pressure readings by 5 points. As you cut weight, you might even cut salt and other items that push up the pressure because you’re now following a better eating plan.

• REVERSE INSULIN RESISTANCE. Body fat can make your body stop reacting to effects of insulin — which keeps our levels of sugar in our body and blood normal. A little bit of weight loss can help reverse this effect and give your pancreas a break from needing to work hard to make more insulin.

• BETTER SLEEP — IN SOME CASES HELP WITH SLEEP APNEA. Not getting enough sleep can increase weight gain. Dropping weight can help lead to more sleep. It’s also been shown to help improve sleep apnea in patients. Some with significant weight loss have been able to get rid of their machines they use.


Getting to a better weight for your body type is important. Finding a diet that fits you and your lifestyle is key. There isn’t a perfect diet for everyone, but there are some basic rules to follow no matter if you’re vegan, paleo, high carb, low carb, high protein, no fat or some other diet that is out there.

• Eat fruits and vegetables

• Keep your protein lean and/or unprocessed

• Eat beans, nuts and seed, if you do eat meats trim off the fat

• Replace refined grains with whole grains

Another key for weight loss it to exercise. This doesn’t just include cardio, which is great, but also you want to do things to strengthen you muscles and keeps those muscles loose and flexible with some type of stretching and mobility work.

By doing a few things to change up your diet plan and implement an exercise agenda, it won’t be long before you drop that 5% of your body weight and are able to keep it off down the road — or keep it off during the holidays!

Mark “Coach Rozy” Roozen is owner/director of Coach Rozy Performance — Powered by AVERA Sports Yankton. He can be reached at 817-219-2811, email him at rozyroozen@gmail.com or you can find more information at www.coachrozy.com about training programs, bootcamps and athletic & sport development.

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