OMAHA, Neb. — The Nebraska Regional Poison Center in Omaha has issued a warning on the dangers of using or abusing Kratom:

• Kratom use and abuse is very dangerous and addiction has been documented.

• Kratom is a tropical tree (Mitagyna speciose) native to Southeast Asia.  The leaves contain various compounds that can cause poisoning when smoked or ingested.

• Kratom is used as a stimulant at low doses and as a sedative at high doses.  It has also been used for pain management, but there is no legitimate medical use for Kratom in the US.

• Kratom is an unregulated herbal supplement. The FDA does not regulate, monitor the safety or purity of Kratom.  It may be laced with other drugs if purchased at stores, gas stations or off the internet.

• People use Kratom as a pill, capsule, paste, chew the leaves or brew the dried or powdered leaves as tea.  Sometimes the leaves are smoked or eaten in food.

• The leaves contain compounds that can cause mind-altering effects; the use or abuse of Kratom has been linked to 36 deaths in the U.S., and serious side effects including hallucinations, seizures, liver damage, itching, stomach upset and withdrawal symptoms.

• Withdrawal symptoms have included; hostility, aggression, jerky movement of arms and legs, confusion and hallucinations.

• If you haven’t tried Kratom don’t start now. You don’t really know what you are getting, and you could become very ill from using or abusing Kratom.

The Nebraska Regional Poison Center is available to take your call 24/7/365 at 1-800-222-1222. You will speak with a registered nurse or pharmacist immediately.



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I have been consuming it for 5 years as I have several painful conditions. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, adhesive capsulitis, spinal stenosis, frayed meniscus, several hand joint surgeries, feet surgeries where I have had pieces of bone cut out and general pains from getting older. Life for 8 years before taking Kratom *taking 11 medications including prescribed dilaudid and fentanyl *Bedridden *Using a wheelchair and walker *rarely left the house *couldnt go see my mom after she went to the nursing home for 3 years *missed out on ALL activities my kids had at school *i had no relationships with my kids I have been taking KRATOM now for 5 years and this is my life now * taking ZERO medications for pain and my dr approves of Kratom * I bike several miles a day through a nature preserve near our home or walk 2 miles a day. *go out to places several times a week for dinner, coffee etc *I saw my mom often on a regular basis.Which is truly a blessing because she just died March 23. * I went on a family camping and road trip from Michigan to Wyoming for the solar eclipse where I even did some rock climbing * I have been able to get to know my kids and establish a relationship. I am so lucky they all go to local colleges or I never would have gotten to know them. It’s my pleasure to take care of them, as much as I can because they are adults now, even if it is just preparing their meals. For many years they pretty much raised themselves. I am so grateful for Kratom.


Plain leaf Kratom isn’t the issue. It’s adulterated Kratom. I blame the FDA because they have the power to regulate it right now yet Gottlieb was Obsessed with a ban. The American Kratom Association has been literally begging, physically pleading, with the FDA to step up and do their job. So any arguments you have with Kratom are really with the FDA. Dr Christopher McCurdy has studied Kratom 18 years. He explains how issues occur with adulterated product.


The issues come with Adulterated products not plain leaf. To stop this support the Kratom Consumer Protection Act which has an age restriction, strict labeling and zero adulterated products. You can actually enact your own version of it in your county. There is not a need for a ban. 15 million people consume it daily. We deserve safe kratom. So the associations literally begged commissioner Gottlieb to regulate it but that man was so obsessed with a ban that he refused. So we are going state to state getting their help with getting it regulated. The FDA has had the power to regulate it all along. And so we are going state to state with the kratom consumer protection act. It has been passed in 4 states and several more are in the process. Here is a webinar about the consumer protection act

So, your information is skewed. The Rehab Industry and the drug companies are losing money hand over fist due to Kratom cutting into their profits. Those are the financiers for the anti-kratom Lobbyists. The general public doesnt realize that a bed for a single month in a rehab facility runs between $18,000-$72,000. That's 30 days. Suboxone medication Assisted treatment can run upwards of $1200 per month. Kratom is completely safe when used responsibly. I'm coming up on 4 years next April and I've NEVER been healthier. Follow the science. Stop believing the propaganda put out by the FDA, who is on the drug company's payroll, which has never been more obvious than now after their henchman Scott Gottlieb, who supposedly resigned to spend time with his family and tend to his chickens took a position at one of those drug companies. Plain and simple: Kratom is saving lives. If you decide to actually report on the truth here, please reach out to me at and I will forward actual scientific research results as well as anecdotal testimonies from people of all walks of life. Your numbers don't match up. Stop trying to shut down the one true weapon we have against this epidemic that is killing 3 entire generations of Americans. Thank you for your time. Again, follow the science.


I’m not worried about it. The heroin and pain pills i was doing were doing a lot more damage. Kratom tea has been helping me put my life back together. There’s no way that wasn’t a positive change.


I am a 65 yr old grandmother with severe arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain after two terribly failed lower back surgeries. I have been in pain management for 20 plus yrs. At one point I was prescribed OxyContin. I was unable to get a refill because we were out of state and experienced full blown withdrawals. In 2000 I began wearing a Fentanyl patch and took hydrocodone for breakthrough pain. This continued until an orthopedic surgeon, Dr Clifford Wheeless explained pain can last as long as a yr after an injury has healed. This made me wonder if I had pain because opiates confused my pain receptors and if I got off opiates, would I have the severe pain? July 31, 2017 I stopped all opiates cold turkey. I consumed Kratom and CBD. I did not experience any discomfort at all with the exception of feeling fatigued for a few weeks. Today, I still have severe pain, but Kratom helps me live with that pain. I no longer live in an opiate induced fog. My head is clear, I am a caregiver for my 84 yr old mother with cancer and my 65 yr old veteran husband who has service connected asbestosis and brain bleed strokes secondary to asbestosis. Nothing you portray Kratom to be is true with the exception it is a tree, a leaf, related to the coffee tree. My hope is you will recognize the errors in this report and do real research. I suggest you start with the American Kratom Association. This organization can educate you with actual scientific research, studies and more. Proof the deaths you are citing we’re not caused by Kratom is also available through toxicology reports. Please take the time to educate yourself and then do a full story on the truth about Kratom. Perhaps a better story would be why the FDA refuses to regulate Kratom. Why the FDA has yet to agree to sit down with officials from AKA. Why does the FDA continue to manufacture false information about Kratom and why is the FDA ignoring the 8 Factor Analysis? These are all questions I’m sure your readers would like answers to. One more point to be made. My Dr is aware I manage my pain with Kratom, I have complete bloodwork every six months. Since stopping opiates and choosing Kratom. My blood sugar dropped from 104 to 85, my cholesterol dropped 40 points and my other numbers are all perfect. I did not change my diet or exercise. I just exercised my right to choose plants over pills. Thank you for your time,


This is so sad. Kratom is so beneficial. I found kratom back in 2009 after a serious, life-threatening, medical trauma. I was working full time as a labor and delivery nurse at the time. My recovery time was long, and I was rx'd opioid pain meds. I needed these meds at the time. However, after being on them for a long period of time, your body becomes dependent on them. I researched for weeks trying to find a way to help myself off the meds. I came across a dried and ground leaf called kratom. So many people were touting it's benefits and it's ability to help people through the painful, months-long withdrawal process. I didn't think a little dried leaf from Indonesia would work for me, but I took a leap of faith and tried it.....The results were incredible....My withdrawal symptoms were reduced by at least 80% and I was able to function and take care of my family while getting off the pain meds. That's the day I became an advocate for kratom. Since then, I've helped dozens of people break their dependency on opioids. It also helps those who don't want to become dependent on opioids, as it does have pain relieving benefits as well.

Kratom has been taken in its native land of SE Asia for centuries without a single death ever occurring. How do you explain this? Medical examiners in the U.S.are blaming kratom just because it's PRESENT on a tox report..... And people also know if they blame kratom for their issues, they won't get into trouble since it's legal. Kratom needs studied. It desperately needs to remain available in its natural form to the millions of Americans who benefit from it. Especially in the middle of an opioid epidemic! We are adults who live in a free country where we are supposed to have the right to choose how we manage our health. A law that allows only 18 years and up to purchase would be sensible. A ban would be a tradegy and ruin so many lives.

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