The other day I was talking with a group of folks that were interested in working out and coming to try out a Coach Rozy Bootcamp ( for info). One of the guys in the group asked, “When do I ‘Get Fit?’”

Wow! Good question, one that’s impossible to answer. One, “Getting Fit” is as individual as a person’s thumb print. What is “fit” for one person might not even be close to “being fit” for someone else. Two, training is about transitions and being fit is easier to prove over time.

Here’s what I mean.

Some of you, at the start of the New Year, went to the gym. You worked out, did a great job, went home, looked in the mirror — NOTHING! You go back the next day, work out again, go home, look in the mirror — again, NOTHING! Do it again the next day, go home, NOTHING. You say to yourself, “This exercise thing must not work — I quit!” Who wouldn’t? No results. Nothing that could be measured, it MUST not be effective. So we quit. Lots of folks do. Research says more than 75 percent (some say higher) of folks drop their goals and resolutions within the first three weeks of the New Year. That goes up to close to 90 percent by end of the month.

On the flip side, if you fundamentally believe this is the right course of action, you stick with it, that there is something there to this training, and you TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION, over time, there will be results. The hard part is, there is no set date or time. We can’t give you the exact date, day or how long you’ll need to train to GET FIT. The good news is, done over the long haul, consistently I know you will get fit. I know it.

You can even screw it up. Eat a piece of cake, have a whole pizza. Miss a few days here and there of training or going to the gym. A long-term plan allows for that.

You see, getting fit, reaching any goal is not about THE ONE ACTIVITY. It’s not about INTENSITY. It’s about consistency over the long haul. Think of it this way … going to the gym for nine hours for three days in a row does not get you into shape. Working out 30 minutes each day for a year will get you fit.

That’s the problem. We treat the New Year and our goals with the view of doing that activity and doing it at full throttle. We overcommit; we’ll train two hours a day, seven days a week, not eat any food, keep our same jam-packed schedule we had before without making adjustments, and we’ll have success by the end of the month. Is it any wonder we slip, skid and crash.

Now understand, I’m not against a “kick-off” date. Setting up a plan and a time to start that exercise program, begin that diet, start that new business, or chase any other goal that you might have. We need to have plans and take action on those plans. The New Year is a great reminder that we need to make a change and implement new lessons.

What we do need to implement is the daily practice of all the mundane, boring little things — eating less and moving more each day — that matter the most. When you do the little things, over and over, day after day, you will reach your goal. You will “Get Fit.”

I can’t tell you exactly what day, or that you need to do one super program that a movie star did, or a nationally promoted diet plan will be the key for success. What I can tell you is that an accumulation of all those little things you do, over time, on a consistent basis, that will get you fit, will get you in shape, will get you into those jeans you love that make you look so good!

What else is hard is that many times those little things, done on their own, won’t be a huge game changer. People will tell you that! “What does stretching for five minutes a day do for you anyway? … You doing core work a few minutes each day doesn’t look like it’s doing any magic for you!” They might be correct. Because each of those little things, on their own, may be innocuous and useless, literally useless. But if you do those little things consistently, in combination with other things — five minutes of stretching, 15 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of resistance training, five minutes of core, and do them over, and over, and over, and over — you’ll find yourself in a new spot and be able to say, “WOW — I AM FIT!”

Mark Roozen, M.Ed, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT, FNSCA is a Performance Coach with over 30 years in the fitness and performance business, He is owner of Coach Rozy Performance, 911 Tactical Performance and Living Pain Free-The Right Moves. He can be reached at or 817-219-2811.

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