Class participants at Autumn Winds in Yankton have been participating in a senior fitness program conducted by Live 2 B Healthy® since March 2018. Each participant’s fitness is assessed twice a year.

In the latest testing period, which they just completed, residents who participated in the fitness program showed amazing results. Class participants have improved their balance 150 percent, Upper Body Strength by 70 percent, Lower Body Strength by 21 percent and Flexibility by 5 inches.

These significant indications of growth and progress are particularly amazing because they are being demonstrated among a population that many expect to be losing physical ability. Autumn Winds seniors, on the other hand, are bucking the trend and regaining levels of fitness that many may have thought were gone for good. Many studies have shown that regular exercise allows seniors to improve their health and regain control of their daily living activities. Live 2 B Healthy® has proven just that, having seen improvements in participants’ balance, sleeping and eating habits, improved cognitive skills, reduced medication, and reduced number of falls. Live 2 B Healthy® Regional Owner, Mike Pap, brags that “Autumn Winds seniors have participated in over 80 fitness classes since March!”

Autumn Winds class participants are committed to enhancing their lives by continuing the Live 2 B Healthy® program. Each participant is looking forward to the next fitness testing day to see the proven results of their hard work and dedication. Autumn Winds is proud to offer Live 2 B Healthy® programs. The class participants have witnessed miraculous health benefits and enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other seniors in a fun atmosphere.

If you are a Yankton area senior and would like to join our fun, healthy and FREE class, contact Mike Pap at 605-359-0004. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9 a.m. These senior fitness classes are provided FREE of charge as a service of Autumn Winds. They welcome both residents and seniors from the surrounding area to join in and take advantage of this FREE service.

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