Burning Boat

Local and state authorities are investigating a boat fire that occurred along the Missouri River near Yankton during the Labor Day holiday weekend. According to Yankton Deputy Fire Chief Larry Nickles, people on the Nebraska side of the river one mile east of Yankton noticed a burning boat adrift around 7:20 a.m. Monday. The boat became snagged on some logs, and it is believed it will sink if it is removed. The Yankton County Sheriff’s Office and Nebraska Game, Fish & Parks are investigating the incident.  

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Quint J

My brother-in-law watched it floating down the river totally engulfed in flames and shooting pretty high, it was about 6:30am. And then it got hung up on the log. It wasn't the same log that the SD Game and Parks boat got stuck on, but it was close to it. I was informed that it's not called men dancing (think first HS dance arm's length) it's called teeter tottering to get off a log, who knew. It was very sweet to watch.

Then NE Game and Parks guy came to rescue them, but he got his truck stuck in the sand trying to get his boat in. He had to get pulled out with a garden tractor and a small but strong dog pulling on a rope. I'm just glad that no one was hurt and surprised.

Remember to laugh with, not at or just wait until they get around the bend.

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